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The Dutch ban of Magic Mushrooms

Posted under: News and Science

The Ban

The Dutch ban on mushrooms came into effect on December First, 2008. From this point on it is illegal to sell and grow fresh and dry magic mushrooms as a retailer and wholesaler.  Mushrooms are classified as a class 2 drug, what categorizes them as illegal soft drugs, just as marihuana. But unlike cannabis the commercial sale is not allowed.
Mushroom incidents
The ban is the result of several mushroom related incidents that happened earlier that year. A French depressed girl jumped to her death.

In the parliament the majority of the leading parties (CDA, VVD, CU and PVV) insisted on a complete ban.

Klink ignores research

The minister of health, Ab Klink, initiated an investigation to map the risks and dangers of Magic Mushrooms. The investigation is done by the CAM. This is a group, part of the Dutch ministry of health, that assesses and monitors (new) drugs. The conclusion of their findings is:

“The use of hallucinogenic mushrooms has such little danger to the individual health and the society that outlawing it would be an instrument too heavy when considering the little damage and problems caused by its’ current use. “

Source :Risicoschatting van psilocine en psilocybine bevattende paddenstoelen (paddo’s) 2007 paddo's-risicoschattingsrapport-2007

Minister of health decides to ignore the report of the CAM (for the first time a minister does this in Dutch history) and he proceeds with the ban. Making it illegal to grow and sell magic mushrooms for commercial use.

Despite the ban, magic mushroom grow kits and magic truffles, also known as philosopher stones, triprocks and sclerotia remain legal.

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