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Amazonian Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit EXTRA LARGE

Posted under: Strains

About the Amazonian Magic Mushrooms Grow Kit EXTRA LARGE

Since two months we have an EXTRA LARGE Grow Kit of the Magic Mushrooms Amazonian strain for sale in our online shop. We have had a lot of great customer reviews on these potential Psyilocybe cubensis. The Amazonian PES are the most strongest Magic Mushrooms in our Grow Kit catalog and will give you the strongest trip and visual effects!

Grow BIG quantities of Mushrooms

After the great success of our 1200cc Grow Kit we wanted to offer you a chance to grow shrooms on a LARGE scale! Therefore we introduced the 2100cc Grow Kit in our Amsterdam based webshop for the price of €42,50.

Advanced Mushroom Cultivation

There are many ways to grow Mushrooms besides our available Grow Kits. In our shop we also provide the spores of the Amazonian strain and all the basic cultivation necessities for our experienced growers. For more information about how to grow mushrooms with different techniques and methods visit shroomery.org