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Sporepack: Buy five, pay 4

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  • 5x Case holding 1 Spore kit
  • Contents of the case
  • 5x 10ml Syringe
  • 10x Alco Prep
  • 5x Optional Instructions

Buy 3 Spore vials, and get 15% off

This cubensis spore pack contains 3 spore vials!
You get 15% off the regular price
All combinations are possible, you can even choose three of the same cubensis spore vials.

Syringes are optional.

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As low as: €38.00

Price as selected: €38.00

Details for Spore Pack with 3 vials

Spore vials are produced under sterile conditions and should be kept dark and refrigerated (2-8°C) to increase their lifespan.

Just 1ml of solution is needed to colonize 1 liter of substrate.


  • 3x 10ml spore solution
  • 3x optional sterile syringe
  • 3x Alcoswab
  • 3x clear instructions
Productcode zsv-sp02
Weight (KG) 0.1000
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Potency n / a
Difficulty n / a
Origin N/A
Not shipped to: Australia, Germany, Mexico, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingom
  1. Spore Vials

    Review by Mason

    Hi. I would like to recommend trying to grow your own mushrooms to anyone. Its quite simple and easy. Packaging was great and your online instructions helped alot. Just my Golden teacher vile hardly had any spores in it and only one jar started to grow mycelium, where as the amazonian and albino a+ colonised everytime (Posted on 9/5/2018)

  2. Satisfied :)

    Review by Marko

    I bought 3 spore vials: - Golden Teacher
    - Mazatapec
    - Ban Hua Thai
    Two of them developed great mycelium( cake method, third week ) but Mazatapec really poor. For now I will wait for another week.
    All in all I'm very satisfied with quality of packaging, fast shipping and "magic- mushrooms-shop" vendor and will defenitely buy more from them/you.

    Cro. (Posted on 4/25/2018)

  3. It's very good option

    Review by Luois

    It's very good option, have the choice of 3, specially for beginners, depending conditions some sprout easier. the price is good, quantity is for a regiment. (Posted on 3/11/2018)

  4. Great product

    Review by Sam-lee

    I love these products, the spores seem to grow very fast! I’m greatfull! (Posted on 3/9/2018)

  5. Absolutely positive

    Review by Shamps

    Great product and the best customer service one could want, can highly recommend! (Posted on 2/21/2018)

  6. Absolutely positive

    Review by Shamps

    Great product and the best customer service one could want, can highly recommend! (Posted on 2/21/2018)

  7. Génial!

    Review by Jumido

    Rien a ajouter ! :D (Posted on 9/21/2015)

  8. Clean,Well made, dose what it says on the tin

    Review by Mr Mush

    Excellent product, wish there was abit more info on the the strains I.E grow times, temp to keep them at type of experince you will have with them... but overall amazing. (Posted on 6/17/2015)

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