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How to grow magic mushrooms? Different cultivation methods and grow teks Part 2

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How to grow magic mushrooms? Different cultivation methods and grow teks | Part 2

Since growing the psilocybe cubensis mushrooms is such a magical experience, we would like to share some extra teks with you to cultivate your shrooms. These cultivation methods are perhaps a bit more difficult and suitable mostly for experienced growers, but nonetheless worth the effort to try!

Rye grain Tek

The use of rye grain is sometimes preferred, because it holds more water and therefore is said to give larger flushes. Before using the rye, let it soak for 24 hours in a jar filled with water. Poor out the water (which has probably turned yellow) and boil the rye in a small layer of water. Drain the rye, and put it in jars. Don’t fill the jars completely, so you have some space to shake the rye. Add 2-3 cc of spores with a syringe. Cover the hole in the lid with sterile material. Shake the jars properly so the spores are spread all over the rye. And then.. Wait! Complete colonization will take about 9-21 days, and then the rye is ready for mixing with a casing after choice.

For more examples, see: [link:https://www.shroomery.org/8432/From-syringe-to-print-using-rye].

Popcorn Tek

Mushroom culivation methods Grow magic mushrooms

The popcorn tek is not as popular as others, since some growers believe it to colonize not as nicely as rye or WBS (wild bird seed) do. But of course this method also has those who swear by it, so we would feel bad keeping it away from you! Note: do not use popcorn, just use corn :)
Soak the corn in water for 24 hours. Drain the water, put the corn in a pressure cooker, and cook for 45-60 minutes. It is also possible to execute this step by boiling (simmering) them in a pan, while stirring occasionally to not burn the fellows on the bottom. Drain the water again. Roll the popcorn in a towel or cloth and dry it as much as possible. Put the popcorn in jars, but make sure the jar has a filter or something alike, because you will have to pressure cook them again and the gas has to be able to get out.

For more information about the use of popcorn, see: [link:https://mycotopia.net/topic/97919-returning-to-the-art-after-some-years-first-time-with-penis-pe-uncut/] or [link:https://www.shroomery.org/9035/Popcorn-Tek-w-pics].

Bulk growing

For bulk growing, you will need 3-6 fully colonized jars (grain spawn), a big tub and fresh manure. The ratio of spawn to manure should be 1:3 or if you prefer, 1:2. A (less smelly) alternative to manure is coir. The tub needs to have holes in there, a row close to the bottom on each side of the tub, and a row close to the top/lid.
Take the manure (preferably pasteurized) and dump this in your tub, until it almost reaches the bottom set holes. Shake the colonized jars to break up the spawn. Keep 1-2 jars aside, and mix the others into the substrate until it is evenly divided.Make the substrate even, and place the content of the jars you had aside on top as a layer. Place the top or lid back on the tub, and put it in the dark. To guarantee no light getting in, wrapping it in a towel could be wise.

You will have to test your patience now, because the tub should be left in the dark without opening or moving it for 5 days! Interfering before this period is over will most likely cause failure or contaminations. After 5 days you can check if the substrate is fully colonized. If not, add 3 more days to the waiting game.

More information about this method could be found here [https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/10981397] and here [[https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=6060].

These descriptions are based on the different forum pages of www.shroomery.org and  https://mycotopia.net/ . If you want to use any of these methods, make sure to also check these websites of our fellow psychonauts for more detailed instructions and photos!