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Tripping animals: Do animals do drugs?

Posted under: News and Science

Do animals do drugs? Could we find tripping animals in nature? What kind of funny question is that? The title of this post seems a joke, but we are asking this question very seriously. We are not trying to create an argument for a cartoon episode. The things are simple: if psychoactive substances grow wild in nature, are the animals secretly being consumers of these substances? Could it be possible?

Do animals do drugs? Here in Magic Mushrooms Shop we think that humans aren't less animals than dogs, wolves, rats, bugs and so, so yes, animals DO drugs. But we know that you are here asking if there are dogs, wolves, rats or bugs tripping day by day in this crazy world. So let's to explore this question.

Do animals do drugs? Answer me!

Evidences from around the world tell us that there are animals consuming psychoactive plants. Even some legends are telling us that plants used by humans have been introduced to mankind by animals.

All this can seem to us a crazy thing, but if you think it slowly, you'll see that it can perfectly make sense. Animals eat wild plants in the same way our ancestors ate wild plants to survive, long long before supermarkets exist. In a wild environment, one can make mistakes and can eat a plant that suddenly makes you trip. It has been a long long way of trial and error.

In the same way we have found hallucinogen plants through our history, animals did it. So it could be perfectly normal if one day we are taking a walk through the forest in which Amanita muscaria grows wild and suddenly a wild and tripping deer appears. Funny and logical!

Some cases of tripping animals in nature


tripping animals

Amanita muscaria is a famous mushroom that grows wild across the northern hemisphere. It has been used by mankind for its psychotropic properties along many centuries although it's deadly toxic. In proper doses, Amanita muscaria is psychoactive but not mortal. Caribu is a kind of deer  who seems to metabolise these toxic elements of Amanita muscaria without problem, while the main psychoactive constituents remain unmetabolised and are excreted in the urine. So this is not exactly a tripping animal report but a case of a drug-dealer animal. Why? Because people in Europe and Asia long ago learned to collect the Caribu urine for use as psychoactive. Yikes!


tripping animals

On the wild south-west US, horses  can become addicted to hallucinogen-containing plants known generically as locoweed. These violet plants are normally avoided by horses, but these who make a mistake and try locoweed become a junkie: these will eat it again and again. So you can find horses with erratic behavior and other funny (and sometimes mortal) symptoms.


tripping animals

There are  reports of jaguars behaving like kitty drunken cats in South America.This is because they've eaten accidentally (or deliberately) the roots of yage, a plant with which some ancient South American tribes make a powerful wine.


tripping animals

Think that fruits, grains, nectars and saps contain enough sugar to be fermented naturally. What happens when bees get a buzz from these fermented fruits? They get drunk! And yes, these bees can be founded losing coordination and falling to the ground. Funny, huh?

Tripping animals: A video

It's difficult to catch tripping animals in nature, so it's difficult to find a videotape of wild tripping animals. But humans have given drugs to animals and recorded it. Not for fun, just in the name of science. Drug investigation often imply animal testing. Here we have a video in which we can see an LSD tripping cat.

It's funny because we see the same cat perfectly safe after the video, that's why we show this video here. It's a controlled experiment and everything ends well for the cat. But DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME. Human doses can be mortal to animals, so don't you dare to give drugs to your animals. It's not a joke. You can kill them. And it's not funny. It's murder.

Now you know that animals trips, that tripping animals exist. Tripping is a natural thing so... Trip yourself!

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