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All backorders will be shipped before 29h of August.
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Offre spéciale 3 kits de culture de champignons magiques

Achetez ce combo pack de 3 kits de culture de champignons magiques, vous pourrez choisir les 3 kits parmi notre catalogue:

  • 2 Kits de culture Mondo® champignons hallucinogènes
  • 1 Kit de culture FreshMushroom champignons hallucinogènes

Ce pack est parfait pour ceux qui veulent pouvoir comparer des souches différentes, de la culture à l'expérience psychédélique.

Vous pouvez aussi ajouter trois tapis chauffants à votre commande et obtenir une réduction sur les trois.

Disponibilité: En stock

À partir de: 99,50 €

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Prix comme sélectionné: 99,50 €

Description du produit

Vous avez du mal à choisir le kit de culture de champignons magiques que vous voulez commander ? Commandez tout simplement un Combi Pack! Vous pourrez choisir deux Kits de culture Mondo® et un Kit de culture FreshMushroom. Ainsi vous économiserez votre l'argent et aurez l'occasion d'essayer différentes souches de cubensis Psilocybe.

Instructions pour les différents kits de culture de champignons magiques:

Il y a plusieurs différences entre les cultures des deux types de kits.

Avant de commencer la culture des différents types de kits de champignons, assurez-vous d’utiliser les bonnes instructions. Les kits n’incluent pas les instructions.

Télécharger les instructions des Kits Mondo® ici  et des FreshMushroom kit de Culture

En option, vous pouvez inclure trois tapis chauffant pour les mois les plus froids de l’année. En complétant ainsi votre package, vous obtiendrez 12,5% de réduction sur les trois tapis!

Contenu d'un Growkit Standard

  • 1x boîtes de culture – Il contient substrat avec mycélium actif (la "cake")
  • 1x Sac de culture avec filtre micron – Le sac dispose d'un filtre-micron pour empêcher les contaminants
  • 1x agrafe - Pour fermer le sac de culture

 Lisez le Manuel d'instructions pour le kit de culture de champignons Standard

Contenu d'un growkit SupaGro

  • 1x Boîte de culture SupaGro – Il contient substrat avec mycélium actif (la "‘cake’")
  • 1x SupaSac – Le sac dispose de 2 couches de perforations pour la ventilation.
  • 2x Agrafe - Pour fermer le sac de culture.

Lisez le Manuel d'instructions pour le kit de culture de champignons SupaGro

Vous avez besoin de

    • Vaporisateur d’Eau –– La brumisation est nécessaire pour le niveau d'humidité
    • Eau potable - Pour la formation de buée et pour le trempage
    • Un environnement propre - Travailler dans un environnement propre afin de ne pas donner des chances de contamination à d'autres champignons ou des bactéries (micro-organismes)


    Il est recommandé d'utiliser

    Informations complémentaires
    Informations complémentaires
    UGS zmb-hp1
    Poids (KG) 3.2000
    En soldes? Non
    Produit alternatif: Non
    Type de Grow Kit Varié
    Difficulté Très Facile
    Taille Ordinaire
    Espèce Psilocybe cubensis
    Origine n / d
    Puissance n / d
    Température de culture optimale 23ºC
    Rendement (-) 900 grammes
    Rendement (+) > 1000 grammes
    Pulvérisation d'eau nécessaire Oui
    Pas de livraison à: Les pays non UE, Afrique, Asie, Australie, Caraïbes, Amérique centrale, Chypre, Danemark, Allemagne, Iran, Ireland, Moyen Orient, Amérique du Sud, Canada, Estonie, Finlande, Israel , nouvelle-Zélande, Norvège, Russie, Suède, Suisse, Turquie, United Kingdom, États-Unis

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    Overall pretty good Commentaire par Rafael
    The package was here very quick.
    One of them came in a bad shape, but it was replaced immediately.

    All of the 3 kits began to grow in a few days, my first harvest was a week after starting the kit.
    So far one of them had 2 flushes and the other 2 are on the 3rd flush. (Posté le 08/06/2022)
    One out of three worked out great Commentaire par Claudia
    I ordered one Mondo B+, one Mondo Amazonian and a FreshMushrooms McKenaii grow kit.

    Delivery was pretty fast and unproblematic, instructions provided on website were also very clear and useful!
    Even though I kept all three grow kits under the exact same conditions, only one of them - the Mondo Amazonian - survived and brought several very nice flushes (5 flushes if I’m not mistaken!). The yield of the first two ones were pretty satisfying, then decreased. The effect when taking them has been super enjoyable and calming so far, even though I just micro-dosed until now.

    My rating is three stars because I’m pretty satisfied with the one kit that worked out and tbh I didn’t contact customer service earlier to report the problem because I was hoping the other kits were just a bit slower and would eventually grow - well nope. I would still order again in the future, maybe I just had bad luck with the other two ones. (Posté le 05/05/2022)
    Yee Commentaire par Damastafunk
    Bought 3 pack, gilden teacher, a bit strange of grow,
    Mc kenai doing wery well
    And for third had isue whith the bag so it got wrong fungi and unfortinatly died, but oweral its good (Posté le 28/04/2022)
    Some good, some bad Commentaire par dinj
    1-Threasure Coast: This one was contaminated so I got a replacement with a different recommended strain.

    2-Golden Teacher from Freshmushrooms: I'm not sure I would recommend Freshmushrooms brand. They're quite easier, as the mycelium is more developed and you don't need to water them, but I got now 3 harvests of just aborts, where the pins don't grow up more then 1cm. I removed them and cold shocked them between harvests, but still nothing. Even tried to change the conditions on the third time. Anyway, I've tried the same kit last year, got fairly good yields but the mushrooms were really weak, like with 25-50% the strenghth of the other strains.

    3-Mckennaii from Mondo: What a pleasure of a kit. I'm now ready to start the 4th round on this kit and it has already yield me 502g (55 dry)

    I feel getting 3 kits is great because you have better chances of getting something of of it. And the support is usually great in case you have problems. (Posté le 18/04/2022)
    Nice Commentaire par Florian
    All take a little bit longer than expectet. The supports help was really fast, kind and useful. The mondo kits grew faster and better as the Fresh mushrooms kit. (Posté le 10/04/2022)
    High quality products; reliable and convenient ordering process Commentaire par Joshu
    This is my second set of three growboxes.
    Ordering and delivery worked very smoothly both times, I actually found the process quite enjoyable.
    Of the first set, I caught myself a mould fungus in a single spot in one growbox, which ultimately destroyed it. However, that was my own fault most probably. The other two growboxes developed fine and my second set of three growboxes is also coming on nicely.
    Moreover, I find the prices at magic-mushrooms-shop very competitive. (Posté le 10/01/2022)
    very easy ordering Commentaire par Bisserka
    Very easy ordering and the goods were of good quality.
    I'm quite setisfyed. I recomend this webshop. (Posté le 29/12/2021)
    very easy ordering Commentaire par Bis
    Very easy ordering and the goods were of good quality.
    I'm quite setisfyed. I recomend this webshop. (Posté le 29/12/2021)
    Great deal Commentaire par Vlado
    Very nice combo, two had a good yield, but one wasn't
    but that was my mistake. great store, with fast shipping
    an always get what i order. will order more in the future. (Posté le 25/11/2021)
    Great deal Commentaire par Vlado
    Very nice combo, two out of three grew nicely, one had a problem
    but that was my mistake. i will definitely order more from this store. (Posté le 25/11/2021)
    Almost no problem Commentaire par Andy
    One kit had some problems but i guess that happen to all kits from time to time (Posté le 09/10/2021)
    Good overall Commentaire par Andy
    The quality of one of the kits was bad but the ones that worked, worked just fine (Posté le 30/09/2021)
    Great Commentaire par Mo
    Great service and fast delivery.
    The kit is easy grow and have hight potency.
    Very pleased of the outcome (Posté le 22/09/2021)
    Perfect for first timers Commentaire par Jum
    As a first time grower I was very pleased to discover that you guys offered a combination of 1 fresh and 2 standard kits.
    I wanted one fresh kit because you almost can't fuck it up and it's fast acting. I chose the Mexican strain, which went fine and grew 3 fast flushes.
    Just what I needed.

    The two standard kits were PES Amazon and Thai. Those were the real deal.
    I only ever had experience with Thais before and I have to say they are my favourite as a grower as well.
    Both kits gave me a good 4 or 5 flushes and it would have been more if I didn't have to leave them for a few days on their own. (room got too hot in that time)
    I almost always had 23°C in my room which contributed to the success I guess.
    The standard kits took longer to grow just as described.
    The kits were also pretty forgiving as I forgot to take them out of the fridge after re-watering them. For several days :D

    The Mexicans were a little bit too weak for me, the Amazons were on par with the Thais but grew very big, which is actually good but just not to my liking. The Thais were just perfect. Never had a bad trip, always strong, nice bodies. Can't recommend them enough.

    To conclude: get this kit if you can't decide which one to take. Especially if you're new to the game.
    (Posté le 10/04/2020)
    Non male Commentaire par Rock
    Resa abbastanza buona (Posté le 22/10/2019)
    Spitzen Qualität und super Service Commentaire par andre
    Ich bin wieder mal sehr zufrieden mit euren Produkten und werde gern wieder bei euch bestellen.Ihr seit die Besten..Weiter so... (Posté le 20/09/2019)
    I didnt get what I expected at all Commentaire par Pierre
    <<<Edit by MMS: Our apologies we mislabeled the products while updating the translation! This Combi pack contains 2 Mycomate (standard) kits and 1 FreshMushroom kit. The XL format was not mentioned in the product description , nor the content of the products. >>>>

    Ont the catalog this product its named «MycoMate® Combi Pack | 3XL Kits». In fact you receive standard kits and not XL kits at all. It is highly confusing.
    I was looking for XL kits and received half, 3 standard kits only. The difference of price with the real 3 x XL kits is 20 € and you get almost double.
    I didn't check any further, with a probable excess of trust the website, because when you add the product to the cart, then you see its standard and not XL. Then why calling 3 XL Kit?
    I feel ripped off. Concerning the shrooms themselves, I dont have a review yet as they re on the way (Posté le 12/04/2019)
    Good deal! Commentaire par Dawid
    The mushrooms grow very fast and i got about 270g flush of one box . I love it! (Posté le 23/02/2018)
    Super good kits Commentaire par Roman
    Everything worked out great. Watched the Tutorials first then did everything. Got 4 flushes out of em. Super happy! (Posté le 08/12/2017)
    Super good kits Commentaire par Roman
    Everything worked out great. Watched the Tutorials first then did everything. Got 4 flushes out of em. Super happy! (Posté le 08/12/2017)

    Articles 1 à 20 sur un total de 55

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