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Magic Truffle Grow Kit

Grow your own magic truffles with the Underground Kit from Mondo®. The kit contains a special rice based substrate that is the best for growing truffles.

Growing Magic truffles is easier than you think!

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Availability: Discontinued

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Product Description

Grow your own Magic Truffles. The Underground kit is an easy to use substrate bag, with injection port. This make it possible to use your own Magic truffles spores to inoculate the rice substrate.

The Mondo Magic Truffle Kit Includes:

Truffle Spores not included:

Spores from Magic Truffle not included with the kit. Choose from the following Magic Truffles producing species:

What you need:

  • Clean hand and work area
  • A spirit burner or torchlighter; to sterelize the needle

Magic Truffle grow kit instructions

The growing process for Magic truffles is a bit different as you would expect. They grow undergound!


There are two ways to inoculate the Mondo Magic Truffle kit:


You may inject spores directly into growth substrate. This is a little less work but takes longer and occasionally not enough of the spores germinate.

Liquid Culture

For much quicker colonization, and larger yields you must first inoculate and colonize a Mondo®Liquid Culture Vial and then inject the liquid culture into the bag of growth substrate.

Spores of sclerotia-producing species can take longer to germinate on grain than typical mushroom species so liquid culture can provide a shortcut.

Inoculation Steps

Step 1:

While holding the injection site of the substrate bag with one hand, lift the two plastic tabs with the other hand and gently tear off the plastic disc protecting the injection area.

Swab with fresh alcohol swab and let dry.

Step 2:

Remove syringe and needle from bag. Remove the plastic shield protecting the needle (twist clockwise then pull). Do not touch the tip of the needle to anything else or it must be re-sterilized.

  • If utilizing syringe and needle from another supplier then it must first be sterilized.
  • Needles may be sterilized with a flame.You want tip of needle to become red but must be careful not to overheat and melt the area where the needle is attached to the plastic.
  • Always let needle cool before injecting it.
  • Additionally, do not breath directly on injection sites or needle.

Step 3:

Push the needle of the syringe (filled with colonized liquid culture or spore suspension) through the injection site of the substrate bag.

Inject with Spores:

Use the injection site to guide the needle and inject 1 to 2 ml into each corner and along the sides of the substrate bag.

  • Let the solution drip down the sides of the substrate bag. Include several drops on top of the substrate.
  • Each drop of liquid culture represents a point of growth so the more evenly the substrate is injected, the quicker the colonization.

Inject  with Liquid culture:

Use the injection site to guide needle and inject 1-2 drops into each corner and along the sides of the substrate bag.

  • Let the solution drip down the sides of the substrate bag. Include several drops on top of the substrate.
  • Each drop of liquid culture represents a point of growth so the more evenly the substrate is injected, the quicker the colonization.


Incubate the substrate bag at the appropriate temperature , typically 22º to 24º degrees Celsius


Within several days to two weeks spores will germinate (little cottony growths) and the fungus will colonize the bag over several weeks. If germination (growth of the fungus) is not evenly distributed throughout the bag within 14 to 21 days you can speed up colonization by gently mixing the bag's contents. Only mix the contents of the bag one time so that the fungus can then complete colonization.

Liquid culture:

Within 24 to 72 hours the fungus will spring to life and in one to two weeks colonize the substrate, depending upon the species and strain.


Although you may begin to harvest the sclerotia earlier, it's advised to wait 12 to 24 weeks minimum before harvesting. The longer you wait, the greater the yield, and the larger the sclerotia become. Speed of colonization, yields, and characteristics vary between species and strains.

Pour the contents of the colonized substrate bag onto a clean table and separate the sclerotia from the grain. Store in refrigerator or dry until crisp.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Productcode zgk-ug1
Weight (KG) 0.2000
Grow Kit type Without mycelium
Difficulty Easy
Species No spores included
Origin Netherlands
Potency n / a
Optimum cultivation temperature 24ºC
Yield (from) 100 grams
Yield (to) 200 gram
Water Spray Needed No
Not shipped to: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Customer Reviews

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Useless Review by Michael
Over a month and no activity. If it was my first time growing I would understand. I bought 3 XL mushrooms trays. Very very very little fruit. 1 gave nothing. (Posted on 9/12/2019)
nothing Review by Michael
Did as the instructions said and nothing so far. Its been over a month and not one bit of activity. I also bought 3 xl mushroom kits, 2 gave minimal fruit, no second cycle. The third (albinos) did absolutely nothing. This is not my first time growing but will be my only time with this company. The delivery was fast and the website is very easy to navigate so something positive! (Posted on 9/11/2019)
Terrible Review by Michael
No signs of activity. I did everything as I should have and nothing. It's not my first time working with these materials. I bought 3 XL mushroom kits in top. Only 2 went to fruit and I barely got anything. It's my own fault for trying a different company. (Posted on 9/11/2019)
Doesnt work Review by alexander
I followed the instructions and waited for 3 months. Not a single truffle. Waste of time and money (Posted on 9/8/2019)
Not a single truffle Review by alexander
I followed growth instruction s carefully. Didn't get any truffles after waiting 3 months!

Not happy (Posted on 9/6/2019)

5 Item(s)

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