Hawaiian Baby Woodrose LSA Seeds | 10 Seeds

Les graines Hawaïennes Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) contiennent une forte concentration d’ergine (LSA) qui a un effet similaire à la drogue LSD. Tout comme le Morning Glory, elles sont utilisées pour améliorer les effets visuels des champignons hallucinogènes.

Pendant la croissance des graines Hawaïennes Baby Woodrose, la pousse produit des feuilles en forme de gros cœur avec de nombreuses grandes fleurs pourpres en forme de trompette.

Contient 10 graines.

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Description du produit

Pour obtenir les meilleurs effets de la "Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa)", vous devez préparer les graines d'une certaine manière. Il existe plusieurs méthodes pour ce faire. Ici sur le site Erowid vous pouvez trouver un moyen relativement facile de le faire.

Certaines personnes mangent simplement les graines et les mâchent pendant un certain temps, mais cela vous donnera quelques effets secondaires désagréables tels que nausées, vomissements ou d'autres effets désagréables pendant le trip.

Pour cultiver les plantes, il suffit de tremper les graines et les laisser germer. Lorsque le germe est de 2 cm, vous pouvez les mettre dans le sol régulièrement d'environ 5 cm de profondeur. Ne pas placer les plantes en plein soleil. Le meilleur moment pour le faire est en avril.

  • Ne pas utiliser en combinaison avec du Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) ou d'autres IMAO (antidépresseurs).
  • Ne pas utiliser pendant la grossesse.
  • Ne pas manipuler d'engins lourds.
  • Ne pas prendre le volant d'un véhicule
  • Ne pas utiliser lorsque vous et / ou votre famille a des antécédents de maladie mentale.



Informations complémentaires
Informations complémentaires
UGS su-an1
Poids (KG) 0.0200
Parties 2
Contenu 20g
Origine États-Unis
Espèce Argyreia nervosa

Commentaires des clients

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Awesome experience! Don't underestimate HWBR. Commentaire par mafcarvalho
This was the most frightening/panicking experience (in the beginning, due to nausea and cold sweats) and the most cleansing, humbling but fun/happy trip I ever dreamed of!
Better in total than the single LSD trip I had many years ago. It took exactly 1h30m to kick in after chewing 10 seeds, keeping them 5m max in my mouth and swallowing everything. Fasted 4h before.
Went from feeling extra heavy and slowed down to euphoric, pure twisted reality, raised colour and auditory perception (a slamming door seemed to be many times louder), body extra sensitive to touch, surroundings were filled with melting objects, fisheye effects, bouncing little things (characters on my phone), laughter, positive thinking and having much more rational and organised thoughts... Super crazy!
In the two days after tripping I was much more relaxed and having ADHD, somehow I could focus better and take more careful decisions.
Now I have the utmost respect for the seeds!
Don't play with them because you'll end up being played and learning a lot. Recommended! (Posté le 07/02/2023)
Excellent produit et fort (attention) Commentaire par Pierre-jean
3 graines tu rigoles et sensation divresse pendant 5 h
6 graines tu rigoles non-stop 10h
10 graines c'est carrément 1 trip... (Posté le 07/11/2019)
Aucun effet Commentaire par Gaetan
Rien à dire.. ni mal de ventre, ni trip.. rien. Avec 7graines.. (Posté le 15/04/2016)
BE CAUTIOUS Commentaire par Yvonne
Hi all,

Wow, these seeds can be great but also terrible. Perhaps my dosage was too strong (1 packet, dissolved in water for 12hrs).
The 1st 2 hours were quite good – must say that the visuals weren’t that great at all , however, I had a wonderful and powerful spiritual revelation and cleaning – getting rid of past lifes energies.
Thumbs up on this note.
The last 3 hours were shocking; it hit me so hard that the head space was still manageable but the headache, nausea, diarrhea and puking occurred. It felt as if I would get high and higher…I was close to call an ambulance at 2am but was riding out out. I was fine the next day.

This is to be consumed with caution. Micro dosing would be my recommendation.
Smash the seeds up and let them soak for 12 hours in a glass of (pure) water.
Divide the drink in 4 parts. Start of with part one, take part 2 40 min later – this should be enough. If it isn’t; go for the 3rd part.
Be mindful that these seeds come on slowly and intensifying as time passes.

AYA, LSD, Mushrooms…had amazing encounters.
This one however, I’m hesitant travelling a 2nd time on it. Hope that helps. Enjoy your journey everyone – travel safe to space  Yve
(Posté le 20/11/2014)
When i had known at my school time... :-D Commentaire par Apathy
First of all, i want to say: They are not really trip modifier...they make a trip!

Preparation: I crushed them all, put them in a glass of water and waited for about 12 hours. Ready to drink:

Consumtion: Just drinking with the crushed seeds, no good taste, no bad taste though..quite okay.

Trip: First hour i had a nauseous feeling but not too bad, a little worse than mushrooms but okay..i haven't had to puke. I also did not really want to move, i kept lying in my bad. Standing up was possible but exhausting. No visuals, nothing psychedeliv at all. In the second hour i felt nothing anymore, i already thougt the trip which was none yet is over. A friend called and came, because i thought the trip is over..But when he was at my home, we talked and while talking in the 2nd and 3rd hour it began..i felt good, nice mood and daaamn i could think so good. I think, i am sure i was able to use 300% of my usual brain. I talked with him, thought about many different things at the same time and i made it good. He did not realize anything and i kept every thought in my mind...not like on shrooms when you loose your thought that fast.. Then after 4 hours of consumption he left and i wnet to the mirror: my pupils were huge. But still no visuals, but i think it belongs to me, even on shrooms i rarely have some. I went to bed and had many good thoughts for 2 hours. And i still remember them and i came to results..thats why i said that i would have liked to have them when i went to school :D (only joking, but improved thinking is true )
Then 6 hours of consumption another friend came, he was introduced to my consumption. Good talking again but the trip began to calm. Two hours later he left again it the trip was actually over.
All in all i can say: To me, it improves my thinking, no fun substance, but possible for using in society. The improved thinking is a little like on shrooms but not that spiritual, i did never feel to ''come in contact with my soul'' as i sometimes do on shrooms. Therefore i did not lose my thoughts, i could think them to an end, thoughts i was long time thinking about, for months...i found results :) No visuals, nothing acoustic, never feeling like being in a ''different world''.

But be aware!!!: Before consuming, i read a looot about them and i read about many people having such an intensive trip, much more than on shrooms with visuals, acoustics and losing the reality. Also of puking and puking...and they consumed less seeds than i did. It has totally different effects. It depends to the person.
Read a lot before consumption!!
But for me it was great, it solved many thoughts of mine, great thinking.

But i don't want to recommend because it has so many different effects and i haven't read about many effects like mine.
I recommend to read a lot about it, read about the LSA as alkaloid, too. Then make your own thoughts about it, and if you want to try: enjoy!

That was my report!

Apathy (Posté le 01/11/2012)
de zaden van de baby woodrose Commentaire par Marco
Kreeg ze binnen 2 dagen binnen, samen met mn B+ grow kit
nou heb 8 zaadjes gemalen en 24 uur in water in de koelkast laten staan. geen hoesjes weggehaald dat is allemaal onzin.
2 heb ik bewaard om te kiemen wat is gelukt, er groeien 2 planten uit.
Ze zijn lastig te kiemen en erg gevoelig voor wortel rot.

Maar e trip.. 8 zaden, wat gaan die mij nu kunnen doen haha .. dat is wat ik dacht
Glas opgedronken, half uur later krijg ik allemaal beelden door mn open ogen te zien. geen paddo dingen, nee echte beelden. ik sluitte mn ogen en probeerde ze te beinvloeden, wat niet echt lukte. ik had al gelezen dat dit een effect was, ze noemden het droombeelden.. ben lekker in bed gaan liggen, voelde me heerlijk.. de beelden bleven aanhouden, zwak tot matig maar nooit totaal verdwenen. 8zaadjes, is dat niet grappig?
Het is niet te vergelijken met elke andere drug die ik ophad, misschien een beetje met passiebloem thee, het gevoel dan. Ik weet dat er andere zaden zijn op mms, maar dit zijn denk ik wel de beste. morning glory is veels te hard en het effect is ook minder. je hebt ook nog eens een stuk of 50 zaden nodig voor het uberhaupt werkt.

Tsja, een leuk alternatief voor als je eens geen hardcore shit wil.
aanrader wil ik het niet per sé noemen, dan kan je beter syrian rue nemen. dit is vele malen sterker en intenser . Ik heb het wel over het gebruik als een MAO-remmer, en daar kleven risico's aan vast. Licht jezelf dus eerst goed in.

dit was mn verslag hoop dat iemand er wat aan heeft


Marco uit spijk

(Posté le 18/06/2011)

6 article(s)

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