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Mimosahuasca Kit | Syrian Rue & Mimosa Ayahuasca herbs

The Mimosahuasca recipe combines Mimosa hostilis and Syrian Rue, for a more easy to make alternative to more traditional Ayahuasca recipes. Ayahuasca herbs take you on a purifying, psychedelic and spiritual experience.

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Rue de Syrie (Peganum harmala)  
Mimosa hostilis (Jurema Preta)-Shredded  

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This Ayahuasca Pack contains the most important ingredients for creating your own shamanistic Ayahuasca brew. Ayahuasca is an entheogenic, psychedelic drink. Drinking Ayahuasca causes an intense and purifying trip.

Amongst indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Ayahuasca has been in use for hundreds of years in traditional rituals and ceremonies.The magic brew is used to contact ancestors and to gain spiritual insights. The literal meaning of Ayahuasca is ‘vine of the soul’. In addition, Ayahuasca has an important function in traditional medicinal practices amongst the Amazon peoples.

Contents of Ayahuasca Pack (Mimosahuasca)

Ayahuasca always consists of two elements: a plant containing DMT with psychedelic effects and a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAO-i) to help your body break down this substance. This pack contains the ingredients for a so-called ayahuasca analog or anahuasca: a brew copying the chemical composition of the original Ayahuasca, using alternative ingredients. In this recipe, root bark of the Mimosa Hostilis plant (also known as Jurema Preta) are used for its abundance of DMT, while Syrian Rue serves as MAO-i. This combination is known as Mimosahuasca. Since both Mimosa and Syrian Rue are easy to work with, Mimosahuasca has become a popular alternative to more traditional Ayahuasca preparations.

This Ayahuasca pack contains 10 grams of shredded Mimosa root bark and 10 grams of Syrian Rue Seeds. Each herb is packaged individually.

Effects of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca causes an intense, cleansing, mind-blowing trip with hallucinations that can last for many hours. Many users consider Ayahuasca to be a mental and bodily purification. It brings visions about the future and the past, some pleasant and others frightening. Ayahuasca offers a new perspective on reality - like being sucked into a different dimension. Ayahuasca can provide answers to questions about life you never knew you had.


  • Drinking Ayahuasca often causes undesirable and unpleasant physical side effects, like stomach aches, (intense) nausea, high blood pressure, diarrhea, transpiration, dizziness and vomiting.
  • Preparing and consuming Ayahuasca alone for the first time is highly discouraged.
  • Be aware that Ayahuasca’s traditions go back centuries. It was originally only used under supervision of trained shamans. Respect Ayahuasca’s ancient magic!


  • Do not use together with or other MAOi (or anti-depressives). 
  • Do not use when pregnant. 
  • Do not operate heavy machinery. 
  • Do not participate in traffic. 
  • Do not use when you and/or your family has a history of mental illness. 
  • Do not use when you and/or your family has a history of heart conditions. 

Use of Ayahuasca Pack (Mimosahuasca)

There is an abundance of recipes for Mimosahuasca or here on the psychonaut wiki. Preparing Ayahuasca rarely succeeds on the first try. It’s advisable to do some research on different recipes in books and on the internet and choose a preparation to experiment with.

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Informations complémentaires
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Commentaires des clients

8 article(s)

par page
Great product Commentaire par Adam Cronin
I really enjoyed my experience with the kit. You get 10g of both and can have a really enjoyable experience. Thanks to the staff also. I am a repeat customer and their customer service is 2nd to nobody else! Lots of love from Dublin, Ireland ???????? ???? (Posté le 08/01/2023)
Ayahuasca Commentaire par davide
So small and cheap but so powerful!
I tried the fast way. Cooked 15 minutes with lemon and water and then change and do again for another 15 minutes and it works. Be careful drink not hot, very easy to throw up. (Posté le 16/10/2022)
Excellent! Commentaire par Vilmos
Good as always. (Posté le 14/09/2022)
Aucun effet non plus Commentaire par Elias
J'ai essayé plusieurs fois de préparer de l'ayahuasca (en consultant des recettes sur internet), mais cela n'a produit strictement aucun effet... (Posté le 25/08/2022)
succesful brewing Commentaire par ivan
It was not my first experience brewing ayuascha but it was by far the most succsesful. I also aded chaliponga to the brew (Posté le 04/05/2022)
Great Commentaire par Vilmos
Wonderful! My trip lasted for 6 hours. We can spread it to two parts. 4+2. The second one was not as intensive. (Posté le 03/01/2022)
Great Commentaire par Vilmos
It was nice. But i was afraid of concentrating the water. I boiled slowly not to damage the alkaloids. It was not thick enough at the end. (Posté le 28/11/2021)
Good product Commentaire par Geert
Good product...quickly delivered (Posté le 03/05/2019)

8 article(s)

par page
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