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San Pedro Cactus Grow Kit | Echinopsis pachanoi

Grow your own San Pedro Cactus. The Echinopsis pachanoi is a fast growing cactus. It is easy with the San Pedro Cactus grow kit! The grow kits package contains 20 Echinopsis pachanoi (Trichocereus Pachanoi) seeds and comes with detailed grow instructions. Soil and a growing container are included too. A San Pedro cactus can grow up to 30 cm a year!

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Product Description

This San Pedro cactus, is growing in the beautiful Andes Mountains of Ecuador and Peru on an altitude of approximately 2000–3000 m. It is also found in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, and it is cultivated in other parts of the world.

The San Pedro is famous for it's mescaline and becaus it is a very fast growing cacti. It's Ethno botanical name is Echinopsis pachanoi (syn. Trichocereus pachanoi)


Uses for it include traditional medicine and traditional veterinary medicine, and it is widely grown as an decorative cactus. It has been used for healing and religious divination in the Andes Mountains region for over 3000 years


The San Pedro cactus contains several alkaloids, including the well known mescaline (0.21–1.8%) There are numerous mescaline extraction techniques, simple (simmering in water 5 to 7 hours) and complex (such as an acid-base extraction), the latter technique yielding a material with a significantly higher concentration of mescaline.


In most countries it is legal to cultivate the San Pedro cactus, but in countries where possession of mescaline and related compounds is illegal and highly penalized, cultivation for the purposes of consumption is most likely illegal and also highly penalized.

This is the case in: the USA, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, and Norway, where it is currently legal to cultivate the San Pedro cactus for gardening and ornamental purposes, but not for consumption.


  • Container with lid
  • Potting soil
  • Coarse Sand
  • Gravel
  • Perlite
  • 20 San Pedro seeds.
  • Grow Instructions
Additional Info
Additional Info
Productcode cac-sp-gk1
Weight (KG) 1.0000
Origin Netherlands
Species Trichocereus pachanoi
Not shipped to: Non EU countries, Africa, Asia, Australia, Austria, Caribbean, Central America, Denmark, Germany, Middle East, South America, Canada, Finland, Israel , New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, United States
Customer Reviews (7)
The growing onstructions could be more detailed.
Overall the product is good.
Only thing is that it comes without any instructions, and you have to ask for them specifically. The instructions that I received was not too detailed compared to for instance shroom growing instructions, had to figure out a lot of things by myself.
Review by :) (Posted on 6/6/2021)
They are growing
9 out of 20 seeds sprouted.

I can comment that the instructions are somewhat unclear. Especially the part about sterilizing the soil. I don't have a microwave and used the oven. the instruction says 60 minutes in the oven without any indication at what temperature. I had to find out that information elsewhere and the answer is 82-93 C. I had to buy a thermometer (that goes to 150C) to put in the oven and stand guard since the thermostat for the oven is not that accurate to maintain 82-93C. When it got too hot I opened the oven door...etc.

Also the plastic container cracked, not sure if I did it or it was broken during transport. Its very fragile so be careful with it. I then used a tupperware instead and it is even better since it is transparent from the sides also.
Review by Kristian (Posted on 3/2/2020)
14 out of 20
7 popped out after 1 week, after 3 weeks there are 14, did not expect them to grow so fast nor be so many

they are very cute, highly recommend
Review by notme (Posted on 11/4/2019)
Ben fatto
Il kit è arrivato nei tempi prestabiliti, con all'interno tutto il necessario per la coltivazione del cactus san pedro, sto coltivando tutt'ora i piccoli germogli di cactus che crescono benissimo nel loro contenitore di plastica Review by Emanuele (Posted on 10/27/2019)
Very nice
9 little cacti have sprouted ^^ Review by Matiss (Posted on 9/26/2019)
Perfectly boxed
Fine buy, will get more! Review by watermoods (Posted on 6/23/2018)
Well lets try.
Everything seems good 9 of 20 seeds showed up. Review by Edgar (Posted on 10/17/2015)
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