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Trip and Tripping

Posted under: News and Science

Take a trip

Trip or tripping means a psychedelic experience after taking a hallucinogenic or psychedelic drug like LSD, mescaline or magic mushrooms.  It refers to the journey (trip) in to the mind. But tripping  is also used when you feel that the drugs (any kind of drugs) you took is working. An trip is also used for the period of time the drugs is having affect on you.

Mind expanding trip

A trip could be a mind expanding experience. Meeting you're ego, fighting an inner struggle, see different dimensions. Everything is possible. But it can also be a very strong and scary happening or a Bad trip. A trip sitter or guide is mostly present when people are taking a trip

Life changing and scary

The  Johns Hopkins institute gave a test group of people a dose of mushrooms and asked about there feeling after wards. Most people said it was a great life chancing, but in the begin scary happening.

To avoid the experience to be scary we suggest to take a low dose as a start and have someone to guide you in the trip. Read our responsible use page to prepare your self for your trip on magic mushrooms, magic truffle.

Further reading about Tripping

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