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Tudo-em-um Kit de cultivo de cogumelos magicos

Preço normal € 63,90 Você economiza € 8,95
Você é novo para o cultivo de cogumelos? Em seguida, pedir um Pack de iniciante de Grow Kit . Este kit contém todos os acessórios que você deve pensar quando cultivar os cogumelos em óptimas condições.
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54,95 €
Softa-Man | 100ml  
Máscara Cirúrgica  
Tapete de Aquecimento  
Vaporizador de agua  

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Preço como definido: 54,95 €

Descrição do Produto

Tudo-em-um Kit de cultivo de cogumelos   És iniciante no cultivo de cogumelos? Então encomenda um kit de iniciante tudo-em-um. Este kit contêm todos os acessórios em que deves pensar quando cultivas cogumelos em condições ótimas. Escolhe entre quatro caixas de micélio 1200cc.

  Outros produtos incluídos no kit de iniciantes:  


  • 3x Pares de luvas em latex (tamanho à escolha)
  • 1x Tapete térmico com tomada Europeia
  • 1x Gel de mão desinfetante
  • 1x Mascara de face
  • 1x Spray de água

  Terá que ter acesso a água e eletricidade.  

Informação Adicional
Informação Adicional
SKU zgk-sp1
Weight (KG) N/D
On Sale? Não
Produto alternativo Não
Tipo Growkit Mondo
Dificuldade Fácil
Tamanho 1200cc
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Origem Não
Potencia Normal / Alto
Optimum cultivation temperature 23ºC
Yield (from) 400 grams
Yield (to) 800 grams
Water Spray Needed Yes
Não enviados para: Países não pertencentes à UE, África, Ásia, Austrália, Caribe, América Central, Alemanha, Iran, Oriente Médio, Ámérica do Sul, Canadá, Estônia, Finlândia, Israel , Nova Zelândia, Noruega, Rússia, Suécia, Suíça, Turquia, United Kingom, Estados Unidos
Análises de clientes (23)
Keep trying
Was my first try and was not só good like i expected but probably i did something wrong. I Will buy a need One 4 try again :) Analisado por Joana (Colocado em 19/04/2019)
Fast international shipping, great service and product. Would recommend to everyone Analisado por Ryan (Colocado em 09/12/2017)
I highly recommend you to order from them. Always on time, great quality, super customer service. You can order with no doubt. Very safe Analisado por Sony (Colocado em 23/02/2017)
its good
Very easy to do, great product , Highly recommended Analisado por Shane (Colocado em 22/02/2017)
golden teachers -good for beginners and advanced
I took this set because of the heating- plate. Especially in winter it is not easy to achieve the right temperature for the mushrooms. The other things (gloves, mask etc.) are not really necessary. I got good results. I chose the golden teachers because of the shamanic harmony this mushroom submitts. For those seeking for strong hallucinations I wouldn't take this one. Analisado por Michael (Colocado em 22/02/2017)
great service (both content and shipping)
i start with saying that this was for me the first time buying anything from the web that regards psychedelics and i was reluctant about which site visit and what product buy , i put my trust in this site and bought a golden teacher starter kit
and i absolutely don't regret it, it was in the end a fast shipping and the package arrived in perfect state and nothing was missing from the box, i totally recomend this to anyone who has nothing to start with, in this bundle you have everything you need .
ps. the heating panel could get enough hot to kill the myceliums if it's in contact with the box so i recomend you to keep it at least at 1- 1.5 cm away or more. :)
Analisado por vexed (Colocado em 25/06/2016)
superb customer service as I wrote a wrong address but these guys replied me really quick and solved the problems within seconds. In terms of the product, harvesting the third flush now and they are still all good and quite strong. Had maybe 6 dried one last time and ended up with a massive delightful trip. Analisado por JADE (Colocado em 28/05/2016)
Would highly recommend these. Super fast delivery, high yields and an unimaginable experience Analisado por Lee (Colocado em 28/04/2016)
About the grow kit, well, everything worked just as described. The heating pad is a must, the desinfectant is very handy, the gloves I don't use, the grow box is just fine.
About the mushrooms, well, I guess I grew them with a lot of love, I tried them for the first time two days ago, and I left my physical body and met the buddah, who taught me many very valuable insights. So yup, recommended. (amazonian)
Analisado por David (Colocado em 14/04/2016)
Good delivery
Very fast delivery.
Unfortunately I was not accurate to start the process immediately and the place was too dark.
But after 3 weeks the first flush came up and was ready to harvest.
Analisado por Jerome (Colocado em 12/04/2016)
easy ordering,easy set up, easy growing
1 st flush came quick.
2 nd flush is coming.
Haven't tried them but i trust those mc kennai
that it will bring me what i need.
Analisado por wim (Colocado em 06/10/2015)
Everything went smoothly
Perfect, got the package i ordered nicely packed and undamaged.
Did everything like instructed. Was alittle disapointed after 9 days still nothing but then all of a sudden from day 10-15 everything went extremly fast. Doing the 2nd flush now.
Managed to dehydrate everything and packed it in moisture tight glass jars with Silica Gel on the bottom and they are just 100% dry and perfect for fun when time allows it :)
Analisado por Josh (Colocado em 07/09/2015)
No luck yet, though Amazon-beating customer service...
I've been growing my B+ for almost 3 weeks for now, and it seems to have dried out in spite of sticking to the instructions very strictly... I was advised now to start from the beginning, so maybe I will be luckier with that.

But the customer service is definitely first-class, the delivery arrived much sooner than I expected, in a discrete package. As well as the website, it's very professional, so congratulations for that!
Analisado por Kriszta (Colocado em 01/09/2015)
It's very cool
Commande reçu rapidement. Par faute de temps, j'ai attendu quelques semaines avant de lancé mon kit en production et malgré cela, le rendement est rendez-vous. Analisado por Frederic (Colocado em 21/07/2015)
These guys are great! Speedy dispatch and delivery and good quality starter kits :) Analisado por Harry (Colocado em 24/06/2015)
Day 1 can´t say anything to the Mushrooms yet, but delivery was extremly fast within 2 days!! 10/10 Analisado por Jan (Colocado em 12/06/2015)
Great service!
Better than anything I've tried! That being said, I haven't tried the mushrooms yet... Analisado por Nikolaj (Colocado em 03/06/2015)
i got my pack within 5 days and its easy to track. everything is clear and fine but the pack should include a big zip bag. thanks for the samples and presents :) Peace!! Analisado por Kubilay (Colocado em 02/06/2015)
above expectations
Customer service 5/5
Product quality 5/5
Parcel tracking 4/5
(Arrived before scheduled date by delivery company) I'm lucky I was home. However they would happily revisit for free).

I love this site - highly recommended.

Except the site said one strain was in stock when it wasn't which delayed the process 2 days until I had to choose a different strain. I'm still happy. I would order again.
Analisado por stoned shaman (Colocado em 24/04/2015)
Alles Super! Von der Lieferung bis zur Ware!
Kann allen nur empfehlen hier zu bestellen! Ware kommt super schnell und das Preis-/Leistungsverhältniss kann ich mir besser nicht vorstellen! Analisado por Markus (Colocado em 29/01/2015)

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  • Este produto tem limitações de envio. Lê a informação adicional
  • Quando fizeres uma encomenda declaras que estás ciente do estatuto legal do(s) produto(s) encomendados no teu país e que é permitido receber e possui-los
  • O uso de cogumelos mágicos é da tua inteira responsabilidade, pelo que certifica-te que estás bem informado sobre o seu uso e os seus efeitos
  • O preço não inclui custos de expedição
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