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Sinicuichi | Heimia salicifolia

Immerse yourself in the enchanting essence of Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia) with our 50-gram sachet of meticulously cut leaves. These premium leaves offer a traditional approach to experiencing the soothing and euphoric effects of the 'sun opener' plant. Perfect for brewing your tea or exploring herbal remedies, each bag provides ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich botanical heritage of Sinicuichi.

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Product Description

Unlock Natural Wellness with Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia) Cut Leaves

What Sinicuichi Is:

Delve into the world of herbal wellness with our meticulously sourced 50-gram sachet of Sinicuichi cut leaves. Extracted from the revered Heimia salicifolia plant, these leaves offer a potent dose of natural tranquility and relaxation.

What Sinicuichi Does:

Sinicuichi, known as the 'sun opener,' delivers a holistic approach to wellness, soothing both body and mind. Infuse these cut leaves into your daily routine to experience a serene escape from the stresses of modern life, promoting a sense of calm and euphoria.

Where Sinicuichi Comes From:

Sourced from the lush regions of Mexico, Central America, and Argentina, our Sinicuichi cut leaves are harvested with utmost care and respect for their indigenous roots. Each leaf embodies centuries of traditional wisdom and botanical expertise.

How to Use Sinicuichi:

Brew a revitalizing cup of Sinicuichi tea by steeping a handful of cut leaves in hot water. Let the aromatic flavors unfold as you sip, indulging in a sensory journey that rejuvenates both body and spirit.

What Should Be Advised:

For optimal results, start with a small amount of Sinicuichi cut leaves and gradually increase the dosage as needed. Exercise caution when consuming Sinicuichi, especially if you're sensitive to herbal supplements or have underlying health conditions. As always, consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating new botanicals into your wellness routine.

Embrace Natural Harmony:

Elevate your wellness journey with Sinicuichi cut leaves, a botanical treasure brimming with the promise of natural tranquility and vitality. Embrace the ancient wisdom of herbal remedies and embark on a path to holistic harmony and well-being.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Productcode hb-shs
Weight (KG) 0.0500
Portions 1 - 5
Form Whole
Contents 50g
Ingredients No
Origin No
Species No

Customer Reviews

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The instructions reads to use 10grams within 3 cups of water.
I heated 2 cups of water and then put 4grams of the herb. Left it in the hot water for 25-30minutes and then I drank the the 2 cups within 30minutes.
After I drank the 2nd cup, I went to bed and started meditating. It was the most beuatiful meditation I have ever achieved. I was in a dream state, still wake up and I had a very warm and nice feeling.
I dont know what is going to happen if I use 10grams at once but the amount I experimented with, I think was great - at least for me and my own limits-. I didnt manage to see the yellow light/aura but I guess this is going to happen with a larger amount of herb. Definately I am going to buy again and combine it with my meditation.
Thank you!!!!
(Posted on 2/24/2020)

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