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Sinicuichi | Heimia salicifolia

Sinicuichi Heimia salicifolia is traditionally herb used by Mexicans for soothsaying and divination. It works also hallucinogenic, mostly by altering the perception of sound.

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50 grams of Sinicuichi Heimia Salicifolia

Effects of Sinicuichi

Consumption of the Sinicuichi gives an euphoric feeling, and helps with relaxation. Moreover, it changes your perception of sound! As a ‘ auditory hallocunogetic’, it distorts sounds and makes them appear as coming from far away.

Use of Sinicuichi

Use 10 grams of Sinicuichi with 3 cups of water to make a tea. Let it simmer 30 minutes.

Warning! The day after consumption you might feel tensed, experience muscle pain and/or be fatigued. Long term use can have bad effects on your memory.

History of Sinicuichi

The Sinicuichi is a flowery plant, that originally grows in Mexico, Central-America and Argentina. Its binomial name is Heimia Salicifolia, but it is also known as ‘scrubby yellow crest’, ‘sun opener’ and its abbreviation as ‘sini’. For the preparation, fresh leaves were gather by Mexican people and left to wilt. These dried leaves were put in a jar or bowl with water, and left in the sun for 24 hours to steep, brew, and ferment. This method would allow ‘the knowledge of the sun’ to be absorbed by the drink. This drink was therefore called: ‘the Elixir of the Sun’. It was drank for its qualities of divination and prophecy telling.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Productcode hb-shs
Weight (KG) 0.0500
Portions 1 - 5
Form Whole
Contents 50g
Ingredients No
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Species No
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Customer Reviews

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The instructions reads to use 10grams within 3 cups of water.
I heated 2 cups of water and then put 4grams of the herb. Left it in the hot water for 25-30minutes and then I drank the the 2 cups within 30minutes.
After I drank the 2nd cup, I went to bed and started meditating. It was the most beuatiful meditation I have ever achieved. I was in a dream state, still wake up and I had a very warm and nice feeling.
I dont know what is going to happen if I use 10grams at once but the amount I experimented with, I think was great - at least for me and my own limits-. I didnt manage to see the yellow light/aura but I guess this is going to happen with a larger amount of herb. Definately I am going to buy again and combine it with my meditation.
Thank you!!!!
(Posted on 2/24/2020)

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