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5 ways you will benefit from grow kits without mycelium

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Growing mushrooms at home is easy! Magic mushroom grow kits help you cultivate your own fresh magic mushrooms within 2 weeks. But what if you can't get your hands on a magic mushroom grow kit? Or what if you want limitless mycelium growth? Try grow kits without mycelium!


Would you like to customize your cultivation process, safe money and maximize your yield? Here are 5 ways you will benefit from grow kits without mycelium!


What are grow kits without mycelium?

Grow kits without mycelium are grow kits or grow bags that do not contain any spores. They come in different Styles:

  1. Substrate bags ; Containing sterilized substrate only
  2. Substrate kits ; ingredients to make your own substrate
  3. Substrate Grow kits ; Including sterilized substrate and a growing aid, like Liquid Culture

There used to be 2 kind of cultivators: advanced cultivators who bravely start from scratch and easy going cultivators who preferred ready-to-grow mycelium colonized magic mushroom grow kits. When we say advanced cultivation we are talking about:


substrate spawn bagAdvanced cultivators liked the idea of cultivating with ready-to-use substrate, because it made the process cleaner and less time consuming, but they didn't like losing control over the inoculation and incubation process. 

Why would you like to remain in control over the inoculation and incubation of your substrate?


To refresh the memory, here are the 5 Fruitful Steps for Advanced Mushroom Cultivation


As you can see in the 5 Fruitful Steps, inoculation and incubation are step 3 & 4. The injection of the spores and the mycelium colonization takes place during this phase. And this is the most important phase where a cultivator can customize their process, safe money and optimize their growing conditions. 


And that brings us to the first major benefit of grow kits without mycelium.


1. It's the best of both worlds

A high quality substrate + a separate (magic) spore vial = the ultimate user friendly mushroom cultivation experience, with room to apply your own cultivation method. 


A Grow Kit without Mycelium contains:kilo kit grow kits without mycelium

  • 1x Spawn box with a needle injection port, containing the ready-to-use substrate
  • 1x Liquid Culture vial
  • Instructions
  • 1x spore vial + syringe + alcohol swab (optional). 


Read more about the different Grow Kits in our detailed instructions.


From advanced to casual cultivators

These kits are ideal for advanced cultivators, who want to safe time but still use Liquid Culture and customize their inoculation and incubation process.

Separating the spores from the substrate make a the Mondo Substrate kit and the Mushbag Rye  a good choice for casual cultivators, who would love to grow their own mushrooms, but can't get their hands on a Mycelium Grow Kit. Which brings us to our second point. 


2. It's a helpful alternative to Mycelium Magic Mushroom Grow kits 

Grow Kits without Mycelium don't contain mycelium (or psilocybin). 


What does "no mycelium and no psilocybin" mean and how can it benefit you?


cubensis spore vials

Most of you know that spore vials are legal in most countries, as long as you use it for research purposes. Substrates and liquid culture are also legal to have.

But don't put them together or you might get magic mushrooms! 

The big advantage here is that a grow kit without mycelium can be a practical alternative for Mycelium Grow Kits.

It's up to you how you choose to you use these versatile grow kits.


You could also explore the possibilities of cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms!


3. You can also grow medicinal and edible mushrooms


Expand your horizon as mushroom cultivators and try growing edible or medicinal mushrooms. Next to magic spores, there are also spores available for other kinds of mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms have a rich history and are known for being beneficial for your health.

The 3 most well known are:


Grow kits without mycelium are versatile and offer cultivators the possibility to try a wide variety of mushroom spores.


4. There is limitless mycelium growth with Liquid Culture

what is liquid culture







In addition to mushrooms choice, you can use the Liquid Culture technique to customize your cultivation method. Using liquid culture helps you safe money, work faster and maximize your efficiency during the inoculation and incubation process. This technique has been popularized over the world because and advanced cultivators have been using this technique for years. What are you still waiting for?


In this Liquid Culture blog post you read all about this subject.


5. Grow kits without mycelium can be stored much longer than mycelium grow kits

When receiving a Mycelium Grow Kits, it's important to start right away! There's not that much hurry with a Fast Fungi, Kilo Kit or Underground Kit. It's possible to order an Underground Kit and store it in the fridge. Substrate can be stores for months and a magic vial for a year. So take your time and start cultivating when you're ready!


The future of user friendly mushroom cultivation. Explore the different kits here: