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Red Kwao Krua | Butea Superba | Extract 25x

Butea Superba ,Red Kwao Krua is a natural aphrodisiac from Thailand. Red Kwao Krua stimulates blood circulation and prolongs and strengthens erections. Because Red Kwao Krua heightens the male libido, it is also known as ‘flame of the forest’.

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Contains 10 grams of Red Kwao Krua, Butea Superba Extract 25x. In sealed plastic packaging.

Effects of Red Kwao Krua

Red Kwao Krua or Butea Superba is a well-known natural aphrodisiac for men. Red Kwao Kura enhances sexual performance by enhancing blood circulation in the penis, causing longer, stronger erections. For this reasion, Red Kwa Krua is a common component of supplements to treat erectile dysfunction. In addition, Red Kwao Krua can give a boost to male libido. Thai men use the leaves of Red Kwao Krua as a miracle drug for eternal youth.

The effects of Red Kwao Krua are not instantly noticeable. For optimal results, the herb must be taken regularly during a sustained period of time.

Little scientific research has been done on the active compounds of Red Kwao Krua. However, there are no known side effects of using this plant.

Use of Red Kwao Krua Extract 25x

The easiest way to take this Red Kwao Krua extract is by means of herbal capsules. Use 500mg of Red Kwa Krua for one capsule. Take a capsule three times a day, prior to your meal.

This Red Kwao Krua Extract is 25x more concentrated than regular shredded Red Kwao Krua leaves.


Red Kwao Krua or Butea Superba is a vining shrub from the legume family Fabaceae. Red Kwao Krua is originally found in South and Southeast Asia, in particular in Thailand, Vietnam and India. In Thailand in particular Red Kwao Krua is traditionally a popular miracle drug against erectile dysfunction. Because of its positive effects on the male libido, Red Kwao Krua is also known as ‘flame of the forest’.

Red Kwao Krua shrubs are often found nearby White Kwao Krua Kao plants. This plant, scientifically known as pueraria mirifica, is closely related to Red Kwao Krua and also enhances sexual performance. However White Kwao Krua Kao is regarded to work for women rather than men.

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