A great collection of photos of magic mushrooms taken from our quality magic mushroom grow kits. Remember there are many ways to grow your shrooms. A kit is a good solution if you want to grow fast and easy your cubensis. :)

  • Photos of B+ magic mushrooms grow kit

    September 16, 2013Gallery, News and Science

    The B+ is a realy fast growing cubensis. The B+ mushrooms can grow from big to huge! With wide caps that will burst out of the growbag. The story behind the B+ strain is that a guy called Mr. G. from Florida came up with it, like with a lot of strains the exact story about the birth is allways a bit foggy.  A comment on the mycotopia forum says: "The fact that mr. 'g' is a certifiable lunatic did not help to clarify matters much either."    Make sure you try the B + magic mushroom grow kit Continue reading

  • Photos of McKennaii magic mushrooms grow kit

    September 15, 2013Gallery, News and Science

    The McKennaii magic mushroom grow kit is one of our best selling shroom products in our shop. They are easy to grow and famous about there strong visual effects. This cubensis strain got the name from the famous psychonaut Terence McKenna. Continue reading

  • Photos of Cambodian magic mushrooms

    September 12, 2013Gallery

    For a long time the Cambodian shrooms have been very popular in alle the shroomshops en smartshops in Holland. People used to order them fresh but after the ban on fresh and dried magic mushrooms the only way to get them is to order a Cambodian magic mushroom grow kit. The Psilocybe cubensis Cambodian is not so difficult to grow from a kit. We get some great reviews on the trip you can get from this shroom, do not underestimate the Cambodain. Continue reading

  • Photos of Colombian magic mushrooms

    September 11, 2013Gallery

    The Colombian mushrooms have a strong appearance. Thick stems and dark caramel coloured caps. Although Colombians produce in a smaller yield than the other cubensis, they make up with their high potency! Continue reading

  • Photos of Texas Magic Mushrooms

    October 2, 2012Gallery

    Howdy folks, only steers and queers come from Texas private cowboy, and you don't much look like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down.
    But these magic mushrooms happen to be potent enough like a steer. :) Continue reading

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