Psilocybin Mushrooms Promote Growth of New Brain Cells

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Juan R. Sanchez-Ramos, Professor of Neurology at USF presents the effects of psilocybin mushrooms on neurogenesis (birth of new neuron cells).

New studies on psilocybe cubensis mushrooms

New studies from The University of South Florida indicate that psilocybin found in “shrooms”, triggers new brain cell growth, and erases frightening memories from mice.

The studies showed that mice treated with low doses of psilocybin had significant growth of new brain cells, because the mushroom binds to a brain receptor that stimulates new brain cell growth, and short term memory formation.

This interesting discovery has given more plausibility to the Stoned Ape Theory, Terence Mckenna’s suggestion that human evolution was initiated by the mind expanding benefits of psychedelic experiences.

Resist unjust laws against magic mushrooms

Despite its harmlessness, amazing medical potential, and ability to produce phenomenal spiritual/mystical experiences, the gangs of government have nearly all banned Psilocybin Mushrooms. Therefore, for our prosperity, we must peacefully resist unjust laws like this, and use miracle products of the earth such as cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms regardless, until the laws are deemed as ridiculous as they are, and no longer enforced.