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Vermiculite | grade 3

Vermiculite is a naturally occuring mineral. The use of vermiculate is wideranged and there are several grain sizes (grades). Vermiculate grade 3 is used by cultivators and gardeners as the perfect soil conditioner. Grade 3 gives nutrients and support to roots and mycelium. Grade 3 Vermiculite also leaves plenty of room for the soil to let air run through.

Asbestos free

Available in 1 and 5 Litre bags

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2,95 €

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Informations complémentaires
Informations complémentaires
UGS zgn-vc30
Origine Non
Stérile Non
Pas de livraison à: Australie, Canada, nouvelle-Zélande, États-Unis

Commentaires des clients

6 article(s)

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Goede kwaliteit korrels, prijs is ook ok! (Posté le 17/09/2022)
Good but small Commentaire par Sofia
Nice quality vermiculite, but it's way less than I thought, 1L is a very small bag! (Posté le 03/02/2022)
Fait son job Commentaire par Sophie
Parfaite vermiculite pour faire ce qu'on a à faire. (Posté le 23/05/2020)
Very nice Commentaire par Psilocin
Bought vermiculite before on ebay, but this one looks lot better - at a far lower price as well. Would definitely recommend buying vermiculite from here for any necessities ! (Posté le 18/01/2020)
good Commentaire par Dominique
good substract, good water retention, I have some mushoroom wake up inside my jar with vermiculite... that mean good retention (Posté le 02/10/2018)
Nice! Commentaire par M. M.
High quality vermiculite. Perfect for cultivation. (Posté le 10/08/2018)

6 article(s)

par page
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