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How to dry and store magic mushrooms

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How to dry magic mushrooms? Most magic mushroom grow kits produce at least 100 - 300 grams of fresh mushrooms in total. Unless your throwing a magnificent party on short term, you're probably considering drying and storing the mushrooms you've picked. And that's very sensible! A few worries come to mind when it comes to drying and storing: "Which method is the best for drying?", "where to store?", "how long before they expire?", "will the potency still stay the same?" and much more. You can ease your mind, because here are the new Magic Mushroom Shop instructions, explaining how to dry magic mushroom and store them correctly.

Before we get to the instructions on how to dry magic mushrooms, let's go through the checklist. At this point:


It's fair to say that you're slowly turning into a legitimate cultivator. The mushrooms are picked and adored for their elegant caps, the yield is weighed and proudly celebrated and the substrate is being prepared for the next flush. Maybe you couldn't resist and already took a small bite out of one of the mushroom. Go ahead! Enjoy your achievements :-).


Let's jump into instructions.

Please note; there are several methods for drying mushrooms. We've noticed that the preference goes out to a natural way of drying. It takes a bit longer than ovens and dehydrators, but this method ensures that the potency stays in tact.


How to dry magic mushrooms

  • First, pick the magic mushrooms and place them apart from each other on a paper towel.
  • Second, Let the mushrooms dry on that paper towel for 4-7 days. The mushrooms are fully dried up when the moisture has disappeared from the body of the mushroom. The weight and size will noticeably reduce, as the stems and caps shrink and the mass decreases. 
  • Finally, once fully dried, it's time to take a look at storage.

How to store magic mushrooms

The most efficient way for storage is putting the magic mushrooms in a plastic food container. It might be preferred to lay a fresh paper towel in the plastic container for the mushroom to rest on. Close the container with the lid and place it in a cool and dry space, outside the fridge. The fridge will cause the mushrooms to turn moist again and the goal is to preserve dried up mushrooms. A closed cupboard or any place outside of the sunlight will do.


Follow these instructions and the dried yield can be stored for a long time. The shelf life for dried mushrooms is 8-12 months. The potency will lessen over time, so it is strongly recommend to consume them as soon as possible. 


Extra options!

Next to consuming the mushrooms raw, you could also crush the mushrooms in a blender. Powdery mushrooms open up a whole new lane of possibilities. Click on the links to view our detailed Psilocybin Microdosing Guide and the tempting recipe of magic mushroom chocolate.

Store your microdosing capsules or dried mushrooms with a stash box

Tightvac, Minivac and Vitavac stashboxes. These storage boxes are solid airtight container that store your stuff, herb, magic mushrooms or capsules.