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High potency Panaeolus Cyanescens

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit B+ XL by Mondo®

Magic mushroom B+ kit is recommended for it's high yield and big mushrooms. Without a doubt the Bee plus is one of the largest of all cubensis mushrooms. Perhaps the B+ Magic Mushroom grow kit is even the most resilient. Stories are not uncommon of people disposing the substrate in the garden after it has been exhausted only to find B+ magic mushrooms growing at the same spot the year after. A great beginner kit, that will never let you down.

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Product Description

Years of planning and testing has resulted in the next generation of Mondo® B+ XL magic mushroom grow kits. The  B+ XL grow kit is now even better than it ever was. Compared to the first generation of Mondo®XL magic mushroom grow kit, the next generation is improved with:

  • Larger yields, more mushrooms
  • More flushes*
  • Better resistance against contaminations
  • Different, but easier instructions


*some strains produce more flushes than others. The first three flushes are the largest.

Meet the new standard of easy grow kits

The Mondo® B+ XL magic mushroom grow kit is slightly different than the grow kits you may have used before. These are mainly 'under the hood' differences and are not easily seen.

Just like the previous and other easy mushoom grow kits, you do not need to use additional spores. During the laboratory process, the spores have developed in mycelium inside the substrate (the cake) in the grow box.

How to store the grow kit correctly

It is recommended to start the cultivation process right away. If you decide to start growing later, you may store the grow kit in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) for 2 weeks after productiondate. First, wrap the grow kit in a plastic shopping bag and close it well.


  • 1x grow box – This contains substrate with active mycelium (the cake)
  • 1x large grow bag – The bag has micron filters to keep contaminants out
  • 2x paperclip – For closing the grow bag.


You need

    • Misting Bottle  – Misting is needed for the humidity level
    • Potable water – For misting and soaking
    • Clean environment – Work clean to give other fungi and bacteria (micro organisms) no chance to contaminate.


    We recommend to use


    How to prepare the room and yourself before you begin

    • Close any open windows. Wind or draft may bring microorganisms that can contaminate the Mondo® 'B+' XL Magic Mushroom grow kit.
    • When taking out the grow box with the cake from the carton box, put it on a disinfected surface. If this surface would not be clean, micro organisms may attach to the grow box and will flourish inside the Mondo® 'B+' XL Magic Mushroom grow kit, and will contaminate the grow box.
    • Make sure you work with clean hands and arms. We recommend using surgical gloves or a good disinfectant when handling the kit. You should use a facemask to avoid breathing into the grow bag and on the cake.


    Starting the process

    1. Fill the box with fresh, potable water. Close the grow box well and let is soak for 12 hours.
    2. After 12 hours, pour the surplus of water out of the grow box.
    3. Place the grow box inside the large grow bag. The open end of the bag should point upwards.
    4. Remove the lid from the grow box. Rinse the lid, and store it in the ziplock bag for later use. Place the ziplockbag with the lid back in the carton box.
    5. Fold the open end of large grow bag twice; do not cover the micron filter.
    6. Place the paperclip on the fold, so the bag stays closed. Now the Mondo® 'B+' XL Magic Mushroom grow kit is ready to grow.
    7. Place the Mondo® 'B+' XL Magic Mushroom grow kit inside the carton box, on top of the ziplock with lid.



    The ideal temperature is 24°C. Do not have the temperature drop under 18°C and not exceed 29°C. To keep the temperature from dropping under the 18°C, you can use a thermo mat to maintain the ideal temperature. A thermo mat  is a must-have in the winter or colder regions of the world.


    The Mondo® 'B+' XL magic mushroom grow kit only needs light for the mycelium to ‘understand’ it has reached the surface. Only then, mushrooms will grow. A few hours of fluorescent/artificial light or indirect sunlight a day is more than enough. Direct sunlight kills the mycelium, so avoid the sun to shine directly on the grow kit.

    Water / Misting

    The day after you start the process you begin with misting. Open the grow bag by removing the paperclip. Do not spray directly on the cake, but spray one time against every side of the bag. So you mist once a day, four sprays. Misting also vents fresh oxygen inside the bag. Right after misting, close the bag again with the paperclip.


    If the conditions are optimal, you can expect the first small mushrooms (the pins) to appear between 5 and 16 days. This also depends on the strain. Some cubensis strains grow slower than others.


    The mushrooms come up in groups. This can be a small or large group. That depends on the strain. A growth like this is called a flush. Mushrooms are almost never ripe at the same time. You can get more than one flush out of a kit. The first two flushes are the largest. When more flushes come, they will be smaller than the previous one.


    Mushrooms are ripe and should be picked when the veil between the hat and the stem has just torn. Don’t wait much longer. Use surgical gloves or disinfect your hands, wrists and arms. Pick the mushrooms that are ripe and let the others continue to grow. Remove the mushrooms from the cake by taking hold of the base of the mushroom between thumb and index finger. Rotating your hand clockwise slowly, until the mushroom lets go. Do not pull out the mushrooms. This would risk damaging the mycelium and killing it. When most of the larger mushrooms have been picked, also pick the smaller ones and the pins as well.

    Mushrooms that grow from the sides

    Mushrooms grow where the light reaches and where there is little penetrating resistance. Because the cake has light shining on the sides, the mushrooms might also grow there. It is hard to counter this and can be allowed. Some growers wrap the sides of the grow box in aluminum foil to keep the sides dark, but this doesn’t always work well.

    When mushrooms grow there, they can be picked just before you soak the kit:

    Clean hands! Take the grow box out of the bag and place it upside down on your other hand. Wiggle the plastic box so that the cake will fall out, onto your hand. The plastic box can be placed on a disinfectant surface. Now you have this hand free to pick the mushrooms from the sides of the cake. When all mushrooms are picked, you can place the cake back as it was, in the plastic box and continue to the soaking process.


    After all the mushrooms have been picked, you prepare the kit for the next flush. Again, with disinfected hands or gloves; take the grow box out of the large grow bag. Fill the box with fresh, potable water. Take the lid out of the ziplock bag and use it to close the grow box. Place the closed grow box in a soaking Bag or use your own clean plastic shopping bag and wrap it around the box. Close it well and place this in a refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) for 12 hours. This is called the soaking process. Water will now soak through the cake, preparing it for the next flush.

    During the soaking you can hang the grow bag with micronfilter upside down to dry. Make sure to hang it upside down, so no micro organisms will access the bag. Many growers prefer to use new and unused grow bags after every flush.

    After 12 hours take the soaking Bag with the grow box, out from the fridge and unpack it.

    Next Flush

    To continue, follow the same steps 3 – 7 as before when you started the process for the first time. Several days later, a new flush will appear. You can get at least 2 or 3 flushes out of a Mondo® 'B+' XL Magic mushroom grow kit. If you are experienced in cultivating, you can get more flushes out of a kit.

    The end

    When no more mushrooms grow out of a grow kit after the second flush for at least three weeks, or when the Mondo® 'B+' XL Magic Mushroom grow kit turns green, red, grey or yellow; the grow kit can be disposed of.  The change in color is a sign that the grow kit is contaminated with another fungus or a bacteria. No more mushrooms will grow out of the Mondo® 'B+' XL Magic mushroom grow kit and the grow kit should be thrown away in the garbage outside.


    When you are too late picking the mushrooms, they will drop their spores. The cake and the mushrooms will turn black/purple (some other cubensis strains red/brown) because of the spores. This is not really a problem; it just doesn’t look very pretty. When mushrooms release their spores, they also start to degrade and the active ingredients are breaking down. Mushrooms will lose some of their potency.

    Be sensible

    Check out the responsible use page for more information on do’s and don’ts.

    This kit is meant for small-scale home use only.

    Additional Info
    Additional Info
    Productcode mb-mm2bp
    Weight (KG) 1.4000
    On Sale? No
    Alternative product: No
    Grow Kit type Mondo
    Difficulty Very Easy
    Size Extra Large
    Species Psilocybe cubensis
    Origin Unknown
    Potency Average / High
    Optimum cultivation temperature 23ºC
    Yield (from) 200 grams
    Yield (to) 600 gram
    Water Spray Needed Yes
    Not shipped to: Non EU countries, Africa, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Middle East, South America, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Israel , New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

    Customer Reviews

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    Great great kit Review by Augusto
    I've never seen so many mushrooms in my life. They are slow to start growing but when they do they don't stop coming. I'm going for my 4th flush and already got around 70g of dried mushrooms.
    In terms of experience, it was one of the most intense I've had, very very colorful and visual.
    Highly recommended, epic mushrooms! (Posted on 4/3/2022)
    Good Service Review by Mickey
    Have a long history with magic mushroom shop and many positive experiences.
    Then I ran into some issues with the last two orders and came close to writing them off.
    I went into some communication back and forth we came to a solution.
    When product mishaps are present - a good customer service make the difference.
    I still recommend these guys to friends today, because of how they handled my case. (Posted on 3/12/2022)
    Strong mushrooms = happy kiddo Review by Gasper
    The kit had 5 flushes again. Very happy.
    The B+ are stronger than PES Amazonas.
    Good job, guys! Best shop out there.. (Posted on 3/8/2022)
    floating Review by Marko
    Fast delivery...easy to grow...i am happy with this box :) (Posted on 3/5/2022)
    Great Review by marius
    The growkit is super easy to grow. The effect is colorfull and few hours lasting. very happy with the purchase (Posted on 2/1/2022)
    Great Review by Andy
    Well i'm a lazy guy who just want some magic mushrooms. No science lesson or something. And i got what i was looking for. Fast delivery and just a few instructions to let them grow. Everything you need is in the box. They dont grow very big but i like the way they turn on, tune in, and drop out. ;) (Posted on 12/30/2021)
    B+ for depression Review by Jani
    I got 4 fushes. You just need to keep it wateted (Posted on 11/30/2021)
    50-50 Review by Timbuktu
    Nice shrooms!! If you get the freshly imported kit from the supplier!! If it happens to be sitting around for too long before someone orders then it's shit !! I believe that happened to me !! No fruits on 3 out of 4 kits with the same conditions without any contamination. they're just too old !! Sadly.. because the one that came to life had some real good flushes!! And by reading others reviews i believe that's happening a lot !!

    -MMS customer service edit--

    Mushroom kits are a piece of nature and sometimes the process fails timbuktu received a replacement kit since it was not his fault. Please contact the helpdesk if there are any issues with the growkit we are here to help! (Posted on 11/18/2021)
    Second one did it! Review by Bruno
    After first box (golden teacher) yielded no harvest i contacted the company. They sent me replacement after answering some questions (this time i asked for b+) and this time everything is ok. First flush bought 34g dried and I can already see the second is going to be ok aswell. XL growboxes i used to grow always yielded minimum 100g dried and i can see its going to be more or less the same. Potency of b+ also didnt dissapoint, they are in my opinion the Best strain of Sacred Mushrooms. And the Best shipping cost was the main reason i chose this eshop (economy shipping for 8.90€ is rare in these Times). I wish Everyone the Best spiritual Experiences and many thanks to the eshop staff... (Posted on 11/2/2021)
    Overall good performance Review by Green
    As a first time grower, I can say that this shop makes the life easy. The kit showed up on time, and gave pretty respectable harvest. Support was friendly and answered a question I had in sufficient manner. In general, I am satisfied with the kit, and would buy products from this shop later on.
    Keep up the good work. (Posted on 8/9/2021)
    Can be better Review by Adam
    in my opinion the growbox was badly decorated. I had a lot of vermiculite, I scratched it, but there was too much of it and the mushrooms were sprouting from the growbox walls ... luckily something grew up, one mushroom, It weighed 28g;) (Posted on 8/4/2021)
    Difficulties, yet solved with the help of support Review by Angelo
    I had some difficulties growing this strain, so I cannot really comment on this specific strain (I've experienced other strains with this shop and was very happy LOL). Yet, I would like to share a great experience with customer support, who guided me all along to fix the problem. Thumbs up for the good work/vibe! (Posted on 6/21/2021)
    Not really good Review by Martin B
    Only one flush 15 g dry mushroom not good..

    MMS CUSTOMER SUPPORT EDIT: It's unfortunate that grow issues occurred. In this case, the correct instructions were not followed, so the kit was not eligible for replacement. (Posted on 4/19/2021)
    Nice Review by Martin
    Not bad, good kit! (Posted on 4/19/2021)
    Contaminated Review by Don
    Thus far, I've ordered two XL boxes. One was about half a year ago and the other was a month and a half ago. Both were bad. The one I ordered now, completely failed; green mold took over it in the first flush which produced only 3 mushrooms. The first box was a bit better, it produced app 300g's of wet fruit, but still less then the small boxes.

    I would not recommend the XL boxes and would only recommend ordering the smaller ones. It seems like the bigger ones are harder to sterilize.

    Mind you, if a completely colonized substrate fails, gets contaminated, it's usually the problem in the spawn/substrate and not in the grower - as it's really hard to contam a ready to fruit tube! What I'm saying is that fully colonized subs's are quite contam resistant. (Posted on 3/14/2021)
    wonderful mushrooms, poor harvest Review by Vango1
    This is the second set I buy and I had no problem with the first one, but with this one the harvest was extremely poor. I hope it is a coincidence. I will order again soon and I hope to be lucky this time :) (Posted on 3/3/2021)
    Really good Review by Mathias
    I had a issue with my mushrooms and they sent me a new kit. Support was really great and they always responded really fast. (Posted on 2/27/2021)
    Not really Review by Jakub
    Mushroom took were long to appear, the only flash I had was after 1 month, it was very small and right after it got contaminated. Wasn't best experience. (Posted on 2/12/2021)
    Great! Review by happyfungi
    My last ordered box came damaged and after sending them a picture via their support ticket system they send me a replacement right away. Great customer support!
    As for the fungi, they are awesome! They even grow good in winter without a heatmat for me. There is not much that can go wrong if one follows the instructions correctly. I usually get around 4-7 flushes of good potent mushroom out of them.
    Great experience! Thanks! (Posted on 1/27/2021)
    No growth, no response from support Review by Kristian
    I have ordered two kits before Christmas. A GT and a B+.

    The Golden Teachers are in their third flush, but the B+ is showing absolutely no sign of growth. It also does not seem to be visibly contaminated.

    I set both kits up in the exact same environment at the same time, using the necessary precautions.
    Disinfecting everything, wearing gloves and FFP2 mask (and not breathing at all while handling the open kits) etc.

    I contacted the support, but no answer :(
    (Posted on 1/26/2021)

    Items 1 to 20 of 110 total

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