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Atlantis Trufas

A Psilocybe atlantis é, após a Dragons Dynamite, a trufa mágica mais potente no nosso catalogo. Em doses pequenas (5-10 gramas) irá induzir uma viagem alegre e divertida. Em doses maiores (15 gramas) a Psilocybe atlantis irá providenciar uma viagem de “êxtase” com cores profundas e é considerada uma trufa para viajantes experientes apenas.

Disponibilidade: Disponível

14,00 €
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Descrição do Produto

O que devia saber

As trufas tem um efeito de alteração da mente durante várias horas. Tem respeito pelas trufas ou elas não terão por ti também. Lê sempre o que fazer e não fazer na nossa página de uso responsável. Está cheia de informação útil.

A idade mínima para consumo é de 18 anos, no entanto, aconselhamos apenas o uso a partir dos 21 anos de idade.

O que fazer com as trufas

Não quebrar o selo de vácuo até mesmo antes de as consumires. As trufas não devem ser secas, cozinhadas ou congeladas. Come as trufas cruas.

Como armazenar as trufas

As trufas Psilocybe atlantis estão disponíveis em embalagens seladas a vácuo de 15 gramas. Por causa desta embalagem, as trufas podem ser guardadas por um período maior de tempo. Após receberem a embalagem, guardem-na de imediato no frigorífico (2-8ºC). Podem ser guardadas desta forma até à data de validade do produto contida na embalagem.


Uma trufa ou escleródio é um produto vivo. É possível que ar (especialmente CO²) esteja preso dentro da embalagem. Isso irá fazer com que o escleródio continue a crescer e “cabelos” brancos irão aparecer por fora das trufas. Isso é o micélio e demonstra que as trufas estão saudáveis. É comestível e não afeta a sua viagem.

Informação Adicional
Informação Adicional
SKU sc-pg15
Weight (KG) 0.0210
Porções 1 - 3
Species Psilocybe galindoi
Origem Estados Unidos
Conteúdo 15g
Potencia Alto
Não enviados para: Países não pertencentes à UE, África, Ásia, Austrália, Áustria, Caribe, América Central, Chipre, Dinamarca, Alemanha, Ireland, Oriente Médio, Ámérica do Sul, Finlândia, Israel , Malta, Nova Zelândia, Noruega, Rússia, Suécia, Suíça, Turquia, United Kingdom, Estados Unidos
Análises de clientes (24)
life defining moment
there's life before your first trip and there's life after it. be aware. Analisado por stefano (Colocado em 10/04/2020)
Best evening of my life
Took 10g and after half an hour took the remaining 5g. Best evening of my life. Nice visual effects, turned the world into a happier and more colorful place. Strongly recommend. Analisado por Miguel (Colocado em 11/12/2019)
....very nice experience full of color and visual effects..very creative
and stimulate my trip in my secret world.
"be magic to be free"....
Analisado por ENRICO (Colocado em 18/11/2019)
I Like :-)
as always: fast delivery, good service, great products Analisado por Nandor (Colocado em 18/10/2019)
Great service and great product
I am very pleased with your services. Very quick delivery however truffles that I have received in first place they didn't work out at all. I am very happy with the way you approach to the problem and 1 week later I could truly enjoy truffles that I wanted.
They were amazing, very relaxing, nice colourful trip. Exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks and I will definitely come back to you!
Analisado por Adam (Colocado em 07/08/2019)
Excellent experience
Me and my friend had the Magic Truffles Atlantis and after 40 minutes we start having visual hallucinations. They became more intense, and it was incredible. The trip last around 4 hours, and included also some auditory hallucinations. We took them at home on a very relaxed environment with some nice music, that exarcerbated the effect of the truffles.
Analisado por LS (Colocado em 15/07/2019)
One of the packages was rotten
Bought two packages, one for me and one for a friend.

My batch did its job, however my friend got a rotten batch and didn't get more than smelly gas. Really disapointing since we were planning to do this together.

He ended up looking after me rather than having fun, and I was worried about him so didn't really enjoy either

[mms edit: Hi Vitor, sorry to hear that this didn't go as planned. Please contact customer support when you notice something is wrong with the order, we don't bite! ^IQ]
Analisado por Vitor (Colocado em 22/06/2019)
Nice product. Lot of smiles. Analisado por João (Colocado em 25/12/2017)
As always super reliable
Ive ordered these several times and as usual sevice and product is top notch.
Analisado por Paul (Colocado em 22/02/2017)
Absolutely fascinating
Brilliant experience! Great visuals. Couldn't stop laughing or smiling the whole trip. Highly recommended Analisado por Robert (Colocado em 15/09/2016)
Excellent product! speedy postage, great customer service! :D
I ordered these based on reviews.
They were just like shrooms and lasted a good 6 hours.. and easily another 2 hours feeling relaxed and happy.

I had to contact customer service to change an order. .and had a very speedy helpful reply from them.

Was a little wary of sending by bank transfer but had no issues at all.

Definitely look forward to buying again!
Analisado por Taygus (Colocado em 07/04/2016)
Shipping was fast.

My experience with the Atlantis Truffles was at home, alone.
Effects began after 45 minutes and the trip lasted about 3 hours 3 minutes.

First part was made of funny thoughts and visual distortions, objects seemed animated by their own breathing

Second part of the trip, I decided I would stay most of the time in my bed, and meditate while listening to electronic music in a dark room. This part was very surprising, with audio-energetic waves running through my body ! A very pleasant sensation: I didn't want to move, but the music wanted to move me :)

Third part was very psychological: I decided to watch myself in a mirror... WOW fascinating, so weird, my face was morphing constantly, expressing and cycling through all human emotions : craziness, joy, fear, happiness, perplexity, kindness...

One of the best experience in my life.
Recommend 100%.
Analisado por Astrosmurf (Colocado em 05/04/2016)
Very good
Some friends and I took 10 grams each and had a great time! Analisado por Ben (Colocado em 01/10/2015)
Really beautifull experience,i waited for the full moon and i took 15 grams and after more or less one hour,the trip is started,very intense,i enjoied really a lot..also the delivery was fast and good!! Thanks! :) Analisado por Giuseppe (Colocado em 26/07/2015)
beautiful trip
My experience with the Atlantis Magic Truffles was in the middle of a wood, was an amazing trip,I could connect with nature, sounds, music , lights, feelings , people, and suddenly everything was happiness! Thanks guys! Analisado por Ingrid (Colocado em 13/07/2015)
It was first time i was ordering by this site. I sent cash by post.My letter spent 7 days to arrive nederlands,..its far too much! still we are neighboors, . Since they received the payment i received my truffes in my mail box only 2 days after. So its very quick and safe. they enven gave me my 5cents money back. impresselively pleased :) the truffes are fresh and good quality, this one is quite big , brown with some pieces green so its normal dont panic its their color. I take the full package. I ate others truffes the days before... so i was not ecpecting big effects... yet effects were still pleasant, i had big laugh with my friends and dancing for nothing sometimes , no big visual this time. but fun. effects lasted 3 4 hours. no down. Analisado por Nomad Soul (Colocado em 06/07/2015)
Trying Again
A friend and I shared one bag between us as it was our first time. Despite following the instructions and eating barely a thing beforehand we felt very little.

Shipping was very fast and the company dealt with our order professionally. We'll be trying these again and taking the full dose each this time.

There are mixed reviews here, and so judging by the nature of the company they must just affect people differently. Hopefully the next round will induce an actual trip.
Analisado por Elston (Colocado em 08/06/2015)
Was very pleased
This company is very very professional. I sent an e-mail asking about the delivery and they replied back to me in no less than a day.

I got the truffles on the day expected, but had to put them in the fridge since I had one more day of exams then the weekend.
When the day finally came to try them out, man oh man, that was some crazy shit right there. I remember being with a friend, it was my first time so he wanted to stay sober and watch over me and make sure I'm safe (as recommended on the instructions page).
Anyways, at first I got a little giggly, feeling a little euphoric, but in no time I was feeling just ecstatic and my friend put a crazy shrooms playlist, I was looking out my living room window that was wide open just looking at the trees and clouds, birds flying, it was all astonishing. My favorite part was my peak, I kept looking at this building and I'd see it like if I were looking in an upside down mirror, it was really trippy, and the clouds were pink, not white, which was also crazy. The down wasn't so nice, but I didn't expect it to be, I mean going from so euphoric to nothing isn't gna be amazing. Oh by the way, I had only taken 10 grams. Next time though, I'll be sure to take 15 grams all to myself, and have 15 grams for my friend. This was all really nice. Really do recommend. Just please, for your sake, if this is your first time, don't do it with random people in random places, you really don't get how much this can affect your trip.
Anyways, I do recommend these and I do recommend them from THIS site, they are very professional. Just one more month for me and I'll be on summer, def will try more ;)
Analisado por Triple T (Colocado em 13/05/2015)
i need psilocybin for medical reasons (honest) to treat cluster headaches.i took the full pack of these and experienced a nice pleasant trip enjoying the fact that the lovely psilocybin was touring round my brain flushing the nasty cluster out and busting it.
thank you magic-mushroom shop.
Analisado por Paul (Colocado em 02/12/2014)
Worth the money!
My girlfriend and I shared 15 grams, her first experiment of anything like this, and my first in about ten years. We were not disappointed! I wasn't expecting much, but within 30 minutes we were both getting mild visuals & giggles. Having a smoke definitely helped bring out a stronger trip, lasting about 3-4 hours. Quite intense at times, but manageable & enjoyable. Will most definitely be buying these again. Recommend 100%. Analisado por Will (Colocado em 07/10/2014)

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