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Whether you're looking for some stimulation, a bit of relaxation or a good psychedelic trip, our selection of 100% natural herbs has everything you're looking for - and more. Shamans and witch doctors in other parts of the world have been using the psychoactive properties of these plants, flowers, and herbs for centuries. Now you can discover their magic, too!
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  1.  St. John's Wort | Hypericum perforatum | Shredded

    St. John's Wort | Hypericum perforatum

    6,95 €

    The St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is mostly known for its uplifting effects, to release tension and use as an antidepressant. The active component of St. John's wort is hypericine. Erfahren Sie mehr
  2. Banisteriopsis Caapi | Ourinhos

    Banisteriopsis Caapi | Ourinhos

    13,95 €

    Banisteriopsis Caapi contains a high level of MAO-inhibitors, and has a purgative effect. It is used to make medical and the visionary brews Ayahuasca in the Amazons. Erfahren Sie mehr
  3.  Banisteriopsis Caapi Trueno, shredded

    Banisteriopsis Caapi | Trueno

    13,95 €

    Banisteriopsis Caapi Trueno contains a high level of MAO-inhibitors, and has a purgative effect. It is used to make medical and visionary brews like ayahuasca in the Amazons. Trueno means Thunder... expect some heavy weather. Erfahren Sie mehr
  4.  Chaliponga | Diplopterys cabrerana

    Chaliponga | Diplopterys cabrerana

    Regulärer Preis: 11,95 €

    Sonderpreis: 9,95 €

    Chaliponga is a psychedelic plant that contains DMT. It is most famous for its use in Ayahuasca brews. Erfahren Sie mehr
  5. Kola Nut | Cola Nitida | Whole nuts

    Kola Nut | Cola Nitida - Nuts or Powder

    6,95 €

    The Cola Nut (or Kola Nut) has been an ingredient for Coca Cola after cocaine was banned, but since the recipe is secret, it is unsure if the nut is still an ingredient for the famous drink. The Cola nut improves mental concentration, and works sexually stimulating.

    Whole nuts or in powder form a 50 grams Erfahren Sie mehr
  6.  Sweet Flag | Acorus calamus (Herbs)

    Sweet Flag | Acorus calamus

    7,50 €

    The roots of the Calamus, or Sweet Flag, have uplifting, euphoric, and aphrodisiac effects. In higher doses, consumption can even be mind-expanding and mildly hallucinogenic.

    Available in Powder and Shredded form

    Erfahren Sie mehr
  7. Chacruna | Psychotria viridis

    Chacruna | Psychotria viridis

    18,25 €

    Chacruna contains a high concentration of DMT, and is commonly used for the Ayahuasca brews with shamanistic, visionary properties. Erfahren Sie mehr
  8.  Green tea gunpowder

    Green tea gunpowder


    Regulärer Preis: 7,50 €

    Sonderpreis: 6,00 €

    This Gun Powder tea is a variety of green teas from China. The leaves are rolled into small pellets, which resembles the 18th century gun powder. It contains a lot of antioxidants and tannins, and stimulates your metabolism. Erfahren Sie mehr
  9. Mexican tarragon | Tagetes lucida

    Mexican tarragon | Tagetes lucida

    8,95 €

    The Mexican Tarragon is used in rituals and ceremonies. It can be used to make a tea that calms the stomach and that helps against the bad feeling of a hangover. Erfahren Sie mehr
  10. Sinicuichi | Heimia salicifolia

    Sinicuichi | Heimia salicifolia

    16,95 €

    Sinicuichi (Heimia salicifolia) is traditionally used by Mexicans for soothsaying and divination. It works also hallucinogenic, mostly by altering the perception of sound. Erfahren Sie mehr
  11. Wild lettuce | Lactuca virosa

    Wild lettuce | Lactuca virosa

    6,95 €

    Wild Lettuce, or Opium Lettuce, is a sedative plant that has similar effects to opiates without being one. Lactuca virosa has sedative and narcotic properties, and was already prescribed by Hippocrates. Erfahren Sie mehr
  12. White Lily | Nymphaea alba

    White Lily | Nymphaea alba

    8,95 €

    The White Lily (Nymphaea alba) works euphoric, sedative and sometimes even narcotic. Some say it is an aphrodisiac, but nuns and monks used is as anaphrodisiac in combination with wine. Erfahren Sie mehr
  13.  Yerba maté , Ilex paraguariensis

    Yerba Mate | Ilex paraguariensis

    Regulärer Preis: 7,95 €

    Sonderpreis: 6,95 €

    The yerba leaves from the Ilex Paraguarensis are traditionally drunk as a token of friendship and sign of respect for each other. The mate yerba tea contains a high dosis of caffeine, which gives you a long lasting boost of both physical and mental stimulance.

    Erfahren Sie mehr
  14.  Gotu Kola | Centella asiatica (Herbs)

    Gotu Kola | Centella asiatica

    7,50 €

    Gotu Kola (Hydrocotyle or Centella asiatica) is a herb that revitalizes the brain, raises concentration and improves memory. In high doses, Gotu Kola also functions as an aphrodisiac. With these dried Gotu Kola leaves, you can brew a strong tea. Erfahren Sie mehr
  15. Tranquilitea



    8,95 €

    Tranquilitea is very tasty tea and works deeply relaxing. Tranquilitea is composed of raspberry leaves, red clove, rose petals, peppermint leaves, marigold, and honey clove. Erfahren Sie mehr
  16. 1

    Clavo Huasca | Tynnanthus Panurensis

    Regulärer Preis: 16,95 €

    Sonderpreis: 15,95 €

    The Clavo Huasca is a Peruvian herbal medicine, that works stimulating as an libido-booster, most commonly for women. It is also used as an admixture for the Ayahuasca drinks.

    Erfahren Sie mehr
  17. Maca | Lepidum Meyenii Raw

    Maca | Lepidum Meyenii

    14,95 €

    A very common ingredient for super foods! Maca (Peruvian Ginseng) works energizing and helps to deal with stress. It also increases your sexual endurance, and is supposed to improve sperm. Erfahren Sie mehr
  18. Catuaba, Erythroxylum Catuaba

    Catuaba | Erythroxylum Catuaba

    8,50 €

    Catuaba is priased by the Tupi Indians in many songs, for its stimulating and aphrodisiac effects. It is known to improve blood circulation, strengthening erections and intensifying orgasms. Now let us sing about the Catuaba effects. Erfahren Sie mehr
  19. Aphrodite Mix - shredded

    Aphrodite Mix

    9,50 €

    The Aphrodite mix contains peppermint leaves, orange and Jasmine blossom, and Diamana, which has a two hour lasting aphrodisiac effect! This means libido increases and your mood will be better.

    Erfahren Sie mehr
  20. Dreamherbs  Calea Zacatechichi

    Dream Herb | Calea zacatechichi

    Regulärer Preis: 16,50 €

    Sonderpreis: 14,95 €

    The Calea Zacetechichi is known as dream herb due to the drowsy feeling it gives when you’re awake, and the very vivid and sometimes even lucid dreams it produces once you fall asleep. Erfahren Sie mehr
  21.  Skullcap | Scutellaria Galericulata

    Skullcap | Scutellaria Galericulata

    9,95 €

    Skullcap can give you a light high, and helps to get some relief when you feel stressed, restless, or anxious. It gives you a nice feeling of relaxation. Erfahren Sie mehr
  22. Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) Raw

    Wormwood | Artemisia absinthium

    7,95 €

    Wormwood is most commonly known as the main ingredient in the drink of Absinthe. This drink can work hallucinogenic, referred to as “seeing the green fairy”. Erfahren Sie mehr
  23. Catmint  Nepeta cataria

    Catmint | Nepeta cataria

    7,95 €

    While cats get very excited from catmint, for humans it works mostly relaxing and as a stimulation of the imagination - sometimes even mildly hallucinogenic. Erfahren Sie mehr
  24. Wild Dagga | Leonotis Leonorus | Flower

    Wild Dagga | Leonotis Leonorus | Flower

    7,95 €

    Momentan nicht verfügbar

    The flowers of Wild Dagga contain leonurine, which has calming, mildly euphoric effects. Dried, these flowers can be smoked or used to brew tea. Wild Dagga is often used as an alternative for tobacco in joints with cannabis. Erfahren Sie mehr
  25. Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea)

    Blue Lotus Flower | Nymphaea caerulea

    7,95 €

    Blue Lotus was a sacred plant for the ancient Egyptians. It smells great, works euphoric and heightens awareness. Mild hallucinations might occur at higher dosages. Erfahren Sie mehr
  26. Marihuanilla | Leonurus sibiricus

    Marihuanilla | Leonurus sibiricus

    8,95 €

    This plant is called “little marijuana” because it was used as a substitute for Cannabis. It tastes very good and will get you in a state of relaxation. Erfahren Sie mehr
  27. Mulungu | Erythrina mulungu

    Mulungu | Erythrina mulungu


    16,95 €

    Mulungu is a natural tranquilizer from Brazil, perhaps even the most popular one! It gives you a very relaxed and (light) euphoric feeling. Erfahren Sie mehr
  28. Tea Egg Strainer | Stainless Steel

    Tea Egg Strainer | Stainless Steel


    1,95 €

    Use this Tea Egg to brew magic concoctions of your favourite herbs, mushrooms and truffles. The Egg is crafter from stainless steel, so it’ll last you a long time. Good egg! Erfahren Sie mehr
  29. Yellow Submarine Tea infuser

    Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

    3,95 €

    Yellow Submarine! Get your herbs, shrooms or tea in this infuser. Let it submerge in hot liquid and get your periscope out to sail to them psychedelic islands. Erfahren Sie mehr
  30. Mimosa hostilis  Rootbark

    Jurema Preta | Mimosa hostilis | 10 grams

    6,50 €

    The root bark of Jurema (Mimosa hostilis) contains the alkaloid DMT. This hallucinogenic substance induces intense psychedelic trips. Mimosa is often used to make anahuasca. In Brazil, so-called Jurema cults have been drinking psychoactive brews made with Mimosa for centuries. Erfahren Sie mehr
  31. Pink Lotus Flowers | Nelumbo Nucifera

    Pink Lotus Flowers | Nelumbo Nucifera | 20 grams

    7,95 €

    Dried Pink Lotus flowers have relaxing, sedating, mildly euphoric effects. They’re perfect for a calming tea. Or you can experiment with drinking Pink Lotus Egyptian style, soaking the flowers in a bottle of wine. Erfahren Sie mehr
  32. Marshmallow | Althaea officinalis | 25 gram

    Marshmallow | Althaea officinalis | 25 gram

    5,95 €

    The herb Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) contains mucilage that softens the respiratory tract. Marshmallow tea is an excellent remedy against coughs, sore throats and bronchitis. The ancient Egyptians were already aware of the wonderful medicinal uses of Marshmallow. Erfahren Sie mehr
  33. Klip Dagga | Leonotis nepetifolia

    Klip Dagga | Leonotis Nepetifolia | 25 grams

    10,50 €

    The dried leaves of Klip Dagga contain leonurine, which has calming, mildly euphoric effects. Klip Dagga can be smoked or used to brew tea. Some people use Wild Dagga as an alternative for tobacco in joints with cannabis. Erfahren Sie mehr
  34. Kanna Powder 1 gram

    Kanna powder Sceletium Tortuosum | 1 gram

    4,75 €

    The South African succulent Kanna is known for its sedating, calming and uplifting effects. You can use this Kanna powder as a snuff. You can also chew it with some chewing gum. Erfahren Sie mehr
  35. Damiana | Turnera Diffusa Shredded

    Damiana | Turnera Diffusa | Powder and Shredded

    8,50 €

    Damiana works as a relaxant for the muscles, improves blood circulation and works stimulating for the senses. It is considered an aphrodisiac for both men and women. Erfahren Sie mehr
  36. Mimosahuasca

    Ayahuasca Kit: Mimosahuasca | Syrian Rue & Mimosa

    9,95 €

    Brew your own Ayahuasca with this Mimosahuasca pack! The Mimosahuasca recipe combines Mimosa and Syrian Rue, for an easy to make alternative to more traditional Ayahuasca recipes. Ayahuasca guarantees a purifying, psychedelic and spiritual experience. Erfahren Sie mehr
  37. Ayahuasca Pack #1 | Classic

    Ayahuasca Kit: Classic | Banisteriopsis Caapi & Chacruna

    31,00 €

    Brew your own Ayahuasca with this Classic Ayahuasca pack! The classic shamanistic combination of Banisteriopsis Caapi and Chacruna causes an intense, mind-blowing trip. Ayahuasca guarantees a purifying, psychedelic and spiritual experience. Erfahren Sie mehr
  38. Ayahuasca Pack #3 | Intense

    Ayahuasca Kit: Intense | Syrian Rue & Chaliponga

    12,95 €

    Brew your own Ayahuasca with this Intense Ayahuasca pack! Ayahuasca guarantees a purifying, psychedelic and spiritual experience. Ayahuasca brews containing Chaliponga and Syrian Rue are known to be particularly intense. Not for beginners! Erfahren Sie mehr
  39. Palo Santo | Holy Wood bundle

    Palo Santo | Holy Wood | Bursera graveolens

    2,80 €

    Palo Santo is traditionally used by shamans in South America during Ayahuasca rituals. The aromatic Palo Santo spreads a lovely, sweet smell once lit aflame. Palo Santo has calming, soothing effects, making it a perfect accompaniment to a meditation or mushroom session. Sold in a bundle of 2-4 sticks Erfahren Sie mehr
  40. Maconha Brava | Zornia latifolia

    Maconha Brava | Zornia latifolia

    9,50 €

    Maconha Brava has relaxing, calming and euphoric effects. Maconha Brava is similar to cannabis, but slightly milder. Locally, the herb is also known as ‘fake marijuana’. Erfahren Sie mehr
  41. Ginkgo Biloba Shredded

    Ginkgo Biloba

    6,95 €

    Ginkgo improves your memory and concentration, when taken regul. It should not be used in combination with blood thinners or diabetes medicines. Erfahren Sie mehr
  42. CBD Crystal Terpenes 0,5 Grams

    CBD 99.6 % Crystal Terpenes | 0,5 Grams | CBDirective


    Regulärer Preis: 43,00 €

    Sonderpreis: 35,00 €

    CBD Crystals from CBDirective are 99.6 % pure CBD Crystals extracted from Bio-certified hemp flower

    CBCrystal – 0,5 gram with Hemp Terpenes. The terpenes give the crystals a taste of the hemp it's made from.

    Erfahren Sie mehr
  43.  CBDoobie Pouch 10 gram

    CBDoobie Pouch 10 gram | CBDirective

    Regulärer Preis: 15,00 €

    Sonderpreis: 9,95 €

    CBDoobie Pouch is a herbal supplement consisting of 10 grams high quality CBD-rich hemp flower. Clear Mind, Healthy Body. Erfahren Sie mehr
  44. African Dream Root | Silene Capensis | 5 grams

    African Dream Root | Silene Capensis | 5 grams

    10,50 €

    The dried root of Silene Capensis, is known as African Dream Root, stimulates dreams. Eating this dreamherb or drinking a brew from the root induce lucid dreams. The South African Xhosa people have been using Silene Capensis for centuries, in rituals to predict the future and communicate with their ancestors. Erfahren Sie mehr
  45.  Voacanga Africana Rootbark

    Voacanga Africana Rootbark

    13,95 €

    Voacanga Africana Rootbark contains the psychoactive substances voacangine and voccamine. These substances have stimulating, performance enhancing effects and can cause hallucinations in high doses. The Voacanga root bark is used as a hunting drug and stimulant. It’s also reported to be a potent aphrodisiac. Erfahren Sie mehr
  46. Empty capsules

    Empty capsules Gelatin (Size 0)

    6,50 €

    Empty gelatin capsules size "0" can contain 500 mg of powder or shredded material.

    Contains: 100 caps. Erfahren Sie mehr
  47. Capsule Machine

    Kapselfüller | Größe 0

    Von: 22,75 €

    Bis: 29,50 €

    Kapselfüller für 500 mg Kapseln. Sehr einfach zu verwenden! Mahlen Sie Ihre Kräuter oder Shrooms und füllen Sie innerhalb von wenigen Minuten 24 Kapseln.

    Vegane Kapseln und Gelatinekapseln erhältlich.

    Erfahren Sie mehr
  48. Empty capsules

    Empty capsules Vega (Size 0)

    7,50 €

    Empty vega capsules size "0" can contain 500 mg of powder or shredded material.

    Contains: 100 vegan caps. Erfahren Sie mehr
  49. Mukanya Kude | Acacia Xanthophloea

    Mukanya Kude | Acacia Xanthophloea


    8,00 €

    The dried bark of the Mukanya Kude tree stimulates clear and vivid dreams during your sleep. According to the South African Zulu people, drinking a cup of Mukanya Kude tea before bedtime will induce lucid dreams with prophetic visions from your ancestors. Erfahren Sie mehr
  50.  Powder Uvuma-Omhlope | Synaptolepis Kirkii

    Uvuma-Omhlope | Synaptolepis Kirkii

    7,50 €

    The ground-up roots of the Uvuma-Omhlope shrub stimulate dreams. Uvuma-Omhlope contains kirkinine, an active compound that develops and recovers neuron cells. The South Africa Zulu and Xhosa peoples use this dream herb to brew a tea to get lucid dreams and communicate with their ancestors. Erfahren Sie mehr
  51. Uzara |Xysmalobium Undulatum

    Uzara | Xysmalobium Undulatum

    4,00 €

    The ground-up roots of the South African Uzara plant are known for their calming, medicinal uses. You use Uzara as a snuff or to make a tea. The South African Zulu people sniff Uzara for its narcotic properties. Erfahren Sie mehr
  52. Ubhubhubhu | Helinus integrifolius

    Ubhubhubhu | Helinus integrifolius

    7,50 €

    These dried Ubhubhubhu twigs help you to dream more intensely and also aid you in remembering your dreams more clearly. In South Africa, Ubhubhubhu is used by sangoma doctors to interpret dreams and predict the future. Erfahren Sie mehr
  53. Galangal | Alpinia officinarum raw

    Galangal | Alpinia officinarum

    Begrenzter Warenbestand

    6,50 €

    Galangal (Alpinia Officinarum) is a culinary herb that improves your appetite. It also has a positive effect on your vitality, like the circulation of the blood and the nervous system. It can be mildly hallucinogenic and stimulating for mental concentration. 50 grams Shredded. Erfahren Sie mehr
  54. WakeUp Tea Raw

    Tea Wakeup

    8,95 €

    Momentan nicht verfügbar

    This black wakeup tea contains Guarana, Rosehups, Hibiscus and apple/lemon flavours. Perfect to get a refreshing and revitalized feeling, and as a replacement for your morning cup of joe ! Erfahren Sie mehr
  55. Valerian | Valeriana officinalis

    Valerian | Valeriana officinalis

    8,50 €

    Valerian, or “heal all”, helps against high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It is a very famous and natural tranquilizer. Erfahren Sie mehr
  56. Guarana | Paullinia cupana

    Guarana | Paullinia cupana

    8,50 €

    Guarana (Paulinnia cupana) is perfect for gaining energy! It is used in many energy drinks and caps, because of the high level of caffeine it contains.

    Available in whole Guarana nuts and Guarana Powder.

    Erfahren Sie mehr
  57. Muira Puama  | Ptychopetalum olacoides

    Muira Puama | Ptychopetalum olacoides

    7,50 €

    The Muira Puama, or “potency wood”, is an aphrodisiac herb that stimulates and makes the skin and genitals sensitive. It also stimulates erections and counters impotence. Available in powder and shredded. Erfahren Sie mehr
  58.  2 Spicy | Powder (Herbs)

    2 Spicy Herb Mix | Powder

    16,95 €

    2 Spicy is a mix of aromatic herbs that puts you in a euphoric and relaxed state of mind. You can use 2 Spicy to brew a tea. The most important herbal extracts in the mix are Wild dagga, Merihuanilla, White and Blue Water Lily, Pink Lotus and Kratom. Erfahren Sie mehr
  59. Betel nut | Areca Catechu

    Betel nut | Areca Catechu

    7,95 €

    Betel nuts (growing from the Areca palm) are stimulating and uplifting, and can cause euphoric feelings. Chewing on these nuts is for a lot of Asian people what the drinking of a daily cup of coffee is for Europeans. Erfahren Sie mehr
  60. African Dream Seeds | Entada Rheedii

    African Dream Seeds | Entada Rheedii


    6,50 €

    African Dream Seeds are known as one of the most potent dream herbs. You consume the African Dream seeds as a snack, in a joint or in a tea to induce lucid dreams. In the traditional healing arts of some South African people, African Dream Seeds are used to communicate with ancestors and predict the future. Erfahren Sie mehr
  61. Passionflower - Passiflora Incarnata

    Passionflower | Passiflora Incarnata | shredded

    8,50 €

    Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) is a vine that has medicinal uses. Traditional applications are against anxiety and insomnia. The leaves and flower petals are dried and can be brewed in a tea or even be smoked. The Passiflora incarnata in particular contains small amounts of MAOi, and can easily (but carefully) be used to strengthen the mushroom effects.

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61 Product(s) matching your selection