Magic mushrooms trip levels

If you've read about magic mushrooms and trip reports, you've probably heard about a thing called "trip levels". It's the name with which psychonauts classify the sort of experiences a magic mushroom can produce to you. It's a very accepted classification, so if you want to participate in forums and talks about psychoactive experiences, maybe it's a thing you want to know.

Not all the mushrooms and fungi produce the same effects or have the same strenght. The concentration of active substances and the chemical difference between them can make the experience very different from each other, both for trip effects and intensity.

Here it is a scale of five levels, of minor to major intensity, of the power of this kind of hallucinogenic experiences.

Magic Mushrooms trip levels

Level 1

Just the basic: mild effects, like using other sustances like weed. Effects like visual or hearing distorsion. Short long trips.

Magic mushrooms trip levels

Level 2

Consistent sensorial accentuation. Visual and auditory hallucinations, with appearance of fractals, forms and colors, even with the eyes closed. Lost of concentration and of communicative capacities. Improvement of the creativity and sensation of light euphoria.

Level 3

Appearance of strong visual hallucinations, along with the visualization of patterns and fractals. Brilliant or liquid surfaces. Alterations of the perception of the field depth. Distortions in the aptitude to measure the passage of time.

Magic mushrooms trip levels

Level 4

Strong hallucinations: confusion of shapes, contours, and colors. Loss of contact with the reality. Appearance of non-existent objects or characters. Disability to measure the pass of time. Different sensory capacities get merged. Disorders of personality, as duplicity of identity and out-body experiences.

Level 5

Total loss of contact with reality. All kinds of sensitive hallucinations. Great distortion of the perception of the space and time. Disappearance of the logical perception of the reality. Great introspection and disorder of identity. Sensitive, emotional and personal experiences impossible to describe later.

You can read a complete level 5 trip report here.

Magic mushrooms trip levels


The reaching of levels 4 and 5 is determined by consumption of very strong mushrooms in high doses so it is only recommended for experienced psychonauts, and not for beginners or users that may notbe able to control themselves during the trip.

Have in mind always that this is not a competition, and there is no prize for the one who reaches the top level. Always it is interesting to experiment, but maintain a comfortable level of consumption. Do not to turn these experiences into anything disagreeable. Consume always moderately and responsibility, following the recommended instructions and never exceeding the doses.