Tampanensis Truffes

Mieux connu sous le Philosophe Stones, ces truffes donnent un trip heureux et drôle à faible dose (5-10 grammes). Dans une dose plus élevée (15 grammes), la raison de son surnom vient de l'avant. Le trip sera profond et spirituel et les couleurs seront marquées intensément. 

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Description du produit

En 1977, Steve Pollock a découvert cette espèce extrêmement rare de truffe de formation qui jusqu'à aujourd'hui n'a pas été découvert à nouveau à l'état sauvage. Ces truffes tampanensis (et tous les autres sclérotes tampanensis) sont originaires de cet échantillon original. 

Le P. tampanensis, également connu sous le nom Philosophes Stones. Les truffes ne sont pas des champignons et peuvent donc être vendues légalement dans de nombreux pays. Malgré le fait que les truffes sont vendus comme le substitut de champignons, on note des différences psychonautes.

Ce que vous devez savoir

Les truffes donnent un effet psychotrope pendant plusieurs heures. Ayez du respect pour les truffes, sinon elles n’en auront pas pour vous non plus. Lisez attentivement les choses à faire et ne pas faire sur notre Page Utilisation Responsable. Vous y trouverez plein d'informations utiles.

L'âge minimum est de 18 ans, mais nous les recommandons pour des personnes de 21 ans et plus.

Que devez-vous faire avec les truffes

Ne pas ouvrir l’emballage sous vide jusqu'au moment de les manger. Les truffes ne doivent pas être séchées, cuites ou congelées. Elles doivent être mangées à l’état brut.

Comment conserver les truffes

Les truffes Psilocybe tampanensis ou Philosopher Stones sont disponibles en pack de 15 grammes emballées sous vide. Grâce à ce pack, les truffes peuvent être conservées plus longtemps. Dès la réception du colis, stockez-les tout de suite dans le réfrigérateur (2-8°C). Elles peuvent être gardées de cette façon jusqu'à la date de péremption indiquée sur l'emballage.


Une truffe ou sclérote est un produit vivant. Il est possible que de l'air (surtout du CO²) entre et soit retenu à l'intérieur du pack. Les sclérotes continueraient de croître et des "poils" blancs apparaitraient sur l'extérieur des truffes. C’est le mycélium et cela montre que les truffes sont en bonne santé. C’est comestible et n'aura aucune incidence sur votre trip.

Informations complémentaires
Informations complémentaires
Poids (KG) 0.1000
Parties 1 - 3
Espèce Psilocybe tampanensis
Origine États-Unis
Contenu 15g
Puissance Moyenne / Haute
Pas de livraison à: Les pays non UE, Afrique, Asie, Australie, Autriche, Caraïbes, Amérique centrale, Chypre, Danemark, Allemagne, Ireland, Moyen Orient, Amérique du Sud, Finlande, Israel , Malta, nouvelle-Zélande, Norvège, Russie, Suède, Suisse, Turquie, United Kingdom, États-Unis

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Perfect for Microdosing Commentaire par Maarten
We ordered both a growkit and these truffles and decided to use the truffles for microdosing. Really happy with these truffles and the great service of the shop! (Posté le 22/11/2023)
Top ! Commentaire par Gui
Livraison rapide service client super courtois et arrangeant ! Concernant le produit je n’est pas été déçu très bon trip avec de bonne sensation visuelle. Le goût franchement ça passe j’ai aspergé de jus de citron et nickel ! Je recommande les yeux fermé :) merci (Posté le 18/10/2023)
Nice experience of mental openness Commentaire par Paolo
I'm still increasing step by step the dose. I'm a newbie.
Very nice experience of clarity view
(Posté le 18/02/2023)
First trip Commentaire par Fábio
After a friend of my wife told her about this site, and after talking about trying shrooms for a while, we finally found the courage to do it. We split the bag and the trip was amazing. Music became shapes and shapes became colors. I became detached from my thoughts and could see them foe what they were.
Amazing experience and we'll definitely do it again. (Posté le 05/01/2023)
i'll order again Commentaire par sandra
good product,
can be recomended as expected effects (Posté le 29/12/2022)
Amazing experience Commentaire par MATHIEU
I came back to the mushrooms after 8 years since my last experience. I wasn't feeling confident with grow kits which I used to use in the past so I ordered these truffles for a "smooth" trip... I took a whole 15g as I wanted the experience to be significant... and OH. MY. GOD. What a trip. Matter was melting, reality was slipping away, music and light were all over the room, wrapping me, until the spiritual effect broke through. At this point I thought the trip was already amazing, but it was nothing compared to what happened to my thoughts. Layers and layers of my reality, my social constructs, my beliefs, my fears, disappearing one by one like a peeled onion. I felt reborn again, 8 years later. Oh how I missed this SO MUCH.
No need to say, I HIGHLY recommend these truffles, although my set and setting were perfect and I think it's really needed as the trip was really, really strong. (Posté le 18/12/2022)
Cool Commentaire par Xavier
J'ai eu moins d'effets cette fois-ci. Mais cela reste un fort bon produit. La preuve, j'en rachète... (Posté le 17/12/2022)
Great value for the price Commentaire par Javier
I use to buy 2 bags and dry them all at once to have a good reserve for microdosing. Once well chopped and dried can last for months in a cool place. (Posté le 19/11/2022)
Great for waking around and seeing the city Commentaire par marko
A friend and I took 10g each then went and spent 6 hours walking around town.
We were talking non-stop, went to a couple museums and had a really great time.
We didn't have any visuals while walking except for a clearer picture of everything, but staring at pictures in one of the museums was great, like looking at really good augmented reality.

If you dislike the taste of truffles you can eat them with peanuts or a strong cheese. MMS customer support edit: effect wise we recommend not taking them oily items (like peanuts or cheese) because this will keep the active ingredients too long in your stomach and will break down the psilocybin. If you want to hide the taste it is better you use cashew or walnuts. Even better would be with orange juice since when you consume orange juice and the truffles at the same time it will protect the psylocibin in your stomach. (do not drink orange juice after taking them because at that point it can stop/decrease the trip)

After 2 days of sitting in our fridge the rest of the opened truffles started to show signs of rot, so keep them in an airtight container and consume quickly. (Posté le 27/10/2022)
Resistant Commentaire par Marius
I didn't try them yet, but they do very well in the fridge after about 1month I think. I planning on taking them next week. All I want to say is that they look perfectly the same as they looked 1month ago and I'm happy about that (Posté le 08/10/2022)
2nd bad trip Commentaire par Karim
Well it was quite a night, I took 7g this was my 2nd trip on magic truflles/psycheledics, first time In took 15g resulted in a very bad trip that ended well, but this time it was even worse cause I did it lonely and I wanted to deal with my mental health issues alone, the trip lasted 4 hours I had various panic attacks and I thought I was gonna become crazy but it was very insightful, I learned what I have to deal with and had a time in between where I asked myself so many questions and stood in the dark looking dead but I was just thinking of the answers, I didn't find the answer to all of them but it was enough, I underestimated the power of these truffles and they punished me lol, I thought I had become schizophrenic, I locked myself out of my house, went to the hospital for nothing lmao, went back home walking and it was one of the best walks of my life I was just thinking about everything that happened on the trip and enjoying the walk, for the keys I jumped from the 1st floor balcony to mine ( 2nd floor) and finally reached my home, so yeah crazy night maybe next time I will try a much less dose (Posté le 23/08/2022)
Best trip of my life and best support team ever found Commentaire par Oscar

This is the best psychedelic experience my girlfriend and I ever had, i bought Atlantis and Tampanensis Truffles, i took Atlan. and she took Tamp.
We found ourselfes in a soft and bright world. Wood, houses and all things were breathing and we were full of positive thinkings. Amazing. I ordered more truffles ;)

GUYS! DON'T WORRY IF BAGS ARE INFLATED, IT'S NORMAL. I was scared about that but the support team helped me they said that truffles are living organism so is like they are breathing and they pump Co2 in the bag. Just think positive things and enjoy the trip!!! :D (Posté le 18/08/2022)
Right and honest Commentaire par Ranu.
I are ten g and i gas a deep meditacion state,easy mentale connections and peace.I Guess there Is a good intention behind tour work (Posté le 20/04/2022)
Used for microdosing Commentaire par Sarah
I have not seen any effect on depression for which I was microdosing these mushrooms... (Posté le 16/01/2022)
Positive feedback Commentaire par ASA
Took 2/3 of a bag in the woods. Slowly and gentle coming up (30 mins). Just perfect for a walk in the snow. Really connected with nature but not to the point of getting dragged into the microworld (like staring at patterns forever). I would suggest a whole bag to be sure to get some effects as some friends, heavier than me felt almost nothing. This company has provided me with a great customer service and tracing as Italian mail is not realible. Thank you from the heart. Bliss (Posté le 10/01/2022)
Good fun Commentaire par Julien
Pretty chill trip as expected, had some good laughs (Posté le 07/01/2022)
Le meuilleur trip possible Commentaire par vincent
Comme toujours l’envoie et le conditionnement sont soignés.
Pour avoir déjà testé 3 truffes différentes, il n'y a pas photo, celles ci sont les meilleures.
Comme la plupart des truffes , aucune descente désagréable.
Le trip parfait avec pas mal d'effets visuels et beaucoup de fous rires.
(Posté le 06/01/2022)
Extremely loving and spiritual Commentaire par Ruben
These truffles have a very wholesome and mild but certainly spiritual effect. A strong feminine presence held me and suffused me with love. The closed-eye visuals and 'way of the trip' were of the stereotypical truffle type, but with a particular loving flavour.

Me and my partner created a ceremonial setting and went in with prayer and song, and although she resisted and struggled her trip, I went in very smoothly and ecstatically. The bliss was beautiful, and I felt a strong at-oneness with Everything.

The pattterns were filled with material from my inner vision, and I thoroughly enjoyed the wholesome ride.

I took the full 15 grams within 30 minutes, and my partner about 11.

She liked her previous trip of giddy joyfulness with a lower dose more, and I, typically, the unspeakable Mystery of a higher dose. Though, this was just such a loving experience if I compare it to my previous 17gr dry mushroom journey. I may add that I liked this better;)

These truffles are definitely relatively 'mild' and, but as an experienced tripper, I found these extremely pleasant and blissful. I kept feeling what an amazing choice these Tampanensis were. I kept just feeling gratitude instead of grumpiness about the lack of an interstellar journey.

My head felt surprisingly clear and I was able to just stay with it, until I laid down, closed my eyes and went into all kinds of corners and recesses of my being to explore. I was steady and loving throughout, and could notice and stop myself spinning in an unwholesome direction. My partner, not so much. She has done a light 4gr Atlantis trip before this, and resisted and suffered now.

Afterwards, we got some beautiful healing moments, as we discussed her resistance, and we got raw and vulnerable. Note that this only came up after the visuals and trip had climaxed and we got back to normal.

I recommend these underrated gems to anyone looking for a fun trip: beginners yes, psychonauts yes. They're just so fun and loving.

So, to any who want a loving and wholesome experience with the Great Mystery, in a way that feels accesible and safe, go ahead and enjoy the Tampanensis.

I cannot yet properly compare these but the Tampanensis seem partcularly spiritual. (Posté le 29/12/2021)
Really fun Commentaire par Lukáš
Had half of this with friend and it was the most fun trip I ever had (Posté le 12/10/2021)
Marche bien :) Commentaire par cyril
Une dose pour une personne donne de très bon effets. Perso j'ai pris 2/3 puis 1/3 pour prolonger les effets. (Posté le 08/10/2021)

Articles 1 à 20 sur un total de 45

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  • Ces produits ne seront expédiés que vers certains pays en Europe.
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