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News and information about magic mushroom cultivation

  • Mushroom aborts: what to do?

    September 11, 2022

    Cultivating psilocybin mushrooms can be a great joy, but also comes with its own set of challenges.

    Sooner or later it can happen ─ your precious mushrooms stop growing for no apparent reason.

    These small pins of underdeveloped mushrooms are called aborts and will never reach maturity nor produce spores.  So what causes mushroom aborts and what can you do with them? 

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  • Growing magic mushrooms can be educational and rewarding. And the harvest can bring you a lot of wonderful experiences.

    Because magic mushroom grow kits are nature products, there is this one thing to be cautious of: contamination.

    Let's go through the different forms of contamination, so you know what to look out for! and what to do

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  • Most cultivators who love the user-friendly instructions of the magic mushroom grow kits might not even know that there are different magic mushroom species. The most common type of psychedelic mushroom is the psilocybe cubensis, the one that you're familiar with. But what if we revealed other, stronger, magic mushroom species? Would you like to be aware of the strongest magic mushroom species out there?

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  • Deciding to dive in the world of psychedelics can be very adventurous and versatile.

    Some Magic Mushroom Shop customers are looking for a fun night and others are looking for a more intense and introverted experience.

    When experimenting with psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, aka magic mushrooms, it might be good to ask your self: "What kind of psychedelic experience am I looking for?" 


    Introducing: The 5 magic mushrooms trip levels you should know about, a guide that will lead you to the right trip.
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  • As you're reading this, you are probably well on your way to harvesting your (first) flush. We can imagine the excitement for beginning cultivators, because we've all been there :). But wait! There's one final question that's burning in your mind: "how do I pick my magic mushroom from my grow kit?". No worries! The Magic Mushroom Shop Blog is here with instructions on how to pick magic mushrooms.

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  • Ahhh the B+ magic mushroom, a best seller at The Magic Mushroom Shop and a big favorite among mycologists, beginners and first time trippers. Let’s take a closer look at this popular cubensis strain, known for it's richness and solid performance. 

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  • Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide!

    January 19, 2018

    What are your reasons for taking psychedelics? If taken responsible, they can enrich your life with wonderful experiences. But what kind of experience are you looking for? This Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide will help you prepare the trip you are looking for!

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  • When do I harvest my mushrooms ? The best time to harvest your mushrooms from you grow kit is just before or after the veil breaks. Normally veil breaking time is between 5-12 days after you see your first mushrooms pins popping up from the substrate.
  • Hello Folks! Back again with some mind blowing shroom information. Todays question: " What is the best temperature to grow magic mushrooms?" Continue reading

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