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Here are a few of our little friends.

The following picture's are the result of the grow kits from The mushrooms are grow well and take beautiful shapes.


The harvest

Kweekset in broeikaszak

Bovenaanzicht paddo kweekset

De oogst

Pluk de paddos

The mushrooms are ready to be picked. Time to harvest. Pick the mushrooms by using your index-finger and your thumb. The result of the third flush.

The growth


Overrijpe paddos

17 cm lange knop :)    
The largest, overripe, mushroom has dropped it's spores. The smaller ones should be picked.  17 cm    
Kweekset voorbereiding


 Groeien maar  
The growbox with substrate and mycelium. This is the fase between a "pinhead" and a  adelecencent mushroom. This is the same mushroom, but 24 hours later.  

Growkit 2009

Day 14
The fist mushroom appears