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Magic Mushrooms: The Greatest Kits!

Starting out in the magical world of growing your own mushroom can be very much fun. It’s exciting and rewarding to see your own magic mushrooms coming to fruition. But which magic mushroom grow kits should you choose to start with?

In this article we’re going to discuss 3 mushroom kits. The flexible kit, the spiritual kit and the classic kit.

The flexible kit: B+ Standard Grow Kit

The B+ is very popular and known for being an easy grower. They result in very good mushrooms that give pleasant trips. If you’re starting out and want to have quick results, then the B+ is one of the kits that you should consider.

The spiritual kit: Golden Teacher Standard Grow Kit

One of the most beloved strains is the Golden Teacher. The name says it all; these magic mushrooms will take you on a spiritual journey. But this kit needs attention. If you’re cultivating a Golden Teacher then you have to make sure that the growing conditions are good. Sometimes you’ll even have to think outside the box to awaken the strength of its spiritual character. But the Golden teacher mushrooms will reward you with a reflective trip filled with spiritual wisdom. Namaste!

Magic mushroom B+

The classic kit; The Mexican Standard Grow Kit

Looking for a classic magical experience? Go for the The Mexican! This magic mushroom strain has a rich history, that goes back all the way to the Native Americans. This cube kit takes a little bit longer to grow, so patience for this old soul is needed. But with the right dosage you’ll see amazing visuals and have the classic experience that magic mushrooms can give.

A guide for magic mushrooms kits

Use this article as your guide to find out what kind strain you would like to discover. Every strain and every kit is different. They all have different characters and sometimes they even need a slightly different approach in the way we take care of them.

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