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Banisteriopsis Caapi & Chacruna Ayahuasca Herbs

The classic shamanistic combination of Banisteriopsis Caapi and Chacruna causes an intense, mind-blowing trip. Ayahuasca takes you on a purifying, psychedelic and spiritual experience.

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Chacruna Psychotria viridis  

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Description du produit


This Ayahuasca Herb Pack contains the most important ingredients for creating your own shamanistic Ayahuasca brew. Ayahuasca is an entheogenic, psychedelic drink. Drinking Ayahuasca causes an intense and purifying trip.

Amongst indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Ayahuasca has been in use for hundreds of years in traditional rituals and ceremonies.The magic brew is used to contact ancestors and to gain spiritual insights. The literal meaning of Ayahuasca is ‘vine of the soul’. In addition, Ayahuasca has an important function in traditional medicinal practices amongst the Amazon peoples.

Contents of Ayahuasca Pack (Classic)

Ayahuasca always consists of two elements: a plant containing DMT with psychedelic effects and a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAO-i) to help your body break down this substance. This pack contains the ingredients for the most classic, traditional Ayahuasca recipe. In this recipe, the leaves of the Chacruna plant (Psychotria Viridis) are used for its abundance of DMT, while the Banisteriopsis Caapi vine functions as MAO-i.

This Ayahuasca pack contains 50 grams of Chacruna and 50 grams of Banisteriopsis Caapi. Each herb is packaged individually.

Effects of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca causes an intense, cleansing, mind-blowing trip with hallucinations that can last for many hours. Many users consider Ayahuasca to be a mental and bodily purification. It brings visions about the future and the past, some pleasant and others frightening. Ayahuasca offers a new perspective on reality - like being sucked into a different dimension. Ayahuasca can provide answers to questions about life you never knew you had.


  • Drinking Ayahuasca often causes undesirable and unpleasant physical side effects, like stomach aches, (intense) nausea, high blood pressure, diarrhea, transpiration, dizziness and vomiting.
  • Preparing and consuming Ayahuasca alone for the first time is highly discouraged.
  • Be aware that Ayahuasca’s traditions go back centuries. It was originally only used under supervision of trained shamans. Respect Ayahuasca’s ancient magic!


  • Do not use together with or other MAOi (or anti-depressives). 
  • Do not use when pregnant.
  • Do not operate heavy machinery. 
  • Do not participate in traffic. 
  • Do not use when you and/or your family has a history of mental illness. 
  • Do not use when you and/or your family has a history of heart conditions.

Use of Ayahuasca Pack (Classic)

There is an abundance of recipes for an Ayahuasca brew with Chacruna and B. Caapi. Preparing Ayahuasca rarely succeeds on the first try. It’s advisable to do some research on different recipes in books and on the internet and choose a preparation to experiment with.

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Commentaires des clients

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Recomendable Commentaire par ANTONIO
Las plantas son de la misma calidad que uno podría encontrar en la selva, desecadas claro, muy buenas
No es la primera vez que las compro aquí y tras haber probado otros proveedores me quedo con este
Absolutamente recomendable (Posté le 14/06/2022)
Amazing kundalini awakening achieved, but takes patience Commentaire par Ego Unknown
I have ordered several times, and I have been practicing the best methods to prepare and consume.

I have personally found 3x packs washed twice with one hour simmers works best, a 3rd wash is my next attempt to make a brew suitable for more than one person.

When preparing ensure that the water NEVER BOILS this will kill the effects, so allow at the very least 12 hours of prep time, ie 1 hour per wash, and then several hours until it’s a dark brown hot chocolate type consistency, and be sure to speak your intention out loud to the brew as you are preparing (if you don’t believe in this step, then ayahuasca is not for you)

My most recent experience I achieved death and felt a few connection with everything that has been or ever will be in the cosmos.

Prior to this I experienced dimensional shifts which I thought were breakthroughs, but this wasn’t the case, the trippy side is great for shroom fans, but the death/kundalini awakening was simply life changing and indescribable. This has changed my perspective on life beyond anything imaginable.

Treat this plant with the respect it deserves and it will give back that respect 1000000x back to you.

(Posté le 02/01/2022)
Nice tea Commentaire par Milou
It's a nice tasting tea, these herbs mixed together, and the ayahuasca effects were mildly noticable.
You do need quite an amount though to get into a deep journey with yourself. (Posté le 28/05/2021)

3 article(s)

par page
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