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The Dutch labour party (PvdA) wishes to lift the ban on Magic Mushrooms

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Mushroom ban no solution

According to the PvdA Member of Parliament (Labour Party) Lea Bouwmeester: “The ban on mushrooms doesn’t seem to be the solution to the problem of drug using tourists and it should be lifted again.”

She sees it as ineffective ‘symbol politics’ and the problem lies in the fact that tourists use two or more drugs at the same time. This drug-combining should be targeted and you should not randomly ban a drug.

PvdA parliament member Lea Bouwmeester PvdA parliament member Lea Bouwmeester

Because of the ban, tourists will resort to other, more dangerous drugs.  Now there is no way of knowing on what, and how much of it they use.

Wait 3 days for shrooms

The proposal of Bouwmeester is a three-day-cool-down period (buy know, pick up in three days). Tourists will have some time to think over what they are about to do. They can use the time to gain information on the use and effects of the mushrooms. Also she sees a obligatory responsibility for the smartshops, where mushrooms were available before, to educate their customers. The minimum age of the customer should be set to eighteen years.

Next Wednesday Dutch parliament will debate about this matter with ministers Klink and Balin.

Source: Nu.nl

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