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Magic Mushroom Growing Instructions

Our Magic Mushrooms Grow Kits , Magic Truffle Grow Kits and Liquid Culture Medium have detailed and clear instructions.

All our products are shipped without any instructions included in the parcel to minimize our carbon footprint. You can easily read, watch and download the instructions for your Magic Mushroom Grow Kits by choosing the method you prefer.

For the more advanced shroom growers that buy Magic Mushrooms Spores we advise you to visit Shroomery.org. The Shroomery forum offers good and extensive information about growing your own mushrooms.

Important update on Mondo XL Growkit Instructions

To improve the development of the mushrooms in the Mondo XL mushroom grow kit, add approx 150 ml of clean tap water to the growbag, after the soaking process. This ensures the Mondo XL grow kit has a higher humidity and the mushrooms can grow better.

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