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Syrian Rue Peganum Harmala - Seeds

Syrian rue, also known as Peganum harmala, has been traditionally used for enhancing the effects of psychedelic substances. It contains a Mao inhibitor. The seeds of Syrian rue can be chewed or ground and added to a drink. Additionally, it is believed to ward off the "Evil Eye," and is often planted near buildings for this purpose.

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Product Description


Contains 10 grams Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) seeds. In sealed packaging.

Effects of Syrian Rue

Syrian Rue is mainly used as an MAOi and is most commonly used in tandem with other plants and substances containing DMT. Nonetheless, the seeds have some standalone effects, too. Syrian Rue is said to have some characteristics of antidepressants. It is also said to stimulate the imagination. Some psychonauts are experimenting with high doses of Syrian Rue to induce a trip.

The effects:

  • Relaxing
  • Clear mind
  • Aphrodesiac
  • Hallucinations , in a higher dose
  • Dream-like state, in a higher dose

Syrian Rue as an MAO - inhibitor

The seeds of Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) contain the alkaloid harmaline. Harmaline works as MAO inhibitor (MAOi, or Monoamine Oxidase inhibitor). Monoamine oxidase (MAO) is an enzyme that naturally occurs in our bodies. This enzyme breaks down neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, but also psychoactive substances such as psilocybin, N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT.

Your body usually doesn’t absorb these substances when you consume them orally. Syrian Rue temporarily inhibits MAO, preventing your body from taking down these substances. This means that you can take substances like DMT orally when combined with Syrian Rue.

Owing to its status as MAOi, Syrian Rue is often used as an ingredient for anahuasca or ayahuasca analog, as a replacement of Banisteriopsis Caapi. Anahuasca is a drink that mimics the effects of ayahuasca with an alternative composition and preparation. Many people prefer Syrian Rue over Caapi because the seeds are easier to prepare and the bodily effects (stomach aches, nausea, vomiting) are much less intense.

Use of Syrian Rue

It is commonly agreed that 3 grams of Syrian Rue is a sufficient dose when using it as an MAOi. Take the seeds about 15 to 60 minutes before consuming the other psychoactive substance. The effects of Syrian Rue last approximately 3 to 4 hours.

To get the stand alone effects of Syrian rue, 20 grams can be used.

There are different methods of consuming Syrian Rue seeds. In principle, it’s possible to eat the Syrian Rue seeds.

You can take the seeds orally, carefully chewing them about 30 seconds before swallowing them. You can also pulverize the seeds with a mortar and pestle and use the powder to fill gel capsules.

You can also choose to create a hot water infusion with Syrian Rue seeds. This method is slightly lighter on the stomach. Use approximately 3-4 grams of Syrian Rue seeds with 200 ml of water and 50 ml of lemon juice. Finely grind the seeds and let the powder simmer in water for about 30 minutes. Then sieve the tea and drink it. Instead of water us wine to make a intoxicating drink, called Harmala wine


There are risks associated with the use of Syrian Rue. The substance tyramine is also not broken down by your body after using a MAOi. When tyramine accumulates in your blood this can increase your blood pressure enormously (hypertension) up to dangerous levels. To prevent this from happening you must therefore ensure that you have as little as possible of tyramine in your food and drinks. It is strongly recommended to do a “MAO diet” at least 12 hours prior to the intake of Peganum harmala.

Click here for a list of foods and drinks to avoid during your MAO diet.

Click here for a list of medicines and drugs that should never be used in conjunction with Peganum harmala.

Cultivation of Syrian Rue

Syrian Rue is rather notorious for being difficult to cultivate. It’s a perennial plant that is found in warm, fairly dry parts of Southern Europe, the Middle East and South Asia. The plant is not so suitable for cultivation in the mild sea climate of Western Europe, but it’s possible if you grow it inside.

  1. Sow the seeds in late spring in a mixture of soil and plenty of sand. Be wary of overwatering.
  2. Place the pot in a sunny spot and make sure the temperature exceeds 20°C at all times.
  3. After a few weeks, the seeds should germinate and if it’s warm enough you can move the pot outside.

History of Syrian Rue

Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala) belongs to the family Nitrariaceae. It originates from warm, rather dry areas, being found from the Mediterranean and the Middle East all the way to India, Pakistan and even China.

Syrian Rue has a very rich and ancient history. The plant is often linked to two legendary magical herbs: soma and moly. Soma was a herbal drink that in ancient Persia served as medicine and panacea. The identity of this magical drink is a historical mystery, but many scholars suspect that the psychoactive plant Syrian Rue could have been its main ingredient. Moly is a magical herb that figures in the Greek myths of the Odyssey. The god Hermes provides the hero Odysseus with moly to protect him from the witchcraft of the sorceress Circe. Historians aren’t sure which herb the Greeks were referring to with moly, but its description (a white flower with black roots) is reminiscent of Syrian Rue.

Syrian Rue is part of rituals and folk medicine almost everywhere where it can naturally be found. In India and Pakistan, the plant has many gynecological uses. It serves as a treatment for menstruation pains, to alleviate the discomforts of labor and as an aphrodisiac. In Iran and Iraq, Syrian Rue seeds are thrown into fires to ward off evil spirits. In North Africa, the smoke of Syrian Rue is inhaled as a cure for headaches, venereal diseases, and as a way to expel the “evil eye”.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Productcode su-ph1
Weight (KG) 0.0100
Portions 2 - 10
Contents 10g
Origin United States
Species Peganum harmala

Customer Reviews

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Good product, fast delivery! Review by Vitly
Thank you for good quality service! (Posted on 2/23/2024)
Perfect Review by Alexis
Hard to get goods from it but nice,it was awesome (Posted on 8/22/2023)
Good service and quality Review by Piotr
I got all items very quickly, safe packed and the quality is nice (Posted on 4/18/2023)
Great service Review by sana
The delivery was in time, the package was nice, the seeds are in perfect state but i did not try it yet i am thinking about planting it in my land ... I have done some researches and this is what you need to know;
Peganum harmala, commonly called "Syrian rue," is native to countries around the Mediterranean sea and western United States. Known for its sedative effects when consumed by farm animals, its seeds have stimulant and hallucinogenic effects at low doses (3-4 g when eaten) in humans. Its active ingredients harmaline and harmine have monoamine oxidase inhibitor properties. So ine advice to take seriously is never exceed the 4 grams or you risk poisoning . (Posted on 12/17/2022)
good MAOI Review by Cristina
We tried taking shrooms or truffles with or without Syrian Rue and it clearly enhances the trip. Every time we did it with Syrian Rue, the trip was twice as long and clearly more intense.. The taste however is one of the most disgusting things I've put in my mouth.. (Posted on 7/20/2021)
Nice gentle MAOI high Review by Steve
By itself, this MAOI gives a gentle cosy high with some visual effects. Nice and relaxing, nothing too trippy or crazy.

As an MAOI, it can also be used to potentiate mushrooms or with a DMT source for an ayahuasca or psilohuasca trip. I took it with some dried mushrooms and it magnified the mushroom effect and doubled the length of the trip. You better be ready for a big trip if you take this. (Posted on 2/15/2021)
3.5gr Syrian Rue + 3.5gr Mimosa Review by eugenia
Hello people,

I decided to taste this mix after a lot of searching in the web.
So, I weighted 3.5gr of each and I started boiling them together with few drops of lemon. I boiled and strained them 3 times and in the end I had 1 cup of the mixture. Mud like brown color and a terrible taste.
I drunk it and after 30 minutes a thunder like feeling exploded in my head!!!
I was tripping balls! It was my third psychedelic trip and I am going to remember it for ever.
The opticals were profound, geometric schemes (Aztec-Toltec like), red, yellow, green shapes all together in a majestic dance!!!
Then I decided to listen to some music and it was my best decision ever made!!!!!!!!! I could realy see the sound and listen to the shapes and they were dancing along with the songs and the feeling was that there was an organic intelligence that could take me anywhere in the universe!
Physically, I was feeling a very intense "head high" and I could barely stand on my feet. I spend most of the time lying on the couch and listening to music. I must confess that for the first 15-20 minutes I was a bit scared because I had never felt such physical impact before and I was totally alone in the house. But the mind is a very useful tool and I focused to all the stories I had read in the web regarding these situations. Fortunately I was able to "rationalise" the fact that I was not going to die and that all these things were totally normal. Thinking about that the days after the trip, I could say that these fearful reactions were the efforts of my "ego" in order to not let it go. My ego were trying both to prevent the trip and to keep me safe in my comfort zone.
I cant stop thinking of what is going to happen if I use a bigger quantity in the future!!!
Thanks a lot for these wonderful experiences.
Love from Greece, take care of yourselves
XXX (Posted on 9/11/2020)
syrian rue+tampanensis truffles Review by eugenia
Hello people,

Syrian rue gave a huge boost to the truffles' experience... I had real vivid optical shapes and colors with 7,5 gr of Tampanensis truffles while I had taken 15gr Atlantis (without syrian rue) and the visuals were not that profound.
Definately recommended to boost shrooms/truffles.
Next, I will try to micro 1gr syrian rue + 1gr mimosa hostilis and I will return to let you know!!!
Greetings from Greece
XXX (Posted on 7/25/2020)
Excellent!! Review by Arada
Very potent fresh seeds (great smell once grinded), impeccably packed and prompt delivery.
I highly recommend this product.
Many thanks to you, guys.
Best regards,
Arada ????
(Posted on 4/3/2020)
Excellent!! Review by Arada
Very potent fresh seeds (great smell once grinded), impeccably packed and prompt delivery.
I highly recommend this product.
Many thanks to you, guys.
Best regards,
Arada ????
(Posted on 4/3/2020)
Microdosing aya Review by Baciu
Get also some Mimosa Hostilis. https://www.magic-mushrooms-shop.com/en/review/product/list/id/734/

Do a ratio of 1g rue to 1g mimosa(powdered) every evening for 10 days.

Welcome to the club.
(Posted on 5/16/2019)
1 Review by arianna
Very good product to use in association with the magic mushrooms
because it has the ability to make the experience more profound and introspective, increasing the effects of the mushrooms and intensifying the inner aspect of the journey. In this sense it can be said that it increases the ability to explore one's own inner worlds and amplifies the characteristics of mushrooms both visually and sensations. (Posted on 3/19/2019)
Very happy with the product Review by Filip
I weight 57Kg and at 2.5g of the product I had an immense experience, very inspiring and motivational :) (Posted on 10/21/2018)
Syrian Rue in combination with Cubensis Cambodia… Wow! Review by R.P.
I tried 2,5 grams of Syrian Rue with 2 grams (dried) Cambodian shrooms together with a friend.
First we grained the seeds in a mortar and filled some capsules using the Capsule Machine. This allowed us to easily swallow the Rue and avoiding the horrible taste. I highly recommend this method!

After taking the capsules we waited for about an hour. We both experienced no stomach issues or sickness at all. I felt a little drowsy and dizzy but nothing unpleasant. According to my friend it felt like being tipsy.
Now it was time to take our shrooms. Normally we take 4 grams for a great trip but, with the effect of the Rue in mind, we decided to take only 2 grams (dried).
The upcoming for me wasn’t very comfortable. Maybe it was because I didn’t know what to expect. I noticed a very strong ‘buzz’ in my body, probably caused by a higher blood pressure. I thought maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all.

After a little while I was able to relax and just let it happen. Once arrived I felt much better. The introspective visuals I experienced were much more 3D compared to a regular medium mushroom trip. They were even mind blowing with every new wave. One thing that I’ll never forget is when we discovered some T-Rexes living in one of the kitchen cupboards. It wasn’t frightening at all, only super fascinating :)
My friend had little physical issues and experienced the trip as more ‘Devine’ compared to regular mushroom trips, calling it 'a God Experience'.
Physically, the only discomfort I experienced was the feeling of having a bowling ball in my stomach. No sickness however.
The entire trip took about 8 hours with a high plateau of about 5 hours and a relaxed come down of 3 hours.

I’m definitely interested in trying this combination more often but not for every mushroom trip.
I do like the extended duration of the trip and the fact you only need half the amount of shrooms to get an even more intensive trip out of it. This is particularly handy when using shrooms that are very difficult to grow or give limited yields.

I don’t recommend this combination to people with no or limited mushroom experience. Try just mushrooms first for a few of times before moving on combining it with Syrian Rue.

A little note about Syrian Rue as an MAO inhibitor:
According to many sources (including Wikipedia), Syrian Rue contains mostly MAO-A inhibitors which doesn’t stop your body from breaking down tyramine like MAO-B does. This is good news as you don’t need to avoid foods and drinks containing tyramine when using Rue.
However: since Syrian Rue may contain a little MAO-B, it is still advisable to take it easy on tyramine-rich foods and drinks such as (aged) cheese, wine etc.
Google will be more than happy to tell you which foods and drinks contain tyramines.

(Posted on 1/30/2018)
Not bad Review by Ciprian
The first time i took 5g in combination with 25g of Red Boy and it was woo ow. Great for experience users prepared for meet and face their demons. Great product. (Posted on 9/9/2015)
YES :) Review by Nomad Soul
I took 2 - 3 grams Syrian Rue with 15g philosopher s stones . It taste really awfull!! But it really improve everything, sensations visuals mental and time tripping. (it lasted 6hours) The 2first hours i felt like i was going to sleep...I really had a lot of visions. Then i felt really more energetic and creative, couldn t stop dancing.Visions lasted a looong moment, feeling concentrate and calm at the same time, feeling not alone but a part of something much much bigger.... Really pleasant. You will be much more calm than on acid, visuals are quite similar yet. (Posted on 7/30/2015)
Très bon produit Review by Gilian
Ne connaissant pas ce produit, j'ai pris 1g de peganum avec 1g de champignons mexicains, pour commencer doucement.
J'ai mis de l'eau chaude (directement du robinet) dans un bol, couper les champignons en petits morceaux et les y ai ajouter, le peganum aussi, et j'ai laisser infuser pendant 5min.
J'ai bu le tout en mâchant bien les morceaux.
10min après les sensations ont commencer, pour être à leur paroxysme au bout de 30.
Il s'est avéré que le trip était bien plus puissant que je ne l'imaginais, similaire au LSD (hallucinations visuelles poussées, voyage intérieur profond, sensation exacerbées, etc)

Très bon produit que je recommande, y aller doucement pour bien l'apprivoiser. (Posted on 10/4/2013)
good stuff Review by sander
Net als marco heb ik 3 gram fijngemalen zaden een half uurtje tegen het kookpunt geroerd in ongeveer 300 ml water en 50 ml citroensap. Daarna gezeefd en achterover gegooid want proeven is de moeite niet waard.
Na 1 uur heb ik zo'n 25 gram verse mexicaanse zelfkweek genomen. Voor de vergelijking was het wel goed dat er nog 4 mensen waren die dezelfde hoeveelheid paddo's namen maar zonder wijnruit.
Waar de rest een redelijk milde trip had lag ik op de vloer heftig te trippen. De meest passende manier om het te omschrijven is een gewone paddotrip maar zonder remmen of vangnet. Probeer geen weerstand te bieden, het helpt niet. Just go with it zoals met elke trip.
Ik heb op voorhand veel nagezocht over de waarschuwingen voor te hoge bloeddruk als je de wijnruit combineert met voedsel dat een bepaalde stof bevat (naam vergeten...harmeline ofzo). Hoewel de waarschuwingen niet voor niets zijn moet je dit allemaal niet te zwaar nemen. Het is vooral belangrijk absoluut niet te combineren met medicatie of extreem hoge doseringen van de te vermijden stof. Je kan op voorhand gewoon bijna alles eten.
Al met al was het een intense ervaring die ik alleen ervaren gebruikers aanraad. Ik ga het zeker nog eens proberen maar met een meer gevulde maag voor een meer geleidelijke ervaring (Geplaatst: 28-8-11) (Posted on 8/28/2011)
Bah wat lekker Review by Marco
Tsja.. vieze zaden met een geweldige werking.. Voor echte Psilohuasca :)
Ik heb ze gecrusht met een vijzel, toen 3 gram in koud water 24 uur laten trekken, dat 3 kwartier voor de trip op een lege maag gedronken..
Voelde me als herboren erna. echt een heel bijzonder kruidje
Alleen heel erg bitter, smaakt nar wortelen.., niet die oranje maar gewone plantwortels

Veel succes ik raad ze aan, beste MAO in mijn mening (Posted on 8/22/2011)
Psilohuasca Review by Marco
Hmm dit is de sterkste MAO remmer die je kunt krijgen volgens mij.. Op zichzelf is het ook te gebruiken, maar in combinatie met paddestoelen geeft het een kosmisch effect. Ik heb 3 gram zaden fijn gestampt in een vijzel, en vervolgens laten trekken in water wat net onder de kook zat. Na een uur of 3 eventjes in de Magnetron, een goede schep honing en suiker erbij, Maar pas als je de prut eruit hebt gezeefd. Daarna heb je een bitter en pittig drankje, wat je naar mijn mening niet te lang moet spoelen in je mond, want goh wat is het bitter.. Maar een uur later of laten we zeggen na 40 tot 60 minuten na inname neem je paddestoelen. Wat er gebeurd is een heel relaxte trip, met een lang plateau en intense visuals. ze zeggen, en daar kan ik echt inkomen, dat het je trip tot iets van 4 keer intenser maakt, waar passiebloem dat 2x zou doen. Al met al een leuke variatie op je doorsnee trip, met veel diepgang en een heldere geest. Na afloop voel je je erg schoon, en soort van herboren (ik dan , en meerdere mensen met mij) Zou dat te maken hebben met het feit dat dit de helft van ayahuasca is? Dit is gebaseerd op mijn ervaring, dus kan voor jou anders zijn. MVG Marco (Posted on 7/6/2011)

20 Item(s)

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