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The  Ecuador magic mushrooms strain

The Ecuadorian strain of the Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms is a wonderful grower that brings joy with it's flushes and the spiritual trip. Ecuador is a great mushroom to start you cultivation experience, because it gives great flushes. When grown in a grow kit the first flush gives medium sized mushrooms the later flushes can give huge mushrooms. The caps are cinnamon brown often with a shade of white. Cap shape can go from round to pointy. When grown from spores you will notice that the Ecuador is a slow colonization, some patience is needed. But the Fruits of your labor will be psychedelic !

The origin of the Ecuadorian magic mushroom is a but vague. According to a post on the Shroomery the Ecuador mushroom or a print is collected by B.I.O. or BIO. But no other reference is found about this origin story.

"i brought this beautiful EQ strain 10 years ago from ecuador also one down from the Amazonas.....the EQ mountain strain i collected in northern Ecuador close to otavalo at 10.000 ft was growing at temps around 70 F and its a slow colonizer....but a shaman told me that the mountain shrooms a clearer and stronger....BiO." - -  (link to thread)

The Ecuadorian can be grown on BRF (brown rice flower) or PF-tek substrate, but it also likes rye and outdoor compost. This all round mushroom strain is an absolute must have.

You can buy the Ecuadorian mushroom grow kit and spores online