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African Dream Seeds Entada Rheedii - Dream Herb

African Dream Seeds are known as one of the most potent dream herbs. You consume the African Dream seeds as a snack, in a joint or in a tea to induce lucid dreams. In the traditional healing arts of some South African people, African Dream Seeds are used to communicate with ancestors and predict the future.

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Contains 1 African Dream Seed, Entada Rheedii.  In sealed plastic packaging.

Effects of African Dream Seeds

African Dream Seeds are known to be an eneirogen: a dream-stimulating substance. The white seed kernels are said to enhance the clarity of dreams, dream recall, and also to induce lucid dreaming - dreams in which your consciousness is ‘awake’ and you can control what happens.

Little scientific research has been done on the active agents in African Dream Seeds. The seeds contain a large amount of alkaloids, fatty oils, essential oils and saponines that could have certain psychoactive properties. One seed can contain up to 18% of essential oils! Odds are that these oils bear the secret of the magical African Dream Seeds. Along with Calea Zacatechichi, African Dream Seeds are possibly the most potent dream herbs known to us.

Use of African Dream Seeds

African Dream Seeds are fit for consumption and for smoking. You can also use them to brew a tea.

Before using African Dream Seeds, you will first have to break and open the hard outer shell. To achieve this, use a vise grip, a nut cracker or even a hacksaw. Inside you’ll find the magical white flesh of the seed. This kernel still tends to be fairly hard, but it is edible. The usual dose is one entire seed, to be eaten about half an hour to an hour before going to sleep.

To smoke African Dream Seeds, you will need to have to crush and grind the white seed kernels using a mortar and pestle. You can then mix the African Dream Seed powder with tobacoo (nicotiana tabacum) or mapacho (nicotiana rustica) and roll a joint. Smoke the joint before going to bed.

To brew a tea, crush and grind the white kernel using a mortar and pestle. Use one tablespoon of the powder for one cup of tea. Allow the powder to seep for about 5 minutes. Drink before going to sleep.

History of the Entada Rheedii

African Dream Seeds are the seeds of the climber plant Entada Rheedii. This plant is part of the legume family Fabaceae, just like Yopo and Cebil, known for their hallucinogenic seeds. The seeds of Entada Rheedii have a very hard shell and contain a small amount of air inside. As a result, they float on water. Carried by the oceans, Entada Rheedii has spread from the east and south of Africa to the faraway coasts of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and even Australia.

In the traditional healing arts of South African peoples, African Dream Seeds are an important product for sangoma doctors. These shamans use this dream herb to induce lucid dreams. These dreams allow them to communicate with their ancestors and predict the future. The seeds also find use in jewellery and as good luck charms. In many parts of the world, African Dream Seeds are used as a medicine to treat all kinds of ailments, such as jaundice and tooth pains, and also to tend to wounds.


Herbs of the Gods have collected high quality herbs since 1999. They have a selection of relaxing, stimulating and psychoactive herbs, that can be consumed by eating, drinking in teas or with a vaporizer.

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