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New: GetMagic XL Mushroom Grow Kits !
Easy to grow magic mushroom cultivation kits

De webshop voor paddo kweeksets, cultivatie, magic truffels, smarts en paddo sporen.


Recente beoordelingen

  1. GetMagic Mexican Growkit

    GetMagic Mexican Growkit

    Mexi Besti
    very good!
  2. GetMagic Golden Teacher XL Growkit

    GetMagic Golden Teacher XL Growkit

    My second Getmagic kit, other ecuador. Grow was easy, but xl takes longer before first grow my getmagic ecu was faster. Read instructions good. No long soaking only a few
  3. GetMagic Ecuadorian Growkit

    GetMagic Ecuadorian Growkit

    Perfect grow!
    never tried this new kits before. Ecuador is my favorite strain. Grow was easy, but read instructions good. No long soaking only a few minutes! Mushrooms were quick for harvest.
  4. FreshMushrooms® kweekset Amazon

    FreshMushrooms® kweekset Amazon

    Everything is awesome :)
    Good product - quite strong mushrooms. Good yield - multiple harvest. Excellent eshopu - very fast delivery across Europe.
  5. Classic Magic Truffles Voordeelpakket

    Classic Magic Truffles Voordeelpakket

    taste of truffles was ok, and effects are also nice
  6.  FreshMushrooms® kweekset Golden Teacher

    FreshMushrooms® kweekset Golden Teacher

    super easy to grow, it took about 10 days for mushrooms to appear and then about 5 days to become big. the size was different, and the quality of the

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