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CBHerb 10 gram | CBDirective

CBHerb Pouch is a herbal supplement consisting of 10 grams high quality CBD-rich hemp flower. Clear Mind, Healthy Body.

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Preço Normal: 15,00 €

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Descrição do Produto

CBHerb Pouch (CBDirective) 2% CBD - 10 gram

CBDoobie™ is an herbal supplement consisting of high quality, CBD-rich hemp flower. This herbal product has been outdoor sun-grown, in nutrient-rich soil to ensure only the best hemp production.

Bio-certified hemp products

About  CBDirective

We believe that good personal health starts with the right choices in how we live our lives and the products we put into our bodies.CBDirective wants to offer those good choices to the people that are searching for them in the form of high quality CBD products that focus on top quality ingredients with herbs and spices that help the body in multiple ways.

Informação Adicional
Informação Adicional
Weight (KG) 0.0010
Origem Não
Não enviados para: Países não pertencentes à UE

Análises de clientes

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OK, not sure of effect Analisado por Wadidiz
Well-cleaned, smooth, not sure of effect against back pain because of other products used simultaneously. (Colocado em 02/07/2022)
Suits me! Analisado por Richard
Find it very calming. (Colocado em 31/05/2018)

2 Item(ns)

por página
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