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White Sage Smudge sticks | 2 Pack

White Sage smudge sticks are the excellent herb to cleanse an area and fill it with positive energy. Salvia apiana aromatic herb is used for centuries as incense and in smudge pots. Great to fill the room with good vibes before your trip.

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The origins of the WHite Sage rituals

For centuries, Sage and white sage have been used as incense in spiritual cleansing ceremonies. White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is native to California. Originally discovered by the Native Americans, it is praised for its ability to remove heavy energies.

As an incense, White Sage gives off a wonderful fragrance that is perfect for yoga or meditation exercises. Sage also stimulates visions and dreams. It can be used to drive away evil spirits and cleanse the aura. The scent of white sage is also perfect as a natural defence against moths by leaving a smudge stick in your cupboard. The smoke also works perfectly as a natural mosquito repellent in the summer.

White Sage is hand-picked in southwest America. The warm, desert-like environment combined with full sun is the perfect place to grow sage. After drying, the sage leaves are bundled into smudge sticks.


Sage leaves can be burned by lighting the sticks directly and placing them on a tray. The sticks can also be placed on a charcoal briquette.


Two hand-turned white sage smudge sticks, 10 cm long and 32 grams each.

Cleanse your home and aura, drive away evil spirits and attract positive ones, or simply enjoy the wonderful scent of our White Sage. Each pack contains two hand-rolled incense sticks.

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Must have Analisado por Ciprian
Something essential nowadays.
Smudging is the best thing to do for cleansing.
You can do it on yourself specially around root chakra.
I would have preferred bigger sticks. (Colocado em 25/11/2021)
Lovely Analisado por Michael
Burns slow and smells lovely (Colocado em 27/05/2021)

2 Item(ns)

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