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Coffee Grinder

Grind your mushrooms and herbs... ehhh your coffee to a powder with this electric coffee grinder. Use the powder in your drink or fill capsules with the capsule machine . Ideal for microdosing.

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23,95 €
Descrição do Produto

Coffee Grinder to grind your coffee, and probably other stuff too.

How to use the Coffee Grinder

  1. Pull off the cover
  2. Load the coffee beans in the cofee bean container
  3. Do not fill the grinder beyond the brim
  4. Close the cover
  5. Unwind and plug in the powerchord
  6. Push the button (on top of the lid) for a maximum of 30 seconds
  7. Wait untill the blad stopped rotating, then open the lid and pur the grounds
  8. ..when grinding other stuff best to wait untill the dust has setteld down

Product Details

  • transparent cover
  • high-grade steel housing (the inside)
  • steel blade
  • capacity: 45g
  • cover activated safety switch
  • comfortable pulse button
  • cord storage compartment
  • power: 200W (240V~50Hz)
  • EAN: 5908277385484
  • EuroPlug
Informação Adicional
Informação Adicional
Conteúdo 50g
SKU acc-elmk100s
Weight (KG) 0.8000
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Análises de clientes

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Great grinder for microdosing Analisado por Kiran
I use this grinder to grind my mushrooms to a nice fine powder which I can use to make my microdses! Its a nice grinder because u get a very nice fine powder with no chunks! (Colocado em 29/04/2022)
Excellent Analisado por Mariyan
Excellent. It replaced an ok and very big one in my home and I can carry it anywhere. (Colocado em 23/10/2021)
Top! Analisado por Jeroen
Perfecte grinder voor droge paddo's te vermalen. Ik gebruik het poeder voor capsules te vullen, werkt perfect. Zeer belangrijk de grinder te labelen zodat je je niet vergist met je gewone koffiemaler!

Perfect grinder for dry mushrooms to grind. I use the powder for capsules to fill, works perfectly. Very important to label the grinder so that you are not mistaken with your regular coffee grinder! (Colocado em 01/10/2021)

3 Item(ns)

por página
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