Advantages of cultivating mushrooms with Liquid Culture

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Thinking about cultivating mushrooms with spores? Then you've probably heard about Liquid Culture. Liquid Culture helps to achieve faster results and limitless mycelium growth. That sounds appealing! But... What is Liquid Culture? And how can it benefit you? In this short article, The Magic Mushroom Shop will quickly introduce you to this yellow/brownish fluid with superpowers. 

Is it possible to multiply your spore supply and make your inoculation and incubation process faster and more efficient?


Let's find out! In this blog post we will discuss:

  • What is Liquid Culture?
  • Advantages of Liquid Culture
  • When to use Liquid Culture?
  • How to get Liquid Culture?


What is Liquid Culture?

Liquid Culture consists of a sterilized nutritious solution. This is usually a mixture of water and various kinds of sugars. The mixture has the ability to develop mycelium growth, when inoculated with spores.

Be sure to read these step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

Once the mycelium is developed in this nutritious "sugar water", this new mycelium occupied mixture can be inoculated on to the substrate. Or store it as a living mushroom culture.

what is liquid culture?

In the traditional way, mycelium growth occurs when spores are inoculated on to the substrate. After a delicate process of germination, mycelium develops and colonizes the substrate.

But with liquid culture, the mycelium development occurs in the liquid culture jar/vial, which has several advantages:

Advantages of Liquid Culture

  • Faster result: The cultivator no longer has to wait for spores to germinate, thus reducing incubation times by at least a week.
  • Limitless Mycelium growth: 1cc spore solution can be used to create a limitless amount of liquid culture. Because once mycelium starts developing, it keeps developing.


When to use Liquid Culture?

Liquid culture is perfect for advanced mushroom cultivation. Starting from scratch with PF Tek? Make sure you inject the mushroom spores in the liquid culture before making the substrate! 

Taking it easy with the Grow Kits without Mycelium? Great choice! Because these Grow Kits without Mycelium include a ready-to-use substrate and! a Liquid culture vial.


How to get Liquid Culture?

Liquid Culture can be made at home with simple ingredients like water and honey, with these instructions. We advise you to buy them in our Magic Mushroom Shop. Our liquid cultures are made under sterile conditions and sealed in practical containers. Ready to use! 

  • 1x Liquid Culture vial
  • 1x Needle
  • 2x Alcohol swabs


Try optimizing your mycelium growth with your own vial!