Thermo Mats: Your best solution for your magic mushroom grow kits in winter.

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Let’s talk about thermo mats!  If you’re cultivating magic mushrooms then you’ve probably used one or considered using one. Thermo mats can be very useful to maintain your mushroom kit on the right temperature, and it will increase your harvest when they're used right!  Every day we see a lot of examples of people using it the right way and the wrong way to.  This article is meant to help out our fellow magic mushroom cultivators with some up to date tips on thermo heating mats. 

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A magic mushroom grow kit should be maintained somewhere between 18-28°C during cultivation. Thermo mats are a great tool to help you with this task. They enable you to cultivate all year around and keep your mushroom kit at an optimal temperature.  We would like to share a few tips and tricks, let's start by taking a look at our heating pad / thermo mat video: 



It was done a few years ago and although these instructions are still useful we would like to share some additional tips that we have picked up since the production of that video that have to do with the usage of thermo mats with your magic mushroom kit.


Updated instructions

Our instruction video explains that there should be airflow between the ground and the thermo mat. This technique works perfectly and has worked for years. But here’s the update to our instruction:


Save energy!

It is said that a constant temperature of 24°C is the optimal temperature for the mushrooms to grow. But kits can also grow perfectly between the 20-24°C. We recommend to use the heating mat only if the room temperature is constantly lower than 20 degrees. If it's warm enough, consider not using a heating mat and save some energy :).


Airflow between the kits and thermo mats

If you're going to use the heating mats then you should think about diffusion. We’ve learned that it’s good to create airflow between the thermo mat and mushroom grow kit. This way, you can diffuse the heat more properly and increase your chance of optimizing the growing conditions for your grow kit. Here are some examples of ways to diffuse the heat:


Too hot to handle!

Most people have a thermo mat with one temperature level. This temperature level is probably between 30-40°C. This might be too hot for the substrate. If the substrate is too heated, then the mycelium might die. No mycelium = no magic mushrooms. And we want mushrooms :)! That's why diffusion is so important. Let's take a look at some examples of kits that are probably over-heated:


Just a little bit more diffusion!

Some cultivators are already aware of how important diffusion is. But a few pencils might not always be enough. These are examples of kits that have diffusion but could maybe use a bit more space and diffusion:


Use it and diffuse it!

So here you go. Now you're ready to use your heating mat and keep those lovely mushroom warm and cosy at the right temperature. It's always good to have a heating mat. Especially when the winter's coming. Just be aware of how to use it, and learn how to diffuse it :).


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