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High Hawaiians Trufas

Experience intense open and closed eye visuals and enter the warm dream world with colorful mandalas.

The High Hawaiians truffles are the only truffles where the effects come close to the Hawaiian mushrooms.

This magic truffle is NOT for beginners. Experience the ultimate euphoric truffle trip where you will be amazed. Your journey starts here.

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Descrição do Produto

O que devia saber

As trufas tem um efeito de alteração da mente durante várias horas. Tem respeito pelas trufas ou elas não terão por ti também. Lê sempre o que fazer e não fazer na nossa página de uso responsável. Está cheia de informação útil.

A idade mínima para consumo é de 18 anos, no entanto, aconselhamos apenas o uso a partir dos 21 anos de idade.

O que fazer com as trufas

Não quebrar o selo de vácuo até mesmo antes de as consumires. As trufas não devem ser secas, cozinhadas ou congeladas. Come as trufas cruas.

Como armazenar as trufas

As trufas High Hawaiians estão disponíveis em embalagens seladas a vácuo de 22 gramas. Por causa desta embalagem, as trufas podem ser guardadas por um período maior de tempo. Após receberem a embalagem, guardem-na de imediato no frigorífico (2-8ºC). Podem ser guardadas desta forma até à data de validade do produto contida na embalagem.


Uma trufa ou escleródio é um produto vivo. É possível que ar (especialmente CO²) esteja preso dentro da embalagem. Isso irá fazer com que o escleródio continue a crescer e “cabelos” brancos irão aparecer por fora das trufas. Isso é o micélio e demonstra que as trufas estão saudáveis. É comestível e não afeta a sua viagem.

Informação Adicional
Informação Adicional
Weight (KG) 0.1000
Porções 1 - 2
Species N/A
Origem Estados Unidos
Conteúdo 22g
Potencia Alto

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Intense Analisado por Gatis
Delivery was delayed but due to Holidays
Took the full dose, by blending and mixing with a bit of water, downed everything on a empty stomach. First-the burps and gag reflexes started, around 20min in, stomach was very upset, went to lay down, experience something close to a primal experience, then through breathing calmed myself down, experience something like a chakra based view, everything was painted yellow, white or blue. After the problems with the stomach stopped, and the trip calmed down, very nice, acid like visuals, melting edges and extreme colours. Very enlightening experience. Personal recommendation, don't blend full dose if you don't have a tuff stomach. (Colocado em 20/04/2024)
perfect Analisado por Maksi
fast and safe delivery.. productthe best as always.. effects are good for beginers.. (Colocado em 18/04/2024)
perfect Analisado por Maksi
fast and safe delivery.. productthe best as always.. effects are good for beginers.. (Colocado em 18/04/2024)
Incredible Analisado por fabio
"best experience of my life" (Colocado em 04/04/2024)
Best service Analisado por Sergio Sanchez
Awesome product, fast shipping and will definitely order again... (Colocado em 28/02/2024)
Best trip ever Analisado por Itsnotmefrfr
The real ones knows that we can’t describe what we really see and feel taking these (Colocado em 06/12/2023)
Nice Analisado por Mônica
Good experience!! (Colocado em 10/10/2023)
Strong trip Analisado por Alexandre
I took 11 grams and took me to great places . (Colocado em 30/09/2023)
Reordering always Analisado por Adam
2nd time ordering this. Worth your money (Colocado em 19/09/2023)
Beautiful Analisado por Jay
Took a heroic 4 boxes dose blended with some honey on an empty stomach . (not recommended ) however I am an experienced cosmonaut with numerous flight hours in deep space under my belt . Administered in a dark room blind folded. After one hour things got tough with extreme anxiety and at one stage I thought I was in hell fighting satan for my soul . Once the battle was over and I was victorious a major breakthrough occurred , my humanoid skin suit dissolved completely , I was faced with a greenish/blueish orb that made me feel extremely calm and almost enlightened to some extent. This lasted for the last hour and half at least. I was in the lotus positioning flying through space and time with his orb . Complete peace and bliss. Came out of that trip feeling amazing . It’s been 3 weeks and I hardly look at social media . I’ve realized it’s all rubbish . My focus on important things has really improved .
(Colocado em 10/08/2023)
Great product Analisado por Havi
Very recommended, great value for the price and the delivery was pretty fast even to a foreign country. (Colocado em 30/05/2023)
Great all around, with a caveat... Analisado por deadlvz
First things first, this is really strong and you should really follow the tips like taking a portion and waiting for the effects to kick before deciding on raising the dose. Only unexpected thing is that it does not come in the same package advertised on the site (with the branding) but only in a vacuum sealed plastic bag, this does not take away its credit though, as the product is top quality. Bought twice and will definitely do again to gift a friend.

MMS customer support edit:
Thank you for the review we indeed do not include the psychedelic-looking box from the supplier. This is for discretion while shipping :) (Colocado em 09/03/2023)
First Time Analisado por KingVendrick98
Dude, I ate half a bag of these and I had the best laugh in my life ever.
Expected to be more strong but depends, I know that my organism needs more of the substance.
At least now I know that I have very big tolerance and the next time I'm eating the whole thing ! (Colocado em 01/03/2023)
Just the punch in your face you need! Analisado por Pavlos
One of the best experiences ever. 4 hours of colours, laughters at the beginning and a full visuals later on. A complete psychedelic experience. (Colocado em 22/02/2023)
the best beggining for 2023 Analisado por Ra
Fantastic way of receiving the new year 23. One of my best thips ever (Colocado em 04/01/2023)
great trip - and challenging as I was looking for Analisado por laurids
This was my third trip with Hawaians. Each time 1 full box for me, which is a substantial dosing regarding my weight (about 58kg). I did a light ceremonial setting and had an intent to work on some of my difficulties, with a trusted sitter staying with me or nearby the all six hours it lasted and afterwards.
Prepared as a 'tea' , and taken in two successive takes, the second about 1h after the first.
I found the start very smooth, and was then suddenly projected in a realm where I was animal, part of nature, and in a sense nature itself knowing about itself. My hawaian trips tend to have this kind of mystical/nature feeling and I find it really great.
Totally lost the notion of time and hour of the day.
Also had some very challenging thoughts and imaginations especially during the second part- not a surprise given the intention I had put, and was able to gently negotiate with the mushroom the intensity of what I was able to take - so be careful with the dosing if you have no experience of near 'bad trip' experience and how to handle that with set, setting and sitter: the Hawaian can be a very potent one!
FInally, as in other trips, I found that adequate music and hawaians incredibly enhance each other :)
Thanks so much to the mushrooms for their magic and help towards more wisdom, kindness and joy! (Colocado em 16/10/2022)
The beauty of Love! Analisado por Alex Anami
Not as strong as i thought they would be but an amazing experience nonetheless. I entered that bright space of childlike innocence and wonder. Unconditional love, grace and understanding is available to all of us. No permission required! (Colocado em 31/08/2022)
Very sweet experiences Analisado por Vincent
It is been a few times that i order some magic truffles on this website, and every time, it was perfect: quick delivery, and very good quality product. This summer i bought 2 bags of 22 gr. One was for 2 friends and me, we took the product in a tea, in the mountains of the Alps, really sweet trip, wonderful feelings and visual effects. The second one was in Paris, for a friend and me, in tea again, and the experience was similar, sweet, not too strong, perfect to hang out along the Seine, walking (slowly :-D) and having some stops here and there.
What was so nice as well is that, both times, we took these during the afternoon, and after like 4 hours, the effect no longer existed and you could do whatever you needed, not being exausted, until late evening.
Perfect experience (Colocado em 19/08/2022)
I strongly recommend the website and the product Analisado por Ant.
A good product!I recommend to everyone. (Colocado em 19/04/2022)
Super Analisado por Grassownik
A++ (Colocado em 08/04/2022)

Itens 1 a 20 num total de 51

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Informação Importante Trufas mágicas 'High Hawaiians' | 22 gramas

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