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Accessorize yourself! Equip yourself with nice items to sweeten up your life. The accessoires are fun, useful or both!

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  1. Bag to store the grow kit in the refrigerator during soaking

    Soaking Bag

    Soak your grow kit after every flush. The best place to soak the grow kit is inside the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C). Unfortunately a regular household fridge is not free of contaminants.
    To keep your grow kit safe from contamination, store your grow kit inside this soaking bag during the soaking time inside the fridge. A must have for the serious grower!

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  2. White Sage Smudge sticks

    White Sage Smudge sticks | 2 Pack


    White Sage smudge sticks are the excellent herb to cleanse an area and fill it with positive energy. Salvia apiana aromatic herb is used for centuries as incense and in smudge pots. Great to fill the room with good vibes before your trip. Learn More
  3. Blik Stroopwafels



    Stroopwafels (caramel waffles) from Holland in an old fashioned Delfts Blue souvenir tin. Inside there are 8 delicious dutch caramel waffles with a diameter of 8 centimeters with a creamy caramel filling, enriched with all natural Bourbon vanilla. If you are a regular customer you might have found them already once by surprise in your box when receiving your order.

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  4.  Bong cleaning brush

    Bong cleaning brush


    Bong cleaning brush. With a length of 32 cm it will fit most bongs. Clean bong, clean smoke ;) Learn More
  5. Palo Santo | Holy Wood bundle

    Palo Santo | Holy Wood | Bursera graveolens


    Palo Santo is traditionally used by shamans in South America during Ayahuasca rituals. The aromatic Palo Santo spreads a lovely, sweet smell once lit aflame. Palo Santo has calming, soothing effects, making it a perfect accompaniment to a meditation or mushroom session. Sold in a bundle of 2-4 sticks Learn More
  6. Tea Egg Strainer | Stainless Steel

    Tea Egg Strainer | Stainless Steel

    In stock


    Use this Tea Egg to brew magic concoctions of your favourite herbs, mushrooms and truffles. The Egg is crafter from stainless steel, so it’ll last you a long time. Good egg! Learn More
  7. Yellow Submarine Tea infuser

    Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser


    Yellow Submarine! Get your herbs, shrooms or tea in this infuser. Let it submerge in hot liquid and get your periscope out to sail to them psychedelic islands. Learn More
  8.  Pow Pow Cleaner | Bong and pipe cleaner

    Pow Pow Cleaner | Bong and pipe cleaner


    Cleaner for water pipes, bongs, vaporizer accessories and hookah bases. Removes all the filth from you precious herb-alator :) 1 pack of 15 grams. Learn More
  9. Stashbox minivac solid black

    Minivac stashbox | Solid Black


    Minivac Black stashbox is a solid airtight container that stores your stuff, herb, shrooms or capsules. You name it, you store it! Learn More
  10. minivac clear stashbox

    Minivac clear stashbox


    Minivac clear stashbox is a solid airtight container that stores your stuff. Herbs, shrooms, capsules. You name it, you store it! Learn More
  11. Vapman Jetlighter

    Vapman jetflame lighter


    Currently unavailable

    Vapman jetflame lighter. This jetflame lighter gets hotter than normal lighters and doesn't leave soot on glassware, like glass pipes and vaporizers. Flame is adjustable and can be put on "continuous burning".The Vapman lighter is delivered empty and should be filled with butane or propane gas. Learn More
  12. Incense Tray

    Incense Tray


    The Incense tray will hold your incense sticks while their fragrance fills the room. The Universe will provide you a symbol, Namaste

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  13. pipe and bong screen 5 pack 20 mm

    Bong screen stainless steel| 20 mm


    Bong screen stainless steel 5 pieces in one pack! Learn More
  14. Magic Mushrooms Shop Lighter

    Torch Lighter

    In stock


    The powerful Butane Torch lighter will heat up your smoking bowl in seconds.

    Shipped separately, because it contains butane

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  15. Nag Champa Goloka Incense Sticks

    Incense Goloka Nag Champa


    These Nag Champa Goloka incense sticks are hand rolled to traditional recipes using fine aromatic roots, honey, natural herbs and flowers. This is an exceptional Nag Champa incense. Package of 15 sticks.

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  16. Nag Champa Satya Sai Baba Incense Sticks

    Incense Nag Champa Original


    The original nag Champa is hand rolled according to the ancient method of agarbatti. Nag Champa is a blend of flowers, spices, and resins, and each stick burns for about 45 minutes. It is used to elevate your mood and enhance environments. The incense is said to help open up doors to another dimension.

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  17. Girlie Shirt Magic Mushrooms Shop Logo

    Girlie Shirt Magic Logo


    Currently unavailable

    For our mushy lady fans we have these pretty shirts available in three sizes! 100% organic shirts made in a climate neutral fashion. Show that you are a supporter of the and get your own shirt today! The shirts are rather small, so be smart to order 1 size up!

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  18. Men's T-Shirt Magic Mushrooms Shop Logo

    Mens T-shirt Magic Logo


    Currently unavailable

    Get your own Magic Mushrooms Shop Logo Slimfit T-Shirt. Available in three sizes. A durable t-shirt made of 100% organic fabric and dye and produced CO2 neutral! Show that you are a supporter of the and get your own shirt today! 

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  19. take mushrooms responsible, Don't break local laws!

    Poster | Amanita recommends

    In stock


    A comic style poster featuring Amanita and her friends, explaining how mushrooms and other hallucinogenics should be dealt with responsibly.

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  20. Magic Mushrooms Shop Lighter

    Lighter | MMS Logo


    Currently unavailable

    Light 'em if you got 'em! That goes for all you smokers, and all that want to sterilize the syringe needles before injecting the spores into the substrate.

    Shipped separately.

    Learn More
  21. Capsule Machine

    Capsule Machine | Size 0

    Starting from: €22.75

    Up to: €29.50

    Capsule Machine to make 500mg capsules. Very easy to use! Grind your herbs or shrooms and fill 24 capsules in just a few minutes.

    Capsules available vega and gelatin.

    Learn More
  22. Empty capsules

    Empty capsules Vega (Size 0)


    Empty vega capsules size "0" can contain 500 mg of powder or shredded material.

    Contains: 100 vegan caps. Learn More
  23. Empty capsules

    Empty capsules Gelatin (Size 0)


    Empty gelatin capsules size "0" can contain 500 mg of powder or shredded material.

    Contains: 100 caps. Learn More
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23 Product(s) matching your selection