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Silica gel dehumidifier | 10 bags

Silica gel packets that dehumidifies. Silica gel is a desiccant, which means water molecules are drawn to it and out of whatever is surrounding the packet. Dried and store your mushrooms or capsules for a long time? Drop in a few silica gel bags to take up all the moist

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Protect your products against moisture! Add some silica gel bags to your dried shrooms or capsules. One micro bag of desiccant absorbs up to 0.70 g of water.


10 silica gel bags

Product details:

  • Bag material: Tyvek.
  • Desiccant material: silica gel.
  • Quality: non-toxic.
  • Use: for protection against moisture and condensation.
  • Moisture absorption at saturation: 0.35 or 0.70 gr.
  • Weight: 1 or 2 gr.
  • Reusable

What are Silica gel dry bags?

Silica gel or dry bags have 1 main purpose: to absorb water. You often find them in food or clothing packages. They ensure that your products are not damaged by moisture or corrosion.

The dehydrating properties of these bags are due to two important minerals: clay and silica gel.

Silica gel is an artificially developed desiccant that was first patented in 1919 in Baltimore, Maryland. In fact, it is not a gel, but a fine grain of silica. Silica gel is currently the desiccant with the highest moisture-absorbing capacity on the market. Even when these dry bags are saturated with moisture, they still feel dry.

The bags are made from Tyvek and contain non-toxic silica gel. One micro bag of desiccant absorbs up to 0.70 g of water.

The Tyvek bag in which the desiccant is packed remains dry on the outside, even if the desiccant is saturated with water

How do you use Silica gel drying bags?

The amount of drying bags depends on the size of your packaging: the larger the box and the product, the more desiccant you need.

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the desiccant, it is also advisable to put your product in a foil or zip lock bag that can be made airtight.

Reusable Dry bags

Moreover, dry bags made from silica gel are reusable. If a bag of silica gel is still wet and damp, you can easily reuse it by heating it up for an hour in a dish between +120 ° C and +150 ° C. Its moisture-absorbing properties are as good as new!

Get your supply, cracker dry!

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Is a good product i like it (Colocado em 15/09/2023)

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