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What is a magic truffle?

Magic Truffles are just like psychedelic mushrooms and also contain the active element called Psilocybin. They are not real truffles but sclerotia, which is a tangled clump of (psilocybe mushroom) mycelium where nutrition and water gets stored when the growing conditions aren’t optimal for the Mushroom to grow outside the earth, so they grow under. 

Where do magic truffles come from?

The Tampanensis truffle was first discovered and described scientifically by Steven H. Pollock and Gastón Guzmán in a 1978 scientific publication.
According to Paul Stamets, Pollock skipped a "boring taxonomic conference" near Tampa, Florida to go mushroom hunting, and found a single specimen growing in a sand dune, which he did not recognize. Pollock later cloned the specimen and produced a pure culture, which remains widely distributed today.

Are magic truffles stronger than mushrooms?

There is not much difference between a magic mushroom trip and a magic truffle trip. Although magic truffles can be a bit more potent than the common Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms, so be aware when trying them.  
A popular conversión to measure how much to take is 1 for 5, so 1 gram of dried cubensis would be the same as 5 grams of fresh magic truffles.

How long does the effects of magic truffles last

The effects can be felt within 30-40 minutes and will gradually increase. The trip can last 2 hours but of course, it all depends on the person, not everybody is the same or is in the same psychological state of mind. It depends on lot’s of factors, like dosage, if you have an empty stomach, body weight and more.

How to consume magic truffles?

Magic truffles are generally consumed raw, mixed with other foods (to make magic truffles taste better), cooked, or infused.

There are two standard ways of consumption:

Chew: This way is the most common. Important is that you need to chew the Magic Truffles really well (which means as long as possible). The enzymes in your mouth fluid extract the psilocybin which will help your body digesting it faster. The taste is sour so have a glass of water while consuming them.

Tea: Don't feel like eating the Magic Truffles?  Boil some water and let it cool off for some minutes. Cut the preferred amount of Magic Truffles in small pieces and put them in the water. Now put the mixture in a small pan and heat it up. Make sure the water does not cook, because his will remove the psilocybin! Let it stand for about 10-15 minutes and then filter the water into a cup. You can now add a tea flavor to your Magic Truffle tea or use some honey for a better taste.

Magic Truffle dosage guide

So you bought your pack, you (and your friends), are ready for an amazing experience and the mood is right. What kind of experience are you open to receive? 


Our packages contain 15 grams of fresh Magic Truffles. This is the ‘normal’ dosage for a good and pleasant trip. If you are an inexperienced user we advise you to start with 2/3 (10 grams) of the package. 


Four trip levels that we help you decide the right dosage of fresh magic truffles:

5-10 grams  Trip level 1  Slightly high, social and creative
10-15 grams Trip level 2 Body high, mild visuals, soft trip
15-20 grams Trip level 3 Intense trip, (mild) hallucinations, classic psychedelic experience
20-40 grams Trip level 4 Out of touch with reality, only for the real psychonauts


Please note that these numbers are indications and that the strength of the trip varies from person to person. To get the best results it’s best to consume the Magic Truffles on an empty stomach.

Microdosing Magic Truffles

Microdosing with Magic Truffles has become popular because they are legal and easily accessible in the Netherlands. 

Microdosing truffles involves taking minimal amounts of psychoactive substances such as psilocybe in truffles. The amount of a microdose of truffles does not cause a trip, but it can boost creativity and productivity. Take 0.2 to 1 gram of fresh truffles for a microdose. 

Which magic truffles should I buy?

It is important to read the description of Magic Truffles carefully and go through reviews to know the experiences of previous users. If you are trying Magic Truffles for the first time, opt for a mild variety and a lower dose. Additionally, make sure to read our guide on the responsible use of Truffles and Psilocybin mushrooms.  


A general rule of thumb is that Atlantis truffles and Galindoi truffles are great for beginners. Smooth, easier to process and ideal for an unforgettable hangout with friends.
If you are experienced and you would like to try the strains that are known to be more potent, then we strongly recommend Dragon's Dynamite or High Hawaiians. These strains have earned their title as being one of the most popular and potent strains on the market. 

Types of Truffles

There are various types of Magic Truffles available, such as Mexican, Tampanensis, Gallindoi (Mushrocks), and Atlantis, which are well-known and genuine Magic Truffle varieties. Dragon Dynamite and High Hawaiian are newcomers in the truffle market, while Utopia and Hollandia Truffles are extremely potent.

Fresh and Vacuum-Packed

All our sclerotia types are vacuum-packed and fresh, ensuring that they maintain their strong quality and remain fresh for longer. Most psychedelic truffles come in a packaging of 15 or 20 grams. It is advisable to store Magic Truffles in the refrigerator and consume them as soon as possible after opening.