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Magic truffles are one of our best sellers. But what are they exactly? They seem some kind of stone, hard and heavy. That's why they call them Philosopher's Stone, Sorcerer's Stone or triprocks.

Today we are going to know them better.

What is a magic truffle?

Well, they are not exactly a truffle but we call them like this because they're very similar. The magic truffles do not belong to the Tuberaceae family of fungi like the real truffles but they're fungus-related too. We should be calling them Magic Sclerotia, but magic truffles sound more commercial, don't you think?

While real truffles are fungus themselves, the magic truffles (magic sclerotia) are a part of a fungus life cycle. Sclerotia, magic truffles, are things that fungus form in specific stages of their lifes.

Why do they form sclerotia? Because they use sclerotia to reproduction and survival. Sclerotia are a part of the mycelium (the vegetative part of the fungus) compacted and hardened and contain food, water and oils, and, of course, fungus spores.

Sclerotia are, so to speak, a part of the fungus that "wants to be free". It grab its backpack and leaves its home in search of a better life. Sclerotia can survive environmental extremes. They can remain "asleep" until favorable growth conditions return to his little world.

So, when you are taking this natural product it's like you're taking the mummy of a fungus.

magic truffles

What are the effects of taking magic truffles?

Psilocin and psilocybin are the active compounds of the magic truffles (sclerotia), like magic mushrooms, of course.

Their magic effects are very similar to the effects of taking magic mushrooms: psychedelic visual experiences, mystic state of mind, out-of-body experiences, and such.

However, it depends on the dose and the variety: with varieties like dragon's dynamite the effects can evolve from a happy and funny trip to a complete ectasy experience.

How can I get magic truffles?

You can buy magic truffles in our magic store. These are our varieties:

Please visit our store to know all our magic products and read the responsible use page.