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How to grow Magic Mushrooms at home? (Pro's & Cons)

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Growing at home is more accessible than ever! With the different cultivation methods available, it might be good to ask yourself: "which cultivation method fits me the best?". To help you answer this question, we made a pros and cons overview of each magic mushroom cultivation option. At the end you'll have clear vision on how you want grow magic mushrooms at home! 


Grow magic mushrooms at home (pro's and cons)

Customers of The Magic Mushroom Shop have a great variety of options when it comes to cultivation methods. Simple and fast? Get a Mondo Golden Teacher! Interested in starting from scratch? Try PF Tek! Or maybe something in between? Go for the Substrate bags/! In this article we will discuss 3 common cultivation methods:


  • Mycelium grow kits
  • Growing magic mushrooms from scratch
  • Grow kits without mycelium


And to make an easy-view for you, we'll go through a pro's and cons list!


Mycelium Grow Kits

Magic Mushroom grow kitMycelium Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits are made specifically to be accessible and fun for everyone.

Made with fertile substrate that contains magic mushrooms spores, these grow kits are delivered "ready to grow". 

No inoculation or incubation!

Spores have already germinated to mycelium and colonized the substrate of the grow kit.

These grow kits are easy to use, give quick results and come with clear instructions. 

Mondo or Freshroom XP?

  • Mondo: classic and reliable, takes a little more energy and attention to cultivate, seems to last the longest.
  • FreshMushroom XP: the new popular grow kit in town, the easiest instructions available, great for busy people, has a fertile white coat around the substrate. 


mycelium grow kitEach brand has it's own collections of psilocybe cubenis strains. Easy and flexible? B+! Spiritual and intense? Golden Teacher, Mazatapec or Pes Amazon! Classic psychedelic experience? Mexican or McKennaii!

All strains are exceptional in their own way and will guide you through a memorable experience.  




  • Clean and discreet 
  • Easy and perfect for beginners
  • The fastest option for growing magic mushrooms at home



  • Limited to one way of cultivation.
  • Experienced cultivators will want more options to maximize and customize the cultivation process. 


Growing magic mushrooms from scratch

Grow magic mushrooms from sporesThere are several steps to consider when you're starting from scratch, like producing the substrate, inoculation, incubation and cultivation (video instructions here). But it all starts with the spores!

In our store, psilocybe cubensis spores are available in 3 different varieties:


Are you ready to grow mushrooms at home from scratch? 


Read this insightful article on how to use magic mushroom spore vials. Written specifically to introduce curious cultivators who would like to start from scratch. Seeing as there are different tek for substrates, in addition to the famous PF Tek, you'll have a lot of possibilities for finding your own magic recipe!



  • The cheapest option.
  • Shelf life of spores are longer than grow kits.
  • More flexibility and possibilities for maximizing and customizing the cultivation process.
  • Spores are legal in most countries, for research purposes. And the same applies to the separate cultivation necessities.



  • There's a small learning curve. It takes some time and effort to learn the process of making your own cake. 
  • Next to spores, you'll need to be familiar with the cultivation necessities that go along with the Magic Mushroom Tek of your choice.
  • Starting from scratch takes more time than mycelium grow kits. 
  • The work environment must be 100% hygienic, any contamination will sabotage the whole process. 


Grow Kits Without Mycelium

At the Magic Mushroom Shop we're very excited about these kits. Grow kits without a mycelium colonized substrate are flexible, discreet and expand the possibilities for cultivation. No mycelium or psilocybin, means that these kits are legal almost all around world. 

span bag kilo kitDelivered with an outstanding pre-produced substrate, these grow kits can save you time, while still giving you full control over the inoculation and incubation phase. This is the phase where you will bring the mycelium and psilocybin to life! Of course, there are detailed instructions on how this whole process works. 


Curious to enter the next level of cultivation? Explore the grow kits without mycelium!






  • Ultimately cheaper than Mycelium Grow Kits. The Kilo Kit may cost more but it'll also yield more.
  • Shelf life of grow kits without mycelium are longer than Mycelium Grow Kits.
  • Easier than starting from scratch. Also cleaner and faster.
  • Spores are legal in most countries, for research purposes. And the same applies to the separate substrate.



  • There's a small learning curve. It takes some time and effort to learn the process of inoculation and incubation.
  • No control over the ingredients of the substrate.
  • The work environment must be 100% hygienic, any contamination will sabotage the whole process. 




What is your preference?

If you are a beginner and don't want to bother with recipes and complex preparations, indulge in Mycelium Grow Kits. 

If you want to be the king of the kitchen, the main chef, overseeing every ingredient that goes in the recipe, starting from scratch is the way to go. 

And if you want something in between, or your want to step up from Mycelium Grow Kits, then the Grow Kits Without Mycelium are the right fit for you.