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Liquid Culture Growth Medium

Spore germination made easy!

When growing magic mushrooms, one of challenges is making the spores germinate. This liquid culture growth medium simplifies that process. Just inject 1ml of spore-solution into this vial and shake the vial daily. After one week the spores have formed into mycelium and you can inject this living culture in your cake or growkits that still require spores or mycelium. A musthave for all homegrowers.

Available in 5ml, 10ml and 25ml vials.

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Product Description
  • Save time! Speeds up the germination process by a week.
  • Grow mycelium that is more contamination resistant.
  • Inoculate larger quantities of grain-based media than spores alone will allow.
  • No need to shake the colonize bag to spread the spores/mycelium evenly.
  • Preserve spores longer (most species over a year longer.

The package contains:

  • 1x Instructions
  • 1x Vial of liquid culture (choose the size of the vial)
  • 1x Sterile 10 ml syringe
  • 2x Alcoswabs


What you need:

  • Spores
  • A gas flame
  • A do-it-yourself Magic Mushroom Growkit or jars with substrate.
  • Clean hands<
  • Clean working space

Tip: For best results utilize these liquid culture vials with the available spore vials. Success relies on the integrity of each product used in combination with these liquid culture vials.

How do you store the liquid culture vial?

The Liquid Culture Vials should be stored at 2 - 20°C. Before injecting spores in the vial, let the liquid culture growth medium warm up to room temperature in 24 hours. Keep the liquid culture away from light as much as possible. No direct sunlight!

How to use the Liquid Culture Vial

The package contains clear instructions and these are also available for download here.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Productcode zgn-lc10
Origin No
Sterile Yes
Not shipped to: No known restrictions
Customer Reviews (23)
Inoculated with some spore vials, already seen some very healty micelium growing very fast on day 2. recommended Review by Luca (Posted on 9/14/2021)
Dobry produkt
Good prodakt Review by Dawid (Posted on 5/28/2021)
Slow growth of mycelium
Have put 1ml spores in 5ml liquid culture, but super slow growth of mycelium, after a month still only 10% visible mycelium in the culture vial. Did expect some variation of time to mycelium, but this is dispoointing. Unfortunately, had high hopes. Review by Simon (Posted on 2/11/2021)
ok Review by john (Posted on 1/27/2021)
worked fine
no Review by john (Posted on 1/27/2021)
Does what it says :-)
Works perfectly. I do find the price to be a bit at the high end of the financial spectrum though ;-) Review by joris (Posted on 6/15/2020)
Liquid culture
Great customer service and fast delivery.
I have used it many times with great results. Good product for the newbies in LC.
Review by Psylov69 (Posted on 4/1/2020)
Liquid culture
Great product for newbies wanting to do LC. I have used it multiple times with great results. Review by Loic (Posted on 4/1/2020)
The Liquid Culture Growth is good but expensive.
Yeah. It's a bit expensive, but the benefits outweight the price.
No nasty molds or other harmful things on my grow jars, And it Also makes the mycelium grow faster when combined with spores from vials and put In a testtubes.
Review by Finish shroom (Posted on 9/22/2019)
Liquid Culture Growth Medium is quite good but not overwhelming
Yeah. First things first the product arrived To my quite small northern Country In a week, which is quite fast, so Kudos To that.
I must addmit that it did leave me a tiny pit of underwhelmed (especially when the product is so damn pricy., but I would be lying that it dosent have a quite good affect on the mycelium that I have In jars waiting that they are all White from top To bottom. When thats ready it's time To make a comfy beds For these new mushroom mycelium. The Liquid Culture Growth has kept every Mold or other unvanted things away from my mycelium Growths. Now hoping To get the mushrooms To grow soon.
Review by vimpa (Posted on 9/22/2019)
klappt super!!!
Es klappt, jeden tag bisschen schütteln, das kann jeder top Produkt.
Review by P. (Posted on 3/20/2019)
top product
worked like charm, all BRF cakes are contamination free.
Review by karmic (Posted on 2/4/2019)
Excellent product
Works perfectly but a bit expensive. Review by Nicolas (Posted on 1/19/2019)
Nice supply.
Most handy when you need and as always with MMS a reliable and generous delivery. Review by Johan (Posted on 7/6/2018)
great kit with 4 flashes
great staff ,, i have to say have colonizes in less than 5 days Review by boris (Posted on 4/11/2018)
works great
Work perfect, highly recommendable Review by Arthur (Posted on 2/18/2018)
Great product
Very pleased with results Review by Magicmckenna (Posted on 2/15/2018)
Nice help at beginning, really works
Nice an good quality bottle, easy to work with. It is also nice that you can check every day how germination is proceeding. I wish it would be less expensive, that is why i gave it 4 stars rating. Review by mihecpihec (Posted on 9/9/2015)
does not work good with syringe spores
Next time I will try to inject vial spores.

[mms edit: This is information is written in the product descriptions of the syringes and the vials. Please read before buying.]
Review by ivailo (Posted on 8/10/2015)
Very good product, easy to use and guaranteed effectiveness. Take care of cross contamination ! Review by Rudy (Posted on 7/6/2015)

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