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WIN a trip to Cambodia with our biweekly Facebook contest *

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Magic Mushrooms are being used for over thousands of years. Historicists assume that ancient people in Cambodia used psilocybin for different spiritual purposes 15.000 year before Christ. Now it’s available for you to explore! Our goblin is back with a great contest for the upcoming week..

Free trip to the temples of Cambodia

Win a Cambodian grow kit with the LIKE + SHARE contest on our Magic Mushroom Shop Facebook page. It’s real easy to compete:

  • Go to our Facebook page and LIKE it
  • LIKE the contest and SHARE it with your friends

CONTEST IS CLOSED!! Another chance next week :)

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Magic Mushrooms Shop contest terms

  • Please check if you country has restrictions on our grow kits before entering the contest
  • You may SHARE the contest as many times as you want
  • LIKE this contest - Our Goblin will pick only 1 winner
  • Competition runs until March 14th
  • Smile to people on the street ;)

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