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Bad trip

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What's a bad trip?

A bad trip is a when you are experiencing a crisis after taking psychoactive drugs like LSD, salvia or magic mushrooms. It is a psychedelic-induced crisis. It can occur with almost any psychoactive drugs. It is a good trip going bad. Most times the bad trip can be related to internal and external causes and the taken drug works as a trigger to active anxiety or fear that is all ready there.

The effects of a bad trip

The manifestations of a bad trip can range from feelings of vague anxiety and alienation to profoundly disturbing states of unrelieved terror. Mostly fear is the primary feeling during a bad trip. The fear of going insane, fear of loosing touch with reality.

Some things can trigger a bad trip or enhance the possibilities of going bad:

  • When you take a combination of different drugs
  • When you drink alcohol
  • A very busy environment
  • When you are not in a good mood, depressed or have mental problems
  • Negative influences or difficult situations during a trip can cause a bad trip.

What can you do while experiencing a bad trip?

Before the trip:

  • Do not use psychoactive drugs if you don't feel good.
  • Do not use psychoactive drugs if you have a mental problem or a history of mental problems
  • Take the drug in a environment that you know, feel save in and where you can relax
  • Take the drugs with people that you trust
  • Have someone near you that knows the drugs and the risks involved. This person will be the trip sitter an stays sober and helps when things go wrong.

When someone has a bad trip

  • Stay calm, most of the time it does take long
  • Fresh air will do some good, but don't go outside.
  • If its possible take the person to an other room or a place where he/she can relax.
  • Do not leave the person alone
  • Talk to the person, speak words of comfort
  • Eat some sweet stuff
  • When things get very wrong and you don't know what to do call some one who knows what to do
  • When nothing helps an the person becomes a danger to you or him self,call the emergency number of you're country.

When you have a bad trip:

  • This feeling and experience will pass
  • Try to stay calm
  • Think of nice things
  • Eat something

Use the above information at your own risk.

Difficult psychedelic experience on MAPS and Erowid

A good and informative guide about bad trips can be found on the MAPS website. They call it difficult psychedelic experience.

"A difficult psychedelic experience is not necessarily a bad one. With proper preparation and understanding it is possible to help a person having a difficult experience to receive the most benefit from it.

MAPS has provided psychedelic emergency services at events where psychedelic use is likely to take place, using the four basic principles of psychedelic therapy to help people having difficult psychedelic experiences:

  • Create a safe space
  • Sitting, not guiding
  • Talk through, not down
  • Difficult is not the same as bad

Difficult psychedelic experiences can be among the most frightening and disturbing experiences someone could have, but also potentially among the most valuable. Difficult psychedelic experiences can be the result of external factors, such as a chaotic environment or traumatic events, or the result of painful or troubling emotions that arise during the experience. By working with these emotions, rather than trying to "talk someone down," together the counselor (or "sitter") and the psychedelic user can make a difficult psychedelic experience an opportunity for personal growth. "

One tip from Erowid on dealing with some one that has a badtrip is: "the single most important thing an aide can do is to STAY CALM and as clear-headed as possible! "

For all of you who are about to trip. Have fun and also read our responsible use page!

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