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Devil's Claw Harpagophytum Procumbens - Dreamherbs

The herb Devil’s Claw is truly a miracle worker. The Harpagophytum Procumbens is used for inducing conscious dreaming. For the South African San and Khoikhoi peoples, Devil’s Claw has been central to their traditional healing practices for centuries.

Devil’s Claw can be both anti-inflammatory and a potent painkiller. It finds use in treating rheumatism, arthritis and back or neck pains.

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Contains 10 grams of ground Devil’s Claw Harpagophytum procumbens . In sealed plastic packaging.

Effects of Devil's Claw

The herb Devil’s Claw is a true miracle worker. Devil’s Claw is a painkiller and anti-inflammatory. Due to a high concentration of the anti-inflammatory iridoid harpagoside, Devil’s Claw is put to use for treating arthritis and tendonitis. It is also employed to soothe back pains, neck aches and rheumatism. In addition, Devil’s Claw is known to stimulate appetite and digestion.

The active compounds in Devil’s Claw continue to be subject to scientific research. Who knows what other health benefits this sturdy herb may contain!

Use of Devil's Claw

You can use the dried, ground tubes of Devil’s Claw to brew a tea.

  • Let one teaspoon of powder seep in hot water for 5 minutes.

If you are using Devil’s Claw to stimulate appetite or digestion, a dosage about 1,5 grams per day will suffice.

For treating serious pains, a dosage of 4-5 grams per day is generally recommended.

Devil’s Claw tends to be quite bitter, so feel free to add honey to taste.

Refrain from use during pregancy. In case of doubt, always consult a general practitioner before use.

History of Devil's Claw

The herb Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum Procumbens), also known as grapple plant or wood spider, belongs to the sesame family Pedaliaceae. Its name refers to the hooks on the fruits of the plant. Devil’s Claw uses these hooks to grapple onto animals, who will then spread its seeds.

Devil’s Claw is found in the Kalahari desert in South Africa and on the steppes of Southeasern Namibia. For this reason, the herb is sometimes referred to as ‘Root of the Windhoek’, after this country’s capital city.

In the traditional healing arts of the San and the Khoikhoi (the indigenous peoples of Southern Africa), Devil’s Claw has been used for centuries to treat a large variety of ailments, from kidney problems and headaches to common cold and rheumatism.

In the early 20th century, German colonists took Devil’s Claw to Europe, where it quickly gained popularity as a medicine to treat arthritis. Meanwhile, Devil’s Claw has become a popular herb in phytotherapy, a type of medical therapy concerned with the medicinal uses of unprocessed plants.

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Informação Adicional
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