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De webshop voor paddo kweeksets, cultivatie, magic truffels, smarts en paddo sporen.


Recente beoordelingen

  1. Mondo Paddo Kweekset B+

    Mondo Paddo Kweekset B+

    First grow, nice shrooms
    My first experience with growing these kind of mushrooms and I'm quite happy. Shipping was incredibly fast. After about two weeks the first pins appeared. It was fun to watch
  2. Golden Teacher sporenspuit

    Golden Teacher sporenspuit

    All good on in the hood
    I got 3 syringes just today, the package arrive quite late, but this was not their fault and when I contacted them they were super helpful contacting the courier and
  3. Mondo Paddo Kweekset Golden Teacher XL

    Mondo Paddo Kweekset Golden Teacher XL

    Nice kit, good yield, amazing customer service. Please stock more soon ????
  4. Mondo Paddo Kweekset McKennaii XL

    Mondo Paddo Kweekset McKennaii XL

    Great service and advice on growing. Thanks.
  5. Magic Truffels Hollandia

    Magic Truffels Hollandia

    I was surprised
    I was surprised by the visual effect but above all by the influence on mood, very positive and intense (but it is always all relative) as always top
  6. Mondo Paddo Kweekset McKennaii

    Mondo Paddo Kweekset McKennaii

    paket nach 3 tagen da, zwei wochen bis erste pins zu sehen waren und nach gut drei wochen paar fette oschis mit schönen blauanteil geerntet! reise am samstag mit bloss

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